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You Just Lay Back

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You just lay back

I walk through the front door to find you lying on the sofa fast asleep with half a glass of wine left on the table next to you. There you are still dressed in your work clothes, which I always tell you are extremely sexy. Your work clothes usually consist of a smart shirt and a pencil thin skirt which emphasises your perfect hips and ass.

I quietly close the door behind me and take off my blazer and tie. I walk over towards the sofa where you are sleeping and just stand there watching you sleep, your chest slowly rising up and down. Gently, I sit myself down on the edge of the sofa next to you and just take in your beauty. Reminding myself how luck I am to have a perfect woman like you.

I brush away the few hairs falling onto your face and run my fingers through your hair. Your body reacts to my touch and shuffles a little bit. I remove my hand and run my fingers down your cheeks and down your neck. You always love it when I do this when we are cuddled up in bed with no worries in the world.

My touch must have been a little strong as you awake slowly. As your eyes slowly open and adjust to the light, a smile creeps across your face as you realise I am home. Your hand reaches up and takes mine and just holds mine close to your neck. I lean forward and place a soft kiss on your lips, then kiss a trail up to your ear and back down to your lips. However I do not stop there; I kiss down the plunging neck line of your shirt, nearly reaching your amazing breasts. I stop before I reach your breasts and look up at you and playfully wink. I run my hand up the side of your arm as I kiss my way back up to your lips. However this time, when I kiss your lips, it’s more passionate and loving. Your tongue slips into my mouth and teases mine. Our tongues playing with each others. Your hands placed on the side of my neck as I pull on your lower lip and gently bite on it.

I stop kissing you. I stand up in front of you and put one arm under your knees and slide the other behind your head. I lift you up in my strong arms and smile down at you. I make my way carefully up the stairs and into the bedroom. As we enter the bedroom, I lay you down on the bed on your back and tell you to lie back and just undress down to your panties. I disappear out of the room for a few minutes while you strip yourself.

I enter the room after a few minutes wearing only a pair of shorts. I look across to the bed and see you lying on your back with just your white thong on. I instantly feel aroused. But today is just about you. My shorts are staying on for tonight.

I don’t waste any time…I kiss around your belly button, circling it. Then kiss down to the front of your panties. I place a kiss just above your clit but then jump over to your groin. I take your right leg in my hand and kiss along from your groin all the way to your delicate feet kissing each one of your toes separately. I then switch to your left leg and kiss from your delicate toes to the upmost part of your groin. I feel you squirming to my every kiss.

I look up your body and into your perfect eyes. Your eyes were the first thing that made me introduce myself to you when we first met, a bright green colour that lies well against your pale skin. A small smile escapes my mouth as I place a kiss on the front of your panties, directly onto your clit. I can tell you are already aroused as your clit has protruded out a little. I then lick a trail down your pussy, further dampening the front of your thong. My hands reach round to either side of your hips and clasp onto your thong. I start to pull down and do not stop until it has come off around your feet.

There in front of me lies the beauty inside you. The most perfect pussy I have ever encountered, small and humble. I lean forward and enclose my lips around your clit. I extend my tongue and gently make circles around your clit. In a matter of a few seconds your breathing rate has fastened.

While I suck on your small bud, I caress the inside of your groin for a while before running my finger tip along the opening of your pussy. My finger becomes coated in your juices. I use this to my advantage as I let my index finger gently slide inside you with a little resistance. I slide my finger all the way inside you until I reach my knuckle. I keep my finger in and start to move my finger about inside you slightly. Hitting as many nerve endings inside you as I can. I feel a sweat breaking across your body, a sign that shows you are not too far off reaching your climax.

I start to flick my tongue slightly faster over your clit but not too vigorous and suck gently on your clit. This causes an immediate positive response; I feel your pussy tighten a little. I slide my index finger out of your pussy half way and add my middle finger inside. Again I push deep inside but when I reach as far as I go, I pull out again. I start a slow motion of sliding my fingers in and out you while my tongue becomes more vigorous. After a short while of doing so, I feel your hips beginning to squirm. I take my left hand and place it on top of your leg to keep you in position. Apart from that, I do nothing to change what I am doing. I can hear sexy moans escaping your mouth. I look up at you and your eyes are closed with your head back. Your hands gripping the sheets of the bed either side of you. I feel your pussy spasm around my fingers, the walls inside tightening and loosening against my fingers. I know you have reached your climax. I push my fingers as deep inside you as I can and rotate them inside, caressing against your g-spot. My tongue still caressing your clit, hoping to give you a very intense climax. Your hips start to violently jerk under my hand. I let it do so to a certain extent. I keep you under enough control so my lips stay enclosed around your clit.

Your orgasm seems to last forever. My lips still not left your clit but my fingers are now out of your pussy. I release my lips from your clit and lean back. I look down onto your body and see a layer of sweat glistening in the low light of the room. Your eyes still closed as you are recovering from your orgasm. I gently shuffle forward not wanting to disturb you. I lean down towards you and kiss your forehead. I then trail kisses to your cheek, to the tip of your nose and finally onto your lips. When I reach your lips, you open your eyes and just smile up at me.

Two words escape your mouth in the slightest of whispers, “Thank you.”

Our lips only an inch from each others I reply, “Is always my pleasure. Tonight was about you. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

I place one last kiss on your lips and lay down next to you. You lift your head so my arm can go underneath and you shuffle onto your side. Your head is resting against my chest and I can feel your breasts resting against my side. I run my hand up and down your side gently. Soon enough, we both fall asleep in each others arms.

Hope you enjoyed reading this story. I very much enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to give me any comments on it.

Aaron. (beast999)

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