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Wingate Chronicles: Oral Quickie Class

You learned what in school today?
In the future, sexual repression will be considered especially heinous. Enlightened parents will enroll their 16 year olds in sexual schools, which include rigorous college preparation. In the United States, female graduates of the Wingate school are members of an elite squad known as the Wingate Girls. These are their stories.

One of the most important classes for Wingate First Year girls was Basic Oral, commonly called BJ 101. The prerequisite for enrollment? Each 16 year old was to have successfully swallowed at least three different men’s semen while at school, persuasively demonstrating she’d enjoyed performing the service, regardless of her actual feelings. The first several sessions were private lessons in which the girls were taught basic hand and mouth techniques to pleasure penises. Most class sessions focused on prolonging the males’ pleasure. After the girls showed progress in these skills, they attended a group workshop with the opposite focus, where they practiced giving males a powerful, quick sexual release.

For the males, this was the lowest price class that allowed participation, so it was popular, despite the requirement that orgasms be achieved speedily.

Sandy, who experienced much her squeamishness about taking cum in her mouth, was apprehensive when she reported for her first quickie blow job workshop.

She entered the gymnasium along with nine other girls. Ten men, ranging in age from their late 20s to early 50s, sat on the bleachers, talking to each other as they pointed to the girls they found attractive. She glanced at them, wondering which would choose her. She licked her lips nervously, eyes darting to her classmates. To her surprise, most of the girls appeared nervous as well. Sandy smiled at Rumi, an east Asian girl she knew slightly. “I hope don’t get picked by some old guy,” she said.

Rumi giggled behind her hand. “Me, too,” she said, smiling back.

Steve, the master in charge, and Elena, the senior girl who was to assist, stood by a dias at one end of the room, making a few last minute notes on a clipboard. Steve looked up expectantly. “All right, class. Come to order. Girls, line up facing the gentlemen.”

Quickly, the girls formed a line, smiling and waving to the men. Sandy and Rumi held hands and stood side by side. Some of the men winked at the girls as they discussed their points of attraction.

Elena walked in the space between the groups, her long legs emphasized by her miniskirt and tapping heels. “Girls, as you know, we train you in ways to prolong your men’s pleasure. But sometimes, perhaps because he has a strong need or because time is short, you want to help your man cum as fast as possible. A quickie, a fast genital coupling, is popular, but often oral sex, which focuses so clearly on the male’s pleasure, is the best way to deal with an urgent need.

“So, unlike most of our training, today we’ll have you try to bring your gentleman off almost as fast as you can. We’re going to have the men stand and the girls kneeling today, so I have some tips for you, girls. First, as you get started, remember to ask how your man wants to finish — swallow, on your face, or some other way — and look up at him often to see how excited he is. Make eye contact. Keep good, strong suction constantly, and always keep lip pressure or tongue licks on his cockhead to bring on the fast, intense orgasm you want him to enjoy. When you have one hand on your man’s cock, put the other on his thigh. It helps your balance, but also if the man’s knees buckle from the intense pleasure of the fast release, you’ll keep in position better. You don’t want to accidentally let the cock slip from your lips at the critical moment. Good luck and good suck.”

That got a general laugh. Sandy and Rumi, still holding hands, glanced at the men. Steve moved to the middle while Elena looked at the men’s registration cards, determining the order the men could choose a girl.

“All right, girls, here’s how the class works,” Steve explained. “After the men choose from among you, you have to wait before you start. You’ll be timed. You can earn 50 points of your oral sex grade in this workshop. We want every man to cum within 9-12 minutes, so that earns 50 points. You lose 5 points for every 10 seconds late, so at 15 minutes you earn no points. You lose 5 points for every 20 seconds early, so you earn no points if the guy is a real hair trigger and gets off in less than 3 minutes. Since men vary in how they respond to blowjobs, you can repeat the workshop as many times as you need until you get three good scores to average. Don’t touch the guy’s cock or ask how he wants to cum until the timer starts. Any questions?”

The girls had heard this before, so there were no questions. Steve turned to the men.

“Elena’s going to pin a small timer to your shirt when you make your selection. It’s got a switch on it. I’ll start all the timers at the same time by radio. As soon as your girl drains the last of your cum, push the switch so her time is recorded. OK? Any questions?”

Again there were no questions. The men appeared eager to start, staring at the girls.

Elena hooked the first man’s timer on his shirt and he strode across, selecting a blonde near where Sandy stood. Next, one of several east Asian girls was selected. Sandy was next, and felt pleased to be among the first chosen. She was secretly dismayed by the man, who was about 50 and a bit overweight. But she smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Sandy and I want to suck you off good and hard.”

“Hi Sandy,” he smiled. “I’m looking forward to that. I’m Robert.”

Rumi was the fifth girl chosen, unfortunately also by a heavyset man. The girls didn’t look at each other. Rumi introduced herself to her client, who said is name was Ben.

In a few moments, all the men finished their selections. Jeff had the class line up in two rows, with the girls back to back with enough space between rows so Steven and Elena could walk between the rows, coaching. Sandy and Rumi stood side by side, facing their men.

At the dias, Steve did a brief countdown. “Three, two, one, suck!”

Sandy began to undo Robert’s pants and asked, “When you blast your big wad, where do you want me to take it, Robert?”

With a big grin, Robert said, “Right in your mouth, baby. I want you to swallow it.”

“I’ll do my best to swallow every drop, sir.” Sandy knelt just as her hands reached inside Robert’s pants and undies to claim the cock. It was already stiffening and looked a bit bigger than average. She looked up at him as she put her lips to the cockhead.

Robert smiled. “That’s it, suck me off real good. I want to cum hard and fast.”

Sandy squeezed him at the base, still concentrating her lips on his tip as the cock grew. She quickly glanced at Rumi in time to see her lick her man’s frenum.

Thinking that was a good idea, she licked Robert’s and was rewarded by a grunt of pleasure and a surge in the cock as it attained full erection. Glad to see evidence the cock was responsive, Sandy shifted her grip, holding the cock between both hands, worshipping the stiff exemplar of manhood as she puckered her lips over the tip.

“Oh, yeah! I like that!” Robert grinned when he looked down at Sandy.

Elena passed by. “Very nice, Sandy. Show your man you love his cock.”

Pleased at the compliment, Sandy glanced up, first at Robert, then Elena, wide eyes substituting for her smile.

Then she began bobbing her head, sliding her lips forward to engulf as much of the shaft as she could.

“Ohhh,” groaned Robert, thrusting his hips.

Steve called out, “All right, class, everyone’s sucking away merrily. Are you feeling good, guys?”

A chorus of affirmatives, some inarticulate, was his answer.

“Girls, be honest now. Raise your hand if you’ve already tasted your man’s precum.”

Twisting slightly, Sandy saw Rumi raise her hand as did one of the three girls on her other side. She redoubled her efforts, tightening her lips and rubbing her tongue on the tip as it thrust in and retreated. In just a few seconds, the tang of his cum rewarded her efforts.

Grunting and thrusting, Robert fumbled with her quick-release uniform top and squeezed Sandy’s breasts, then painfully twisted her nipples. Sandy swiveled her body with the pain, moving the cock from side to side.

Other men had stripped most of the girls’ tops. Elena called out “Five minutes.” The class was deeply involved; slurps and grunts filled the air.

One man’s rhythmic gasps rose above the general hubbub. “Oh, yes, yes! That’s the way! Suck it hard,” he encouraged his girl.

Sandy couldn’t see because he was in the row behind her, but she timed her head bobs to his gasps, moving faster on Robert as the other man approached his peak.

“That’s it, Mandy! Stroke it. Open your mouth to catch every drop of his hot cum.” Elena, always the booster. “Shoot, man, shoot. All over her face!

“Oh! OOHH! AAAHHH!” gasped the man. “Oh, that felt so good!”

“Oh, it’s on Mandy’s hair, her eye, her cheek. Quick, take it back in your mouth to catch the last drops,” cried Elena.

Steve announced the time. “Seven minutes, fifty seconds. Good job, Mandy!”

Good, Sandy thought, I have more time left than I thought. She slowed her pace after the other man came and looked up at Robert, who had his eyes shut as he thrust his hips, shoving his cock into her mouth. She tasted more of his precum. She took as much of his cock in as she could, deep enough to kick in her yet-untrained gag reflex.

She backed him out until only the tip remained, then tightly nibbled his rim and frenum with her lips stretched over her teeth a few seconds, then swooped forward, taking him deep again. She repeated this technique, eliciting deep grunts and long, slow thrusts from Robert. “Uh, uh, oh, yes,” he gasped.

Sandy was excited at her results. She was giving him pleasure like an uppersclassgirl. Down at the end of her line, another man loudly reached the exciting end of his quickie. “Oh, yeah, oh, wow!” he cried.

Steve called, “Madoka swallowed every drop in 9 minutes 10 seconds for a full 50 points. Nice sucking, Madoka.”

“She was wonderful!” called out her satisfied customer.

As Sandy kept working the tip and shaft alternately, she glanced at Rumi, who was taking her man as deep as she could, cheeks drawn in for more suction. Sandy thought, she’s really sexy, on her knees, doing her man. I guess I am, too.

Several of the men began reaching their peaks, gasping, groaning, and eventually sighing. One man was very loud, bellowing “Aaahhh! Ooohhh! Yes! Yes!” This got a round of applause from Steve, Elena, and the couples that were already done. An odor of mingled male perspiration and tangy cum permeated the air. The aroused girls’ aromatic contribution was minimized by the barrier of their panties.

“Oh, after that, there’s cum all over you girls — on chins, cheeks, dripping onto your breasts. Rub it in, girls, cum is good for you. Don’t forget to clean up your clients and to thank them.” Elena sounded quite pleased with the class.

A murmur of conversation, interspersed with laughter and giggles, even a few slaps, began.

Sandy began squeezing the base of Robert’s cock while nibbling on the head. Robert stopped thrusting, so Sandy looked up to be sure he liked what she did for him. He had his eyes closed, face lifted to the ceiling as he gasped, “Ahh, ahh, ahnn,” in response to her rhythm. I guess I’m doing all right, she told herself.

Then Rumi’s man started gasping louder. “Oh, yeah. That’s it, that’s it, yeah!” Sandy glanced over in time to see Rumi’s lips strain forward as she squeezed his base and fondled his balls. Her man began thrusting his hips faster, more insistently. She shifted her grip to the worship position, both hands lightly stimulating the shaft while she nibbled the cockhead with velveted teeth. Rumi and Sandy momentarily locked eyes.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it. Oh, that feels so good! Ahhh! Oooohhh.” The man pulled out and began stroking himself as fast as he could, hand wrapped around the length, thumb flying back and forth over his swollen cockhead. Rumi tilted her head back and opened her mouth to accept his cum.

Groaning, her man came in spurts as Rumi caught the white fluid on her tongue, lips, and chin. As his spasms subsided, she caught the cockhead between her lips to drain any remaining fluid. “Oh, yeah!” cried the man as the last drops coated Rumi’s tongue.

Some of the man’s cum dropped from Rumi’s chin to her thigh. As the man’s cock gave a few last twitches and began to wilt, Rumi rubbed the cum into her thigh, then slid her hand up over her little breast, and made a show of playing with the cum on her face with her fingers, finishing with a beautiful smile to her customer.

The man tousled her head and told her she’d done a terrific job. He put his hand under her chin and guided her up, then kissed her mouth, still wet with his cum.

“Rumi, great work!” said Elena. “10 minutes and 50 seconds. Only Sandy remains. Will she earn her full fifty points? Only a minute left!

Sandy gently held Robert’s balls as she stroked his shaft while nibbling his cockhead and tonguing his frenum. He began groaning deeper and louder than ever before and hot spurts of cum shot into her mouth. To her surprise and delight, Sandy felt real joy, not only in performing such a successful blowjob, but in the actual warmth, taste, and even the sliminess of his cum.

Robert gasped, “AAAAHHHH!” as the last gouts of creamy jism filled Sandy’s mouth.

Sandy eagerly collected the warm fluid on her tongue and slowly let the cockhead slip from her lips. She grinned and pushed the white froth on her tongue between her lips, then opened her mouth so Robert saw his fluid on her tongue just before she swallowed it all with a smile.

She kept eye contact with Robert as his still-excited cock twitched. Sandy noticed some jism on the underside of his cock and licked it off, eliciting another groan from the man. Again, she showed him the tiny drop just before she swallowed. “Thank you,” she murmured before twice more licking drops from the tip. Sandy was thrilled; she’d never enjoyed giving a blowjob nearly as much as this one.

She tried to squeeze any last remaining cum from the tip, and Robert guided her hand to squeeze near the base and slide upward. She was rewarded with a final, thick drop of cum. Quick as a snake, she licked it before it dripped to the floor.

Robert, his cock totally drained, gasped, “Oh, that was great, Sandy.” as he slapped his timer.

Sandy sat back, put her hands on her lap, and looked down submissively as Elena announced, “11 minutes and 50 seconds! Congratulations, Sandy! An excellent suck for the man and a full 50 points for Sandy.”

Sandy, proud and excited, looked at Robert as she started to stand up and said, “Thank you for cumming in me, sir.”

Robert, flushed with happiness, put his arm around her waist and kissed her. “You were wonderful, Sandy. I loved that blowjob, especially the ending.”

“Me, too. I don’t usually like swallowing, but that was exciting.”

“Can I make an appointment to enjoy your talents more fully?”

“Of course, Robert. I’m eager to serve you any way you like provided I’m qualified to do it. What would you like?”

“A young cutie like you, I want to spank you and fuck you.”

Sandy’s smile was genuine. “Goody. I love being spanked, truly I do, and fucking’s always fun. I’m qualified to let you do that to me.”

“Can you dress the way I like and act out a fantasy for me?”

“Well, I can probably try, but I haven’t had that training. I’m still pretty new. Elena?” she called. Elena, heels tapping, strode over, smiling at them both. “Elena, Robert wants more complete service from me.”

“Oh, how nice. We’ll certainly arrange an appointment for you, sir. How would you like to enjoy our sweet Sandy?”

“I’d like her to dress like a schoolgirl for a virgin spanking and sex fantasy.”

“I’m not qualified yet to take Fantasy Fulfillment, but it wasn’t long ago that I was a real virgin,” said Sandy eagerly. “A few weeks after my 16 th birthday, less than month ago, I was cherry.”

Elena laughed. “I’m sure everything will work out just fine. I’ll listen while you describe your fantasy to Sandy and give her some tips. We can make an appointment for later today.

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