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A Woodland Walk.

A Woodland Walk.

A woodland walk becomes exhibitionism, and then much more.

It was a lovely evening, perfect late summer weather, with warm air softened by gentle breezes. We had gone out for a drive, then decided to have a stroll through some unspoiled woodland not too far away. All I had on was a thin and fairly short summer dress and sandals.

It was so quiet in the woods, nobody else in sight, a fact I commented on to Dave.

"Yeah," he growled, "and I bet the minute I start trying to get into your pants, half the town decides to come strolling past in some kind of parade."

 "That is silly," I told him, "you are starting to get paranoid in your old age."

At least that made him laugh, as he was only twenty-eight, just three years older than I was.

"Am I?" he asked, "do you want to bet on that?"

"In what way?" I asked, suddenly cautious.

Dave was deep and devious and had a very sharp and sexy sense of humour. Even after being together for some years, he still frequently surprised me.

"Take this path," he told me, "how many people do you think will come along here in say, the next hour?"

 I looked, then listened. Silence apart from the sound of the birds, even the traffic from the road a few hundred yards away was not to be heard.

"I would be surprised if anyone came along here in the next hour," I told him, "it is kind of out of the way, off the main pathways."

 "And you are willing to bet on that?" he asked me, smiling wickedly.

I nodded slowly.

"So what are you willing to bet?" he asked.

"Anything you want," I told him with more confidence than I actually felt, "why? What have you got in that deviously sexy mind of yours?"

 "Well, I was just thinking, if you are so sure," he told me, "then you will not mind me tying you to a tree and leaving you to see if anyone comes along to rescue you. Yes?"

"And if they don't come along?" I asked, "what do I get out of it?"

"Whatever you want," he told me, "how about having me as a total slave the rest of the night?"

 I smiled at that. He knew how much I loved having him helpless and teasing him. It did not happen often, so I always made the most of it when I got the chance.

"Okay, you are on," I said, "any particular tree?"

We strolled along a little, then he stopped.

"This one looks perfect," he told me, "nice handy branch just there at the right height for what we need."

He put his shoulder bag down and rummaged inside it for a moment, standing up with a pair of our furry handcuffs. He reached up, looping the short chain on the cuffs over the branch, and raising my arms one after the other to attach a cuff to each wrist. He could reach up that high easily, being close to six foot. As I was only around five foot three, maybe a couple of inches more in the sandals, there was no way I was going to be able to slip the handcuffs off the branch. I was almost on tip-toe as it was.

You want the dress on or off?" he asked me.

"On," I almost yelled the word at him. This dress was only held on by a single strap fastened with a bow behind my neck, so I knew he could take it off in seconds. Luckily he took pity on me and left it on. Then he took a blindfold from the bag and slipped it over my eyes.

"I will be near," he told me, "when will you want me to stop it if anything happens?"

"If it does, use your judgment," I told him, "I trust you. So long as I am safe, let them play if they want, especially if I look like I am enjoying it."

"Okay darling," and with a last smack on my bottom, he was gone.

It was boring, just standing there in silence and in darkness, I almost dozed off. Then I heard voices. Oh, wonderful, so Dave was right after all, someone did come along just as he had foretold. Brilliant. Two someones, unless they are in the habit of talking to themselves.

I listened. Two voices, male and female. Was that good?

"What the..." came a male voice, "what do you think?" he asked.

"Somebody playing sexy games," said the female, "their business. Mind you, she is rather sexy, don't you think?"

"Now come on, that is not fair," the man objected, "if I say no, then I am disagreeing with you, and if I say yes, I am a lecher and prefer her to you. Oh no, I am not falling for that, sexy darling."

She laughed, and I guessed they were kissing. Then I felt a soft hand stroking my cheek.

"You really are quite stunning," she said, putting her arms around my neck and kissing my lips gently.

I felt her fingers stroking my hair and then discovering something.

"Hmm, what is this?" she murmured into my ear, "a bow fastening? I wonder what would happen if I pulled it."

She laughed as I tried to say no, but her lips were again covering mine. I squirmed helplessly as I felt the bow come loose, and the dress fell to the ground.

 "Mmm, even more stunning," she told me, laughing, "maybe I will come back later to see if you are still here."

 I squirmed as her hand stroked my slit, briefly teasing my clit before she left. I heard the man asking, "What did you do that for?" but did not hear her reply. So now I was stood helpless and naked. 

I did not even hear the next visitor arrive, they came silently, so someone alone I guessed.  I felt hands wandering over me, then heavy breathing near my ears. I was turned around, to face in to the tree, and they stroked my back and bottom, squeezing the bum cheeks hard enough to make me gasp.

 I tried moving away from the hands, but that got me a sharp smack on my bare butt. Then another. So whoever it was they were into spanking. I wriggled my bottom and got another smack. All I could hear for a few moments was the sound of twigs snapping. I was puzzled, but the answer to that mystery was soon delivered.

A swooshing sound, ending in a stinging smack across both cheeks of my bottom, stinging sharply, forcing me to push forward until stopped by the tree. Then another caning across my bare bum, and another. Then noises from behind the tree.

The mystery caner dropped the twigs and I heard him running away. It came as a shock when Dave said, "That was fun to watch," in my ear, and I felt him put something around my neck. I wondered what it could be. Keys to the cuffs, maybe? A sign or notice? Neither felt right. I would have to wait to find out.

 More boredom until I heard more voices, two men this time.

"Hey, check this out," one said, and I felt hands wandering over belly then tits, teasing a nipple until it was hard. Then other hands stroking bottom and side.

"What do you reckon?" a second male asked, "just sexy games?".

"Well she is not gagged and not yelling for help, so I guess yes," came the reply, "and nobody has come to tell us we are not to touch, so I figure she is fair game."

"What about this then?" the other asked, as I felt the something being taken from my neck. "It says Use Me."

My mind was racing trying to think what my devious bastard of a husband had done now.

"Well, I was always taught to obey instructions," the voice laughed, "so why not.?"

The deep buzzing told me just what Dave had done. He had hung a vibe around my neck and written "use me" on it. And sure enough, someone had come along who was going to follow orders. I grunted as the vibe was slid into me, rising onto tip-toe as it impaled me.

Then they started sliding it in and out, while the other man teased and nibbled my nipples until I was squirming helplessly. Then the male not using the vibe slid behind me, arms around me from behind, his crotch pressing hard against my buttocks. I could feel his bulge rubbing against my bottom, as his fingers found my slit, stroking around the vibe until he touched the clit, erect and oh so sensitive

He started rubbing it, slowly at first, then faster. I could not move, being impaled by the vibe and with his arms around me and his bulging cock behind me. All I could do was stand helpless while the two brought me to a screaming climax, that went on and on.

 I was trembling when they stopped, and feeling so incredibly horny.

One said, "I wish I could fuck her."

I was powerless to prevent myself saying, "Please, yes."

 I heard zips being undone, and then my legs were lifted. hands on my bottom steadied me and a cock slid into my hungry pussy.

The voice behind me said, "Hang on," and I felt wetness, then another cock slid slowly into my tight bum-hole.

Four hands started moving me and it did not take the men long to get into a rhythm, and I was being double fucked, cocks filling me so tightly and when the hands came from behind me again and started rubbing the clit once more, I was coming for them, and they carried on double-fucking me, while still squeezing tits and rubbing the clit and I stopped trying to keep count of how many times I came, it just went on and on until they exploded inside me, and I could feel two cocks twitching away as they came.

Then they both slid out. I was surprised at there being no cum running out of me. I found out later that Dave had put a box of condoms next to the tree with a big "use me" sign on it.

"Bye, sexy slut," one man said as he kissed me goodbye.

 "Thanks, gorgeous," the other told me as he gave me a kiss, then, "what about this?" he called.

"Just put it somewhere," he was told.

 He did, he slid it back into my pussy, turning it on to a low setting to arouse without letting me come. I stood squirming helplessly until I heard more sounds of people approaching. Sounded like females, two or three. Lots of giggling as they came to where I was stood. The vibe was slid out, and they saw the words written on it. More giggles. Soft hands wandering over my sensitive body, forcing me to squirm for them, fingers sliding into my wetness, teasing and probing. .

"What are you thinking, Ginger," one voice asked, "have fun?"

 "Mmm, I could, easily," another said, rubbing against me, "what about it Ginger?"

 I felt someone walking around me, stroking my upraised arms, then my bottom.

"She is cuffed there," Ginger told them, "so she can't do much for us the way she is. I got an idea," she said, "we got us a vibe, and a girl to play with." She laughed.

What about a little contest?" she asked.

"What kind of contest," the girl asked.

"We take turns with her, seeing how fast we can make her come, Slowest loses," she announced, "and the slowest gets vibe-fucked right here."

Squeals of shock and fright from the two girls.

"Oh Ginger, you wouldn't really, would you?"

Laughter, then, "Who is going first?" from Ginger, "go on Amber."

The vibe buzzed and I felt it slide in, almost hesitantly, before Ginger warned, "Slowest gets a public vibe-fucking."

The vibe was slid in and out faster, and my legs opened wide as I started bouncing on it while Amber vibe-fucked me, only stopping when my juices flooded over her hand and I screamed my pleasure.

"Two minutes fifty-four," announced Ginger. "you next, Lynne."

Lynn did not waste time, she had the vibe in me and was fucking me hard and fast with it, using her spare hand to rub my still erect clit.

"Hey," came a yell from Amber, "she is cheating."

I was coming already, screaming loudly to announce the climax.

"Two minutes ten seconds. No cheating," Ginger told Amber, "you could have done the same if you had thought of it."

As Ginger came to me she whispered, "If I do not win, you are going to get spanked like never before."

 As it happened, she was never in danger. She had made certain of that by going last, knowing the two previous climaxes would have made me very sensitive.

Besides which, she knew how to use her hands, and she had me coming well inside two minutes, beating the others easily. Then celebrating by eating me, lips, tongue and teeth, teasing and tormenting me to a second climax. If she had not had the attraction of Amber, she would have stayed longer.

I heard squeals from Amber, as the two girls wrestled her to the ground, then somehow held her immobile while they used the vibe on her, along with fingers and mouths I guessed, and Amber's squeals of anger changed to soft moans, and then screams of pleasure as they made her come.

As they were leaving, Ginger kissed me and told me, "You were fun."

Then she slipped the vibe back in me. As soon as they left, Dave took off my blindfold, making me blink in the sunlight.

"Enjoy that, sexy tits?" he asked me, laughing as I squeezed my legs together hard before kissing him.

I looked around for my dress, but could not see it.

"Where is my dress, Dave?" I asked.

"I left it right there," he told me, "It should still be...Those bloody girls."

"I can't go home like this, can I?" I asked, "or even back to the car."

"Wait here," he called, seemingly forgetting he had not unlocked my handcuffs yet.

He raced off, God knows where. He had not been gone too long, when a young couple came along, the girl in a short skirt and sun top.

"Well, this is a nice surprise," the girl said.

I recognised the voice as being the female who had taken my dress off earlier.

"I thought you would have gone before I got to see you again," she admitted, "Ooh, I see you have a vibrator now as well."

She laughed, then looked at how I was secured.

"John, can you help me with her?" she called, "The chain is over that branch. Can you lift her?"

John reached down, his arm between my legs, and lifted me easily until the chain was loose, and could slip off the branch. He set me down.

"I am Julie," she told me, "now come down here," and she pulled me down to where she was sitting.

"I am so sorry, sweetheart," she told me, "but I really must take advantage of you. Is that okay?"

I smiled and nodded. She squirmed around, slipping off a tiny pair of panties, more of a thong, then squatted over my head, her lightly furred pussy near my mouth, and she opened my legs, lowering her own mouth to taste me.

"Mmm, that tastes so good," she told me, then started to enjoy me.

 I moved my head slightly until I could reach her sweet slit, then enjoyed the taste of a beautifully sensitive quim, loving the way she squirmed with delight as I nibbled and probed, teasing her to a climax, even as she slid long fingers deep into me to make me come.

 "That was fun," she told me, "I could really use one more though. Tell you what, while you are giving me another, I will see how many you can have when I am using the vibrator on you."

 I opened my mouth to object, but remembered this was the girl who had left me naked just for fun. Instead of talking, I started teasing her again, concentrating on her sensitive clit. Meanwhile she was pumping the vibe in and out steadily, ignoring my squirming, and taking me inevitably to a fresh climax.

Sure enough, I came, bucking and twitching as it hit me. She allowed me a few moments to catch my breath before starting again. By now she was starting to feel the effects of my teasing, and had started to squirm, breath coming in gasps, but before I could push her that little but further, I was coming again, to her obvious enjoyment.

While I was recovering this time, she took the vibe out and enjoyed kissing my wide open pussy, tasting the love juices she had forced from me. Then we started again, and it may have been her enjoying tasting me, but she was really so ready foe coming, and before she could finish making me come again, she was the one screaming in ecstacy, as her come flooded over my face.

 I assumed that was the end of it, but she decided she was not letting me go without that last climax, so carried on vibe-fucking me until I was coming helplessly again for her, bucking and grinding as the vibe-fucking went on and on and I came massively at the end, collapsing with her tangled with me.

She lay next to me, kissing gently, both of us smiling. We had only just got up off the ground when Dave returned, carrying a t-shirt.

"This is all I could find," he explained, unlocking my cuffs and handing it over, "I got the biggest they had."

I looked at it, noticing it was only size twelve. Ah well, it was better than nothing. I pulled it on. It only just reached my buttocks, leaving the lowest couple of inches visible. The thin fabric was making it obvious to all that I was not wearing a bra. Julie loved it of course, brushing her hand across my tits, and kissing me before saying goodbye.

Before we left, Dave made us stop in the café near the entrance to the woods, and introduced me to two men whose voices I seemed to recognise. Sure enough, they both worked in Dave's office, and he had set it up for them to "accidentally" discover me helpless, just in case nobody else had come along.

They were, so he told me, only supposed to tease me with the vibe and make me come, but they had got carried away, and as I seemed to need it, he had stayed out of it while they fucked me. The journey home was as expected, with me showing everything I had, thanks to the shortness of the t-shirt and giving all other drivers on the road, as well as some lucky pedestrians, some very happy memories.




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