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Amy's Honeymoon

Amy's Honeymoon

Amy enjoys the ultimate honeymoon nooner

It was just past noon when Eric took my hand and led me out the rear screened door of the bungalow into our stone walled courtyard.  Overhead palm branches filtered the sunshine, providing protection for our already naked bodies, as did the eight-foot height of the privacy walls. I sensed what Eric had in mind for me as I watched him turn on the water for the outdoor shower.  

Turning and tipping my head back under the stream of cool water, I ran my hands through my very sun-bleached, blonde hair.  Water cascaded down between my breasts and followed my gold body chain downward before splashing onto the stone pavers at my feet.  

I blindly sensed Eric moving himself behind me, momentarily disrupting my comfortable stream of water before his body pressed against my backside, his hands wrapping around me to gently cup my generous breasts.  His warm lips slowly followed my neck upward until they found my earlobe, where they stopped and lingered.  Arching my back in approval, I pressed back harder against him wanting more. 

Outside our walls, people conversed just yards away from us on their poolside lounge chairs, completely unaware of our presence.  Had they been, they might have chosen to listen more carefully for new bride on her honeymoon was about to be fucked.  

I lowered my head and wiped the water from my eyes with my hands.  As my vision cleared, I caught my first glance of my husband's iPad. Unbeknownst to me, he had already positioned it and started it recording before leading me outside. Turning my head,  I gave him an approving smile to show him that I would not nullify his plan.  I'd never been filmed having sex before and I couldn't think of a better time than my honeymoon.  

The stage for our performance was quite simple. A chiseled stone wall was our backdrop, a few tropical plants and a small stone pedestal the only fixtures. That was it, but after all we were to be the featured act, so there was no need for more.  

I wasn't nervous at all.  The freedom of being a new bride allowed for such spontaneity.  Turning around, I kissed Eric deeply while he pulled me close and wrapped me securely in his very capable arms.  As our kissing grew more passionate, I felt my his penis growing harder between us. 

Eric and I were already very tan from the previous week spent in paradise for our nuptials. We'd also had significant time in tanning beds before our trip, so neither of us had any tan lines to speak of.  Breaking our kiss, I slithered teasingly down Eric's body and knelt before him. My sharp, French manicured nails raked down each side of his stomach and groin as I dropped, before taking his now rigid erection into my hand.  Looking up into his eyes with water splashing on my back, I opened my mouth seductively and watched him watching me.  

I wanted to please him, to show him how perfect our new life together would be. Brushing my hair back from my face and gently grasping the back of my neck, he encouraged me to proceed. Never breaking eye contact, I relaxed as Eric slowly slid his cock between my lips before feeling him finally stop against the back of my throat. A slight shift of my stance allowed the water to jet past me before splashing off Eric's chest and running down my face to trickle off my chin.

My mind raced faster.  I love this. That's it baby, take your innocent little bride, I'm yours. Once I'm done sucking your cock you're going to fuck me all over this little courtyard.  At least that's what I would have said if my mouth wasn't full. 

I controlled the pace of Eric's cock sliding in and out of my throat, my tight little bridal pussy now growing wetter with each stroke.  The sweet taste of his precum on my lips told me he was enjoying it as well. 

Eric's hands slid down each of my arms before gripping them both firmly above my elbows. He pulled me up to my feet before sliding his hands lower again. Grabbing me just below my ass, he crouched slightly and lifted me off of the ground.  Assisting him, I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.  I weighed barely 100 pounds, which made it very easy for him to handle me.  The water was warm, wet and sensual, seeking its own path downward between our tightly compressed bodies. 

I felt Eric's erection protruding below me, waiting for the time when it could resume its desired duty. With his palms confidently supporting my buttocks, he easily maneuvered me into proper position before slowly lowering me onto himself. My petite pussy resisted defiantly for a just moment before quickly relenting and welcoming him inside.  I groaned loudly as I settled into place at the base of his cock, still undetected by the poolside patrons only a few feet away. Eric effortlessly held my tiny body, raising and lowering me with strength and confidence. His cock felt incredible.  I loved being his little fuck toy.  

I'd never had a man have me like this, especially outside in broad daylight. The penetration was very deep and I loved the feeling of submission and being controlled. I desperately wanted Eric to cum in me like this but he was still far from ready.  I started to whisper in his ear that I was about to cum myself, but before I could utter the words my body was explosively racked by a deep orgasm which reduced them to only a whimper.  Digging my nails deeply into his shoulders, I was held tight until my quivering ceased. 

Eric gently dropped me back onto my feet again before turning me around toward the stone podium. Placing my palms on it, I raised my firm ass as high as possible for him, while he bent his knees slightly to lower himself. Finding that our heights were just too disparate to succeed this way, I lifted my left foot as high as I could and placed it on top of the three-foot high stone block. My other leg remained firmly planted on the ground.  

Eric stepped in closer to me and secured my hips to balance me.  I felt so naughty and lustful positioned for him like this.  Please fuck me I thought. Don't make me wait any longer.  I was quickly rewarded by a forceful thrust that penetrated me to my core.  Struggling to balance myself against the pounding, I dropped my foot back off the pedestal and braced it against his thigh with my knee still resting on the grey stone.  

With my balance improved in my new tripod position, Eric was able to work me properly. The stone was a bit unstable, rocking back and forth as it wobbled in rhythm with me on each stroke.  We would present quite a sight if the maid should happen to enter our unoccupied bungalow for room service right now, only to find us out back!

Finding our position quite exciting but ultimately too difficult to sustain, Eric pulled back and spun me toward the iPad before cupping my breasts from behind. I felt shy standing and facing the camera in only my body necklace. He pinched my nipples and traced my tight slit with his finger as I tried to cover myself. He wouldn't let me, holding me there until I relaxed, his vertical erection pressed against the crease between my cheeks.  

I knew my lover needed his bride to satisfy him. I took him by the hand and led him back inside the bungalow again to our king sized bed.  The windows were all open, as was the front door.  Pool patrons chatted outside our side windows, as did tiki bar patrons very near our front door. 

Lying on my back, I watched the paddle fan spin slowly above Eric as he raised and spread my legs for himself. I lifted my head and watched with anticipation as his tanned erection entered my equally tanned and waxed pussy.  It felt perfect. 

I love being dominated by Eric and I quietly begged him to be rougher with me while urgently pulling his hand up to my throat. He gripped it firmly, choking me just hard enough to satisfy me, yet still not as hard as I really wanted.  My hips thrust up and down against him eagerly confirming my satisfaction. Reaching up, I squeezed Eric's hand on my throat harder to show him I wanted more and was rewarded by the tightening grip that I desired. 

My hips spread open wider now under the weight of his body, his ass rising and falling with purpose. I was being fucked very hard now, my tits bobbing up and down rhythmically with each of Eric's thrusts.  I sensed Eric's moment was nearly upon him now. Staring upward at him in total submission and giving myself to him, I watched him helplessly as he brought himself to orgasm.  

As his grip loosened on my throat, my gasping matched the heavy heaving of my tanned chest.  The bride had been fucked very well... and no one had noticed.  



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