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Why do fools…Jack 2 (Chapter 5)

Jack finds himself in a sticky situation, again and again...

Again, intentionally short, hope it works. Let me know what you think
Jack stood silently outside Jacie’s bedroom. On the other side of the door, he could hear her chatting and giggling with Laura like old friends. He needed her on her own. He needed to speak to her, to tell her it was a mistake; he was too pissed, too stoned. He did not know what was happening until it was too late. What the hell was she doing here anyway? They did not know each other, yet they sounded close right now. Hell, he did not even know her, she appeared from nowhere! Maybe he should just confront them both together? He couldn’t go back downstairs, Jacie’s mum had let him in, saying she was upstairs with Laura, she would be awake by now. In shock, Jack had said nothing, just followed his feet up to her door, now he hesitated as the reality of it sank in.

‘Maybe Jacie was seeing if I’d go with someone else? Maybe she was testing my feelings for her? If they know each other then they surely would have talked before last night?’ Jack’s thoughts bounced round his head. ‘But, Jacie doesn’t even know I like her, what the hell? I need to confront them both, just be honest…that’s all I can be.’

Jack’s resolve was strong, yet still he hesitated, he did not even know what to say to either of them. ‘Play it by ear’ he thought as he reached for the door knob.

Opening the door almost in slow motion, Jack was still trying to figure out what to say. As he looked to Jacie’s bed through the half-open door, all the blood rushed from his head, his cock hardening almost in an instant. The two near naked beauties entwined on the bed had him dumb-struck, frozen in the doorway. Neither saw him, Jack saw them. Jacie in her lacy stockings and bra from the other day, this time wearing little white cotton knickers, they looked wet at the bottom, had her back to the door with her arms around Laura. Laura, naked from the waist down lay on her back; her legs were slightly open, her beautiful black bush glistening with wetness.

“I better get going” he heard her say. Jack’s eyes widened, panicking, pulled the door to, and then silently closed it. He was rooted to the spot, a severe case of déjà vu washing over him, standing outside Jacie’s door with a rock-hard cock threatening to break from his jeans. But now he had nowhere to go, he couldn’t hide this on the way out past Jacie’s mum, he couldn’t stay here, Laura was going to come through that door within moments.

SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!’ He screamed inside his head. He tried thinking of other things, fast cars, basketball, cycling, Jacie and Laura on Jacie’s bed. ‘SHIT! Wait, what in the hell were they even doing?!?’ As he stood there pondering, his cock throbbing against his jeans, the door opened.

“See you later babe,” Laura said over her shoulder to Jacie. “Oh, hey you!” She blurted into Jack’s surprised face. “Did not expect to see you here Jack!”

Jacie rolled over in bed, throwing her duvet over herself in a panic. Laura, although evidently taken by surprise to find Jack standing here, seemed to be able to take this in her stride. She smiled her beautiful smile and grabbed Jack’s obvious erection through his jeans.

“Been thinking of me baby?” Her eyes sparkled as she whispered to Jack, before kissing him wetly on the mouth. “I think Jacie’s having a lie in, come on, I’ve got an idea…” She took him by the hand half dragging him along the landing.

“But, I – “ he started, looking at the heaped duvet that was Jacie. He couldn’t talk to her like this, having seen her doing…whatever. And certainly not with his obvious state of arousal showing as clear as the nose on his face. He gave in, allowing Laura to pull him along behind her. She kept him close, occasionally rubbing against his crotch with her hand in his as they descended the stairs. Jack gasped at the touch, his hard cock leaking pre-cum into his boxers. She kept him close as Jacie’s mum popped her head out of the kitchen.

“You kids go and - huh? What?” She began until it registered that it was Laura holding Jack’s hands with him intimately close behind her.

“Jacie’s coming in a minute Mrs. K,” announced Laura, “see you soon.” She smiled before backing Jack to the front door, effectively hiding his erection. Jacie’s mum made for the stairs as Laura pushed Jack outside.

As soon as the door shut behind them, Laura had jack up against the wall, wriggling her hand into his jeans.

“What’s got you so hot baby? Been missing me?” She was pushing her body against Jack as she managed to get her hand inside his jeans and around his steel-hard cock. “Maybe you had a little look into a girl’s bedroom? Hey? Like what you saw?” His pre-cum had already made a mess of his boxers. “Mmmmmm” she moaned, “I love that sticky mess, gives me a lovely tingle between my legs.”

She grabbed his hand and shoved it between her luscious thighs, causing him to cup her pussy, her leggings were already soaked. She had left her knickers for Jacie, going commando just for the hell of it. Jack was close now, he gasped as he felt Laura’s pussy juices, and his cock throbbed, pumping out more pre-cum. He instinctively rubbed at her pussy through the flimsy material, making her moan gently. Laura took the opportunity to unzip his jeans whilst he was distracted, pushing his cock out the through his flies.

“What the hell are you doing? Someone will see!” Jack panicked as Laura dropped to her haunches, immediately taking the head of his cock into her hot mouth. “Oh my god!” He shuddered as her expert mouth caused him instant pleasure.

Jacie’s house was positioned at the end of a small close; the door was at the side, up the driveway. Only if someone were to exit the house next door would they be seen. In the heat of the moment, these rational thoughts did not enter Jack’s mind. He was torn between stopping Laura to tell her this whole thing was a mistake and letting her finish the job that she was so expertly performing. His knees were weakening as he neared orgasm. There was no way he could stop her hot wet lips from sliding up and down his hard shaft. As she reached the top, she would flick her tongue over his sensitive tip making him twitch and gasp each time. As he looked down, her big blue eyes were wide and smiling, looking back up at him. Her round, milky-white breasts were framed perfectly in her bra and black vest. Maybe this wasn’t a mistake, she was beautiful, and she liked him! What more could he ask for?

His reverie was broken as the door to Jacie’s house opened. Panic caused his adrenaline to rush anew resulting in him exploding into Laura’s waiting mouth.

“Of course mum” he heard Jacie say from inside the house as his cum pumped and pumped, “no, really I’m fine, it’ll work itself out, you’ll see.”

Laura stood up as soon as Jack’s cock slowed its throbbing; he fumbled with it, trying to push it back into his jeans as it slowly softened. Laura kissed him hard on the mouth as she stood, slipping her tongue between his lips. As he intuitively opened his mouth to accept her tongue, still concentrating on zipping himself back up, she spat her mouthful of cum into his mouth. The shock showed in his eyes as she broke the kiss, stepping back. Her black leggings hid her wet crotch perfectly. As Jacie stepped out of the door onto the drive, Jack had no choice but to swallow his own juices, the salty aftertaste remaining.

Jacie appeared as a vision. Her hair tied high in a pony tail, allowing full view of her flawless face. Her round breasts defying gravity in her lacy bra, the soft mounds showing atop her dress. Jack had never seen her in a dress before, a figure-hugging full length dress that showed her for the beautiful young woman she had become.

Jacie looked from Laura to Jack, Laura, smiling as normal, Jack looking as sheepish as he had the previous night, both hungrily eyeing her up and down.

“Hi.” She finally managed

Jack was stuck for words, so much had happened in the last few minutes; the girls in bed together, did Laura know he saw? Wait, did he arrive too late? What were they doing? Why could he not say no to Laura? Would he ever be able to talk to Jacie alone?

“I need a spliff.” He announced, walking down the driveway.

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