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Woman in the next window, part 2

After meeting the girl from the next window Rob gets the blowjob of his life
It's been a while since I last saw her. A couple of days. But after our last encounter it surely seems a lot longer.

I actually got worried, that maybe something happened. I mean they way it looked, I thought we both were alone in our offices, but maybe she got caught or something.

But this morning I saw her again through the window and she saw me. We smiled at each other. I was immediately brought back to the adventure a few days ago. The way she teased me was unbelievable. Seeing her spreading her legs for me from the opposite office was something I still can not be sure really happened. Seems to be a bit surreal. But it happened, I still have her panties in my drawer.

We both went on with our work although I occasionally (well, more than occasionally) had a look at her just to see her working and really not looking back at me. I must admit I already started to feel disappointed. But let's be reasonable here - we are here to work!

A few hours later I was heading downstairs to grab a lunch in a cafeteria. It's in the same building with me but big enough to offer lunches for people from offices around as well.

It was rather busy there but I decided to stay. When I got my pasta I was looking around for a place to sit. And there she was - looking right at me with a smile on her face. She signaled me to take a seat right in front of her. I think I seemed a bit slow to her so she invited again, with that sexy smile of hers. I think if I'd stand there longer I would simply melt.

I put my stuff on the table and took a seat. "Hi there" she said. "That pasta really looks good!"

I just couldn't stop looking at her. She has those dark brown eyes which seem to drown you. I hope you have had an experience like this, because this is really like nothing else. Once you look into those eyes, you can't turn your head even if you try. And it's especially powerful when the girl knows she has these kind of eyes and she surely knows that.

"I'm Natalie," she introduced. That's when I realized we haven't actually met. "I'm Rob" I replied finally getting some sound out of me.

I started to eat while she kept looking at me with a smile on her face. "So how long have you been working here," I asked to break the silence.

"Long enough to notice you," she said. "When we moved in I was really lucky to get office right next to you. I've been keeping my eye on you from day one."

She is one confident lady!

I'm starting to regain my confident as well. "So have I. I have such a beautiful view from my window."

"Especially a few days back, right?"

She had me again, looking at me with a quirky smile. Straight away I had a picture of her spreading the legs for me to see her shaved pussy.

"Don't worry, the panties I sent to you are not my only ones. You can keep them."

I could feel myself growing in pants. It was a game she was playing and I was being totally dragged around just the way she saw fit. And she seems to be very happy with the situation!

We ate in silence for a few minutes. My mind racing all over the place and she giving me quick smiles every now and then.

Natalie was about 5.7 feet tall, nice looking girl. Slim body but not skinny. I would say she was simply a good looking woman with hair falling down to her shoulders. She must be just short of 30 years old.

When reaching for bread she touched my hand. A shiver ran through me as her hand is surprisingly cold. She held her hand there for a couple of second before moving on.

"So, what kind of a work you do?" she asked me when taking a sip of coffee.

"I work with, um… numbers," I started when she bursted to laugh.

"Hey, I'm really smart you know so you can tell me what it is that you do," she told me with a huge smile. Of course she is smart - she works in the law office after all!

"I'm in the finance department" I continued. "My job is to make sure all the numbers add up so to speak."

She was listening with a genuine interest. I told her we have 3 people beside me working in the department and I'm kind of a like in a senior position there but not head of the department. "So that's why sometimes when the boss goes home, I'm still working - you know how it is."

"Well, I'm sure you really can't complain about it. The conditions to work late are not bad at all."

And again she had me. Damn she must enjoy this!

"Isn't this against the law or something?" I asked as a joke.

"What is? This?" I felt the tip of her shoe touching my leg and then suddenly felt the heel right on my bulge.

I instantly looked around to see if anyone noticed but they didn't. She just laughed before taking her leg away.

"Listen, our situation is a bit unfair right now. I mean considering what you saw a few days ago, I aint see nothing yet. So finish up your pasta, I would like you to show my office."

"Really? Like now?" I asked.

"Now is a good time as ever so yes, now. We're still on a lunch break plus a senior worker like yourself can surely squeeze a extra few minutes."

I felt like I wanted to run. I don't know where tho, probably to her office. She once again took my hand in hers and said we should go.

We left the cafeteria and went to her office building. We took the elevator and we got to the 12th floor. She walked in front of me just passing her co-workers without any attention to them. She was wearing a skirt just above her knees, kind of a like pencil-style skirt, skin-color stockings and a pair of black heels. I believe the same ones as a few days back. I followed her closely to her office.

I stepped in and instantly saw my own office through the window. I heard the door closing when I took a few steps around the office. This was nice! A bit bigger than mine and certainly not as nearly as messy as mine.

I saw her desk, her chair and the cabinet which was still pushed away from the table. I felt getting a hard-on again as I pictured her playing here to tease me.

"I bet I know what you're thinking" she said when stepping in front of me. She came very close so I backed a bit only to find myself hitting the desk. The very same desk she sit on when spreading for me.

"So, as I said, you have seen a lot more than I have. And that is definitely against the law," she said when starting to kneel in front of me. "I would like to see a bit of you, if you don't mind that is," she asked kneeling down. She looked up to me asking if I don't mind, that is.

"Um, I guess… I don't…. mind…" are the words slowly escaped my lips. She lowered her eyes to face my growing bulge and said, more like to herself - "I guess you really shouldn't mind now should you…."

She took started to unzip my suit trousers. I wasn't sure where to look as I saw her unbuttoning. When she was done she went straight to my cock pulling it out right in front of her face.

"Wow, this looks very delicious."

She looked up to me as she slowly stroke it a few times. I was already rock hard of the teasing that has been going on for at least an hour.

"Nice dick you have here Rob, mind if I have a taste?"

She waited for no answer when she licked the top of my dick with his tongue. Gently stroking with his hand he took a licked the top a bit more before taking the head of my dick slowly in her mouth.

It was then I realized I can see straight to my office from here. This made me release a bit of pre-cum. Slowly she went deeper having about half of me in her sweet mouth.

Her office had no shades, it was wide open so to speak. If any of my co-workers would look her, they would see a girl kneeling in front of me giving a blowjob.

I must ignore the thought of whats going on, otherwise I would explode really soon. She took the hand of my dick putting both of her hands on my thighs. She was now taking me eagerly going up and down on my shaft. The only thing she seems to be paying attention to is the dick between her lips. She hasn't looked up at all, simply fucking me with her mouth. Yet she's not going deep throat on me. Just the thought of deep through almost made me cum in her mouth.

I guess she felt that as she pulled away, stroking me with her hand and looking up. "I bet you can see your office when I blow you. Trust me, I was thinking about that when I gave you my little introduction a few days back."

I looked down on her to see her giving that signature smile again. "You don't know how horny and wet I've been in this office when I'm looking at you. I have had so many thoughts of you fucking the shit out of me here. Or in your office. Really doesn't matter. I've been so wet, that I've left home with my juices flowing down on my legs. I've been so wet I couldn't resist fingering myself when giving you that innocence smile as if nothing special was going on."

I couldn't believe what was going on. I raised my eyes to see my office door closing. Maybe someone came looking for me only to see me getting blowed in the office next to ours.

"So how do you want it?" she asked. She was stroking me with her hand while looking up to me.

What, I asked?

"How do you want it? You want to spray your load on me or you want me to swallow every drop of you?"

Wow! This was too much. Lucky I didn't have to answer as she instantly went on me again taking a lot of me in her mouth and began sucking me furiously. She was taking me to seventh heaven and was wasting no time. I could feel the pressure in me growing with every move she did, blowing me like she wanted everything and now.

I couldn't resist any longer. I watch watching my office when I shot my load in her mouth. The first spray was followed by other filling her mouth. She had to swallow to make room for my third load.

This was unbelievable! She took me out of her mouth before swallowing everything I had shot in her mouth.

"Wow babe, really glad you exploded to my mouth! If you would have shot that load on my face, I would be dripping and probably messing up my blouse! Then of course I would need you to take my blouse as I gave you my panties. I would not only be panty less but topless as well."

She has been confident all the time and blowing me didn't take any of that confidence away. Once more she took me in her mouth to squeeze the last bits of me before standing up.

"Rob, really nice to finally meet you," she said with a devil smile. "You have a great dick and I love the way you taste. But now we need to get back to work. I'll show you out." She left me standing there with my dick resting from one of the most amazing blow jobs I've ever had.

"C'mon, get decent" she said to snap me out of it.

Shit, I was standing with my dick hanging for anyone to see. I quickly pulled myself together and zipped myself up.

"Let's go, the door is here," she said opening it and leading me to the elevator.

"I'm sure I will be doing you again," she whispered in my ear as the elevator open its doors.

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