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Wife's fun holiday

Wife's amazing holiday ending
It was the final day of what had been our best holiday so far. Never had we wined and dined and fucked and sucked so much. We had been at it from the moment the plane landed and taken our love making to new heights and destinations. From the beach to tree lined woods and from our hotel balcony to the back seat of taxis we had reignited the flame between us and tried many a new position along the way.

Tonight, for our last night we were going back to our favorite restaurant where the manager had really clicked with us over the week and provided more than one free drink. He was also the topic of many a conversation as he was tall and muscular. He was young and yet mature and he oozed sex appeal from every angle. From the moment we had met him my husband teased that he was my sort of guy and although I knew it to be true I played on the fantasy of making love to him more for my husband’s sake than my own as I certainly had no intention of being shared.

The restaurant was buzzing when we entered and while waiting on our table we decided to indulge in cocktails at the bar. These certainly done very little to help our already tipsy state as we had been drinking quietly by the pool all afternoon but we thought what the hell as we were out to finish our holiday in style.

Sam the restaurant manager quickly spotted us and came over to welcome us back. Himself and my husband both being Australian had a lot in common and seemed to have really hit it off. Sam showed us to our table and suggested he join us after our meal as he was finishing early tonight and quite fancied a drink after work and the opportunity to reminisce about old times in OZ with my hubby.

We drank and laughed together through our meal giggling like school kids recalling some of the antics we had been up to. As a couple we had needed this holiday and at this stage I couldn’t wait to get my hubby home for some last night holiday loving and cuddles. Just as we completed our meal Sam came to join us and true to form had a nice surprise of champagne under his arm. Going home could wait a little longer as we decided to take advantage of the free drinks and enjoy Sam’s company for a while longer.

We talked about everything and anything and both felt really comfortable with Sam and when the conversation turned to sex I found myself extra interested in his comments. For some strange reason I needed to know if he had a someone special, a wife, a girlfriend, what he liked, who he liked, anything really. I was consumed by him and hung on his every word. Despite my deep love for my husband he had been right; I fancied the pants off Sam and was flirting like I never had before. Possibly spurned on by the extra courage the earlier cocktails had provided but more it seemed by the tingly feeling between my legs driving my desire to find out more about this guy.

We flirted and joked late into the evening and shared many stories of our past and present partners. As the restaurant closed Sam suggest we take an extra bottle of champers to the beach to finish the evening to which I was certainly not going to complain.

We stumbled and joked our way to the beach before finding a suitable spot in the grass. I sat between Sam and my hubby and relished the extra attention being lavished on me.

When Sam walked behind some bushes to take a pee I reached over and squeezed my husband’s crotch. I was horny as hell and needed him to know it. He leaned over and kissed me deeply slowly sliding a hand up my dress to my bare wet pussy which ached for a hard cock. He flicked at my clitoris and smiled with approval at how wet I was before plunging his fingers deep inside. I moaned slightly and tugged hard at the now growing bulge in his pants.

Just then Sam came back and sat down next to me, I released my hubby from my grasp and somewhat embarrassed turned back toward Sam. I sensed I needed to cool off and lit a cigarette to calm my sexy urges. Embarrassed by getting caught out I apologized to Sam who laughed it off and told us not to worry.

As I lay back on the grass I felt a slight tingle run up my legs. I got a chill as I realized it was Sam’s fingers slowly tracing down my side and towards my knees before returning slowly up my thighs and back again. Despite my shock I was surprised that I seemed to being enjoying the sensation and didn’t want to stop him, nor it seemed did my husband who promptly excused himself for a toilet run.

As my hubby walked away I felt Sam’s fingers increased the pressure and feeling a total lack of control I felt my pussy tingle and legs widen in anticipation of his touch. Our eyes met as his fingers travelled further towards my sex spot and I shuddered with excitement as he fingers traced over my mound.

I lay back further and reached out a hand towards his crotch which was hardening to my every touch. I was oblivious to all around me other than the thrill I was feeling and didn’t even notice as my husband made his way back towards us. I jumped with fright as he sat beside me and began to apologize before he told me to relax and enjoy the last night of my holiday.

With total disregard for Sam my husband kissed me hard and ran his hand down my body before returning back to my crotch and burying his fingers deep inside me. I arched my back to allow him access and not realizing I still had a hold of Sam’s crotch squeezed hard on the member within my grasp. I felt his cock jump with excitement and rise to my every touch. Buoyed by my husband’s earlier comments I tugged at Sam’s belt and jeans to release his growing erection.

I was out of control and rocked to my husband’s constant fingering as I began to stroke Sam’s cock. I could feel myself begin to orgasm as my husband moved down towards my pussy. Just then Sam leaned in and began to kiss me as I felt my husband’s tongue go to work on my sweet spot.

I lay back in pure ecstasy as my husband licked at my clit and I stroked at my new friends cock. Just then they swapped position and my husband moved back up towards me. I quickly freed his cock and began to suck hard on it as I felt Sam’s tongue go to work. The feeling of someone strange licking my pussy with totally new techniques brought me to the most intense orgasm almost immediately and I came hard while sucking on my husband’s cock which didn’t take long to reward my endeavors with a spurt of hot cum.

I wasn’t finished yet and I quickly willed Sam back up towards me to reward his efforts. I lay him on his back and slowly worked my way down to his throbbing cock. I sucked on his clean shaven balls and kissed the length of his shaft before taking his length in my mouth. I continued to look my husband in the eyes as I relished having Sam’s cock in my mouth and reward him for his earlier expertise with his tongue in making my come so uncontrollably.

As I bobbed up and down harder and faster on his sweet cock I heard him moan and it wasn’t long until he too was shooting his load of hot cum. Rather than take this in my mouth I stroked feverishly at his cock and drained him of his juices.

His moans of approval where enough to reward my hard work while I could tell by my husband’s eyes that although he was shocked I had just made his biggest fantasy come true.

We all lay back exhausted and thoroughly satisfied, somewhat shocked by what had just happened.

My husband and I soon made our excuses and thanked Sam for an enjoyable evening. I was still horny returning to our apartment and couldn’t wait to make love to my amazing man. I thanked him for the most wonderful and surprising evening and for allowing me to explore a new me in sexual terms. He thanked me for fulfilling his fantasy.

We made love many times over that night and still recall it on occasion to get us in the mood. Though it has never happened since it still gets me in the mood every time I recall our very own little ménage a trois.
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