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Your room or mine?

She started with a nice lather
On the plane to where ever, I was seated next to a striking brunette. To my surprise we started talking. Surprised because I very rarely can carry a conversation with a stranger, even more rare with a beautiful woman.
We talked the entire flight, not just small talk but an actual conversation that was interesting and maybe a little more personal than strangers would normally go. We said goodbye at the baggage claim, wished each other well and went our separate ways.

I got the rental car and found my way to my hotel. While checking in, who do I see walking into the lobby? This time our conversation turned much more flirtatious and we agree to dinner and maybe drinks after we freshen up from the flight. I was on the first floor so she said she would stop by my room when she was ready.

After opening the luggage and unpacking a little, I had just gotten in the shower. I left the water a little cooler than I liked to try to rejuvenate some energy. There is a knock on the door. I wrapped a towel around my waste and got the door. It's her, she is in a robe and pushes me back so she can come in the room. She locks the door behind her, takes me by the hand and leads the way to the still running shower. She grabs my towel and drops her robe and says” we can refresh each other”. She has been in the room less than 10 seconds and we have known each other for only a few hours.

We get in the shower and I turn the temp up as hot as we can stand. I am behind her and she is facing the water, with a bar of soap in my hand, I start lathering her belly as I am kissing her neck and the water pouring on her chest. With a nice lather I worked my way up and caress her breasts, paying attention to her nipples until they are rock hard. Working my way down, I kneel down and continue to lather and wash her legs. The water is pounding down, hot and steamy.

I hold her waste with one hand and push lightly between her shoulders with the other. She bends over and puts one leg up on the edge of the shower, giving me complete access to her. The water is pouring on her back. From behind I start kissing her inner thighs teasing just a little while caressing her ass with both hands. Teasing is difficult because I want it so bad myself. I dive in with my tongue. She moans and leans back, pushing herself into my face. With one hand I am teasing her ass applying light pressure and rubbing lightly while eating her out from behind. The other hand is reaching forward and cradling her tits, pinching her nipples.
I can feel her getting tense. She starts rocking slightly, pushing herself into my face, more and more rhythmically. Finally she trembles, and moans in pleasure. I can taste her cum in my mouth and feel it on my face.

She stands up, turns around and says "your turn" as she grabs the soap.
She starts with a nice lather and runs her hands all over my chest and works her way down my abs. She grabs my hard dick with one hand and cups my balls in the other. We turn around so the water is on my back, as she bends at the knees to give the special attention I have been craving since we first met.

I am so hard it almost hurts. She works her hand up and down my shaft with a twisting motion while fondling my balls with the other. Finally her tongue touches the tip. She rolls her tongue around the tip before taking the head in her mouth, slowly working her way down the full length. Caressing and squeezing my sack all the while. I am nearly in a trance.

After a couple minutes, she starts paying special attention with her tongue to the head of my cock. Working the soft part just under the head with her tongue, she tightened her grip with her hand, working up and down the shaft, increasing in speed. Soon she can feel me tighten. My cock swells in her mouth. As she feels the first hot stream of cum in her mouth, she opens her mouth, still stroking me as I empty on her tongue. As I finish, she is still working her hand up and down my dick and sucks lightly on the head, milking me for every drop.

We rinse each other off quickly and shut the water off. Towelling off just briefly, we head for the bed......

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