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A Bit Too Far

Things got wild in a crowded park.

My boyfriend and I have never been the common couple, and by that, I mean it in two different ways. One of them is that we have an open relationship and we tell each other everything without hesitation. The other is that we are into a lot of kinks and have tried almost everything.

This story happens on a hot summer day when I was supposed to meet a virtual friend face to face. That friend (I will call him Jack from now on) and I started flirting two months before meeting so it was no secret what would happen and neither a surprise.

After two hours of walking around, joking and finally kissing, we went to a park and we started making out.

I had my legs on top of his and my arms around his neck while our tongues fought for dominance and he bit my neck when I wasn't expecting it. His hands were pressing hard on my waist and we had problems breathing normally so we decided to move to a more private place where we could continue.

We arrived at another park, more isolated than the other one but despite everything, we were still so visible. At that moment, we didn't really care anymore and sat under a tree on top of a low hill. There weren't too many people so it was okay enough for us.

We lay under the tree and were soon kissing again, harder, not really holding ourselves back this time and gasping for air.

He positioned himself on top of me and started biting my lip, my neck and my collarbones, while I dug my nails on the back of his neck feeling his hand moving downwards, first grasping my breast on top of my bra, then under it and after than even lower, down my stomach until finally stopping between my legs.

He tried to get with his fingers under my shorts but it was difficult and I told him that it would be nearly impossible without taking them off and we couldn't undress for an obvious reason.

That seemed to motivate him even more and he managed to reach with one of his fingers my clit and I sucked in a breath.

He started caressing it slowly and I had to bite his neck, causing him to moan, to muffle any noise, then, he moved another finger and started fingering me, doing both things at the same time.

After that, he started to move and I wrapped my legs around his hips, both of us were moaning but we tried (without much success) to keep quiet.

I put myself on top of him now and started to move and he grabbed my ass, playing with it but that didn't last long, for soon enough, he was on top again. That time, I took advantage of that position and started to rub his erection through his pants, first slowly but quickly increasing the pace and the pressure while he moved to increase the sensation.

Soon, he was behind me, my back against his chest, so close that I could feel his erection pressing hard against my ass.

He started fingering me again, quicker this time, while biting the back of my neck and I was grinding my ass against him, telling him how much I wanted him inside me in a whisper and him replying in my ear, how much he wanted to fuck me.

We had to stop for someone came very close to where we were but when we were alone, I put myself on top of him again and started to whisper in his ear how I'd like to move down on him, biting his lip, his ear, his neck, licking his chest... And at the same time, doing exactly as I told him I'd like to do, both of us aware that we wouldn't be able to do anything else. Just at that moment, his phone started to ring, it was his best friend. And we stopped once and for all.


---- This is a completely true story. I told my boyfriend Mark (I changed the names for privacy) all about it and it was him, in fact, who encouraged me to publish it here. ----

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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