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You Missed a Spot

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Keeping your hand in
Sometime ago I dated a pretty young girl who was really good friends with my buddy’s wife. I didn’t meet her until I’d moved to a city that was a good six hours away. We went out and had a good time, but I lived six hours away, so it was fun, but that was that.

One time they all decided to come and visit and she tagged along. She said she thought it would be fun to go for a trip, see the city where I lived and have some extracurricular fun too. We knew the relationship wasn’t going anywhere.
The night they arrived she stayed with me. We fucked and had fun for most of the night. She said she had to “keep her hand in” as far as having sex. She wasn’t breaking any records in regards to partners and every once-in-awhile she had to get some practice. I’m all for practicing.
The next day we were going to one of the museums and sightseeing. Everyone had cycled through my one bathroom getting ready after breakfast. My buddy had made French bread French toast. I was impressed, it was really good. Anyway, this girl was flirting with me, pushing my buttons, knowing that she was making me horny. My buddy’s wife was the last in the bathroom and she was almost ready to go when I got fed up with the games she was playing.
I pulled the girl into my bedroom that was adjacent to the bathroom. I kissed her hard and her hand dropped to my cock. She grabbed it and moaned. She stroked it as I slid my tongue in her mouth. I opened my eyes and found her looking at me with an odd expression. “What?” I asked her.

She kept on grinning and said, “I’m surprised you’d let me get away with this kind of behavior.” She gave my cock a tug.

“You know,” I said pushing her down onto my bed, “you’re absolutely right.” I undid the button on my pants and unzipped them.

She slipped her hand into my shorts and freed my swelling cock. I stepped up to her and she took the head into her mouth, taking the shaft in her hand. I pushed it into her and tried to shirk my pants all the way down. She helped me out of them as she sucked my cock, her mouth being a little noisy.
I pushed her down and straddled her chest, beginning to fuck her mouth in earnest. That’s when I heard my buddy’s wife call out for her. I took my dick out of her mouth so she could tell her she’d be out in a minute or two. Once that was said I thrust back past her lips. She had one of those super soft mouths that seemed like it was made of hot, wet, silk.
I flipped her arms out to her sides and trapped them beneath my knees, thrusting my cock into her mouth with my hips. The whole time she held my eyes with hers, this kind of drunken sexual tension building as I fucked her face. I felt my balls hit her chin as I slid my shaft in and out.

I reached down and grabbed her by the hair and rode her face, pulling her head up a little. I knew I couldn’t take it much longer and I let go of her blonde hair and grabbed my shaft. I started to stroke my own cock, ending each stroke up against her lips.
I felt the tell-tale burn begin and knew I was on my way. I threw back my head and tried not to grunt as my cum started to spurt into her mouth as I bucked into her face. I could feel each spurt as I drove my hand up to the head of my cock, pushing my semen out into her. She gobbled it up as I spit it out.

Finally I was spent and withdrew from that moist oasis. But I knew I had one last bit of cum. She’d closed her eyes as I gave my length one last stroke. I deposited the last pearl sized drop of cum at the corner of her mouth and got up.

She sat up and kissed my cock. She looked up at me with her big eyes and said she wouldn’t be a naughty girl anymore. I helped her off the bed and she straightened herself up as I did up my pants. She gave herself one last tug and opened the door. My buddy’s wife was standing there, a grin creased her face.
I could hear the dishes in the background and figured my buddy was putting away the breakfast dishes. His wife did a double take as her girlfriend tried to get past and then stopped her. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and then took my girlfriend’s face in her hands. She brought her face up and her tongue snaked out and licked my semen off the corner of her mouth. “You missed a spot.”

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