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LInda's Beach Thrill

Overheated lady takes a cooling late beach stroll but encounters a rugged male bather.

Linda Payton slid out of bed and went, naked, to the window. Who could sleep in this heat? Barely one a.m. and she had been tossing and turning since coming to bed. Too hot, plus the fact that her mind wouldn’t stop churning over her problem with her third novel.

Writer’s block had never bothered her before but she had landed her heroine, Kate, in a romantic impasse which she just could not resolve. Her first two novels were selling well so it had seemed she could well afford a getaway to this quiet region on the Baltic coast to complete the third. But she had not anticipated the heat nor the stalling of her writing.

It had seemed like a good idea but now - another thing this damned heat had inflicted on her, a corresponding burning down below reminding her that it was several months since she’d been in the arms of - at 1.00 am, for God’s sake?

The slow drive through the quiet, dimly-lit village streets took less than ten minutes. Linda locked the car and took the narrow path which led directly into the dunes. When cloud covered the moon, the night was extremely dark, but, as she reached the rise of the dunes the moon appeared and bathed the narrow beach and flat sea beyond in an almost mystical light. To her right, she could see what looked like two very small cottages.

Linda began walking along the top edge of the dunes, but finding the unexpected undulations rather daunting she quickly slithered down onto the beach itself, where she removed her sandals to enjoy the feel of sand between her toes. The only sound was the gentle lapping of the water on the edge of the beach, the sea looked so calm, so friendly, Linda was delighted she had come. There was a freedom, a sense of being the only person in the whole world.

After only a short walk she came to a spot where a small promontory from the dunes jutted out like a grassy finger pointing out to sea. It was almost head high, and Linda decided to spread her beach towel to one side of it. Soon she was seated, relaxed, with her arms wrapped around her raised knees. Pleased that it was slightly cooler down there, she gazed out at the moon sequined sea. It was so peaceful that she just sat, letting her mind wander as she absorbed the solitude.

Linda had just started to consider how she might get her heroine out of the impasse she had placed her in, when there was a gentle cough behind her, and a male voice gruffly said, what sounded like, ”Peedodeet.”

Startled, heart leaping, Linda swivelled to kneel up and look behind her. Fortunately, it was one of the moon’s bright spells, and above her, she saw a tall bare-chested man, with a towel hanging over his shoulders. He had a mop of black hair, and looked extremely muscular as he held up his hands as though to calm Linda’s anxiety.

The words he spoke were gentle as though, in his native tongue, he was trying to reassure her. Linda made a hand gesture to show that she did not understand. The man nodded, “Angliski?”

Linda assumed he was asking if she spoke English and gave out one of the few words she had remembered from her phrase book, “Ya.”

At the same time telling herself to stop noticing how there was a dark ruggedness about him which was rather fetching.

Pulling the towel from his bare shoulders the man took a wide berth around where Linda was shuffling back to her original position. He gestured outwards, pointed at his towel then towards the sea, before making a rough swimming mime and saying, “Swim.”

He was standing in front of her now looking down at her and Linda was sure the dark eyes had wandered down to her bosom.' How best to handle the situation?' His arrival had reminded her of the heat. Maybe now it was more than just the air temperature.

The man half-turned away and made an expansive movement with his two hands stretched out left and right.

“Safe,” he said, and Linda nodded her acceptance of understanding that bathing was safe within those limits.

He spread his towel on the grassy top of the jutting knoll, presumably to keep it from becoming sandy. Whatever he said next, Linda didn’t understand. Then he gave her a smile which lit up his dark features, before he disappeared on the other side of the knoll. Very quickly his pants appeared slung up onto the knoll alongside the towel.

Next instant, Linda’s breath was caught in her throat, as his totally naked figure ran out and down the beach towards the sea. For a muscular man, his buttocks looked neat and trim, and his easy movement was quite alluring. Reaching the sea, he waded out to a point where the water reached his buttocks and he dived in.

'Hell,' Linda thought, 'I’m on a beach watching a naked man'. Numerous thoughts poured into her mind, she became aware of the blood suddenly speeding through her veins. Perhaps she should just get up and quietly depart. The moon had been covered by a cloud but she could just make out the figure cutting through the water with vigorous strokes. Fascinated, she just watched.

As he swam, the moon appeared again almost like a spotlight on him. 'Wow, didn’t he look powerful as he ploughed through the water?' Bathed in moonlight, the whole scene looked attractive and his actions so refreshing that the idea of swimming was suddenly appealing. It really was a sensible way to keep cool.

Then she was struck by another thought. This man had to come out, and up the beach, full frontal. Well, she could simply, and respectfully, avert her eyes. But would she?

Linda sat for what might have been ten minutes watching those vigorous strokes. Was she being somehow affected by the way he moved? Just as the moon disappeared once more she saw him stand and begin moving towards the beach. 'Look away time, maybe.' 

Then he was running through the shallows and up onto the beach. He was merely a dark shadow approaching. Suddenly the moon shone brightly once more, lighting up everything.

'Oh, my God,' his wet shoulders gleamed, his muscular arms glowed, but to Linda’s shocked surprise, the man had an enormous erection jutting out from the jet hair in his groin. Wet and lit by moonlight, his erect cock was a silver dagger pointing directly at her. Not so much ‘dagger’ more like a lance.

No doubt, because of the moonlight, he could see whatever expression was showing on her face, and possibly the direction of her eyes for, as he came nearer, he suddenly dropped his hands over his groin and uttered something which sounded like it might have been an apology.

As he grabbed his towel he said, “You want?”

Seeing the uncertain and maybe rather nervous look on Linda’s face he quickly added, pointing down the beach, “Sea? Good.”

Having initially been a little shaken when she had misunderstood his original question, she now found his odd word use of English was rather appealing and as he moved out of sight behind the knoll, Linda thought, ‘What the hell. Why not?’

Within seconds, after putting her car keys and her watch in the only pocket, she had unbuttoned her dress, shrugged out of it and was sprinting naked down the beach. Somehow, she was certain that this man was not going to be threatening. The way he had covered himself apparently surprised at his own erection. As her feet struck the water, she was giggling to herself, maybe she might enjoy a little gentle threat.

Wading out towards a swimmable depth she was finding the water almost lukewarm, but so pleasant. When it was lapping around her belly she dived forward and started her favoured breast stroke. Remembering the man had signalled a safe area, she swam outwards a short distance first before swimming back.

Linda gasped as, at that moment, something broad and smooth stroked under her, over her belly and breasts and then gone. Hurriedly she placed her feet down testing her depth. She found she could stand and the water was just below her breasts. Nervously she looked around for evidence of what had occurred, and there about five feet away the mop of dark hair appeared followed by that darkly handsome face, and broad muscled chest.

He grinned at her, said something which she didn’t understand, but his eyes held unashamedly on her exposed breasts. Linda quickly folded her arms over them as he added, “Mermaid. Beauty.”

He made it sound like ‘butty’, and despite the situation, she could not avoid smiling as she said, “You shark.” And to demonstrate she moved one covering arm to slide her flat hand through the water, as a shark’s fin would do.

'But what was happening here?' This stranger had followed her, naked, into the sea, where she was also naked. 'Why had he done that? Was he expecting something? Had he been turned on by the sight of her naked body running towards the sea?'

But these questions were less important than the fact that Linda had no sense of fear or even worry. In some strange way, she felt challenged, provoked into finding out how far this might go. For there was little doubt that the stirrings she was experiencing deep in her belly had nothing to do with fear. Quite the opposite.

He laughed at her shark’s fin mime before swimming further away from her. Linda stood, wide legged for support, as she watched him stop, look back at her and dive under the water once more. She didn’t have long to wonder where he had gone, for almost immediately his swinging arms struck the inside of her legs as he passed under her. When he resurfaced he gave her another smile but simply went into his front crawl stroke and swam past her for some distance before turning to swim powerfully back.

As he came nearer, Linda could see that when he was swimming he had his face in the water, only turning his head to the side away from her when he breathed. Well, two could play at this game. She moved back just a little, aiming to judge the absolute moment to go under. It would be important to get it right. Just before his head came level with her, she reckoned.

His dark hair was bathed in moonlight as it came closer. Immediately, Linda dived down, briefly opened her eyes to see where he was. Then she was kicking her legs to pass under him. Not being practised at this sort of exercise she quickly realized that she had not dived deep enough, as she was quickly aware that his chest touched her back.

But two more definite and instantaneous events coincided. His hand coming up from its backwards pull stroked very briefly over her right breast, before passing on, while in that same instant, something hard jabbed into her side, before trailing along her buttocks as she went through. 'Oh, God, he still had his erection, or it had returned?' Either way, it had touched her, and her breast was tingling.

Quickly, she regained the surface and stood up, taking great gulps of air, as though she had been under for five minutes. That breathlessness had nothing to do with her dive, yet it had everything to do with that, given the sensations she had experienced. 'Great heavens, a man’s erection had just trailed across her buttocks and his hand had touched her breast.' If she’d had any doubts before, there was little doubt now. It was not terror that churned her lower body.

While these thoughts tumbled through her head, she was looking to see how far he had swum on. The answer was, not far. He was standing not two yards away, his eyes, shining in the direct moonlight, fixed, not on her bare breasts, but directly on her own.

How should she decipher the smile on his face, as he said, “Good?” He paused before adding, “Water?”

Helplessly she responded, “Good.”

Then without further thought of what options she had, she turned and began swimming towards the beach. Intermittent splashing behind her let her know that he was doing a slow front crawl close behind her. 'How close behind?' In this moonlight given the way her leg action had them spread at some point, he would be able to see up to her hairy split. Linda’s head was already full of a mix of ‘what might happen next,’ ‘what did she want to happen next?’ and ‘how would she react if he tried anything?’ The next few seconds gave her all the answers.

On one kick her knee struck the sandy bottom, signalling the end of her swim. She climbed to her feet, to find the water reaching her upper thigh, and to learn just how close her dark man had been, as, for the second time she felt his erection against her back.

He was obviously on his feet, and without even considering any of her mixed thoughts, Linda swung around to look up into his swarthy face and dark eyes, very aware that the tip of his solid cock was jutting far enough to tickle against her belly. Face to face, and close-up, Linda saw, for the first time, a look of uncertainty on his face. He might have looked down at her breasts, or further to see her now exposed pubes.

But as he returned her searching gaze he asked, in that fascinating accent, “Kiss?”

And Linda, fully aware of what her actions would imply, placed her hands on his broad shoulders and pushed her face up to him. Their lips came together in what was, at first, a gentle, warm coming together. When his lips moved more firmly against her own, Linda allowed her tongue tip to make the offer, and almost instantly his tongue met hers as their mouths opened to allow mutual access to their wrestling tongues.

Here was the answer to her questions and much of it had been her doing. That erection was now pressed hard against her belly, as he pulled her against him, one hand on her back, the other exploring the curve of her buttocks. Linda wondered if she should try to grasp the cock that had been bothering her so much but which she had only briefly seen. But there was no way she could reach it since their bodies were tight together, and now, Linda was certain that the moisture between her legs had little to do with the sea.

How long they stood there squeezed together Linda could not begin to guess, but he broke the kiss, to hold her out at arm’s length and, give her naked body a full admiring scrutiny. Looking down, Linda had a perfect view of his hardness in the moonlight, and it looked huge. In her mind was the thought that never before had doubts about being able to accommodate an erect cock struck her...

Then a touch of devilment took her again, and, with his hands only lightly holding her shoulders, she wriggled away and tried to rush to the beach. The sea was still deep enough at thigh level to slow her down, and she quickly felt his hands grabbing at her until she stumbled and fell in the shallowest water. Rolling over onto her back she saw him laughing as he flopped down alongside her.

Leaning over her, he had his fingers flutter through her soaking blonde hair. She was so glad she wore it fairly straight, so having it wet like this was no problem.

His fingers played through it for just a moment as he muttered, “Gold. Beauty.” And once again he made it sound like ‘butty’.

Laughing, she shook her head. His fingers were immediately trickling down over her breasts, and although they did not linger there, that very brief touch sent electric waves down to where her moistness was only being disguised by the lapping sea. He did not linger there because there was a more positive purpose.

Very gently the fingers nestled through her pubic hair, and Linda just knew that time was coming, as she parted her legs a little and began her own fingers patrolling down his chest aiming for his hardness. Her breath quickened, but once again, he looked from where his fingers were active, up to Linda’s face, and the hand which was cushioning her neck stroked into her hair, and he said again, “Gold.”

Before, he nodded to where he had begun a probe between her thighs and he uttered, “Gold,” once more. Clearly, this man was not used to natural blondes.

Then she gave out a weak gasp as his fingers began to drift along lips between her thighs. Soon he would be dipping into her personal moistness. Once again she reached towards that massive cock, just to stroke it before it was inside her, which, she was sure was imminent. Wrong again.

Without any warning the man had risen to his knees placed one arm behind Linda’s knees and the other he edged behind her back, and almost before she knew it he was standing up bearing her in his arms as easily as he would a small child. Just a little shaken by this move, Linda hugged close to that broad chest was feeling nothing like a small child. Oh, no, she was a sexually hungry woman.

Even as Linda was getting over her confusion, and without moving his feet, the man tightened his arm around her shoulders to pull her head forward, before leaning in and kissing her. Once again tongues mingled, and all kinds of pressures and tingles were running through Linda’s lower body. As the man broke the kiss and began to carry her out of the sea, Linda saw his right hand, showing from behind her knees where he was holding her, had one finger pointing in the direction of his own face.

“Yanis,” he said gruffly, when Linda looked initially puzzled he repeated, “Yanis.”

It was his name, she should have realised, so she told him, “Linda.”

His head nodded his understanding, and he said, “Ah, Linda. Beauty.”

‘Booty’ again, but Linda hadn’t time to smile as he raised her whole body to bury his face in her breasts, and, so briefly, his tongue licked around one nipple. That simple action increased the dampness between her thighs. Holding her tightly he was now striding purposefully up the beach.

Linda was totally ready for what she expected to happen next. He would lie her on her own towel and then - oh, yes, and then- so ready to know how tight his huge cock would be inside her.

But in the bright moonlight, she was quickly aware that he was not heading for her towel, but rather, she thought, directly towards the grassy knoll where his towel was still draped. His glance at her was warm and kindly as he suddenly shifted her position so that he had one hand under each of her armpits and he was lifting her up so easily to sit her on the towel atop the knoll. Linda could not see how this could work. The man called Yanis would have his chest level with her knees, she was nowhere near his erection.

Yanis placed a hand on her breast, and gently pushed her backwards so that she had to take her weight on her elbows, but the hand on her breast remained there and his fingers stroked lightly over her nipple. Already having breathing problems, Linda then began to get a clearer insight into his intentions and her excitement increased accordingly, as his free right hand stroked the inside of her upper thigh, gently encouraging her to spread her legs. His head immediately dipped as his lips and tongue followed the same course along her inner thigh.

Linda was wholly convinced that she was not just being used. It delighted her to admit that this man, this Yanis, who magically had stopped being a stranger, was wanting to give her as much pleasure as he could. As though to prove that Yanis, without hesitation, as his mouth reached her lower lips, his tongue was instantly into her wetness, sweeping along from front to back, rapidly, again and again, giving brief touches to her clit and the entry, which since she was twenty-one she had called her ‘Jenny.’

Linda had hot spasms of fire seeming to shoot through her body, and the sound she heard was her own ecstatic squeal. Her hips were eager to thrust up into his face as he was now filling her with sublime joy. But she knew she could not take too much of this attention. Already the intensity of this continued craving since their first touch in the sea was threatening to drive her over a frantic edge.

His hand on her breast, stroking, squeezing and fingering might have been sufficient to take her there, but she knew, after earlier experiences, she was now being sucked and probed by an expert. But was she strong enough to stand such delight? His tongue had actually probed at least an inch into her Jenny, and she was sure there was going to be more. Yet, in her position, there was little she could do in return apart from stroke his thick hair.

His tongue moved further forward along her well-creamed channel until it was lavishing around her clit. His lips gently sucked at it and Linda knew she wasn’t going to hold out. But all of a sudden the fingers of his right hand joined in and she gave a squeal and her whole body jerked as a finger pushed firmly up her Jenny and she knew her muscles were striving to suck it further.

That was the moment that Yanis set another roguish finger further back to probe into the tight little opening of her anus. Clit, entry and anus, it was all too much. Linda’s whole body was aflame every part of her tingled, willing release.

Somehow, as her mind drifted into a kind of profound delirium, having it all, but wanting more, she found that Yanis was prepared for her. His head came up, his arms clutched on either side of her to pull her towards him. Her legs were on either side of his wide chest, her throbbing, desperate entry was pressed against him. She flung her arms around him as her buttocks slid off the towel and his hands supported them but allowed her body to slide down

As she tried to wrap her legs around him she felt the first prod, and for a second or two, she just went crazy. Yanis was lowering her onto that massive erection, at last. Eagerly she wriggled her hips, but it wasn’t necessary because, as his hand guided his direction, he thrust massively, and Linda wondered whether her whole body was being split open but in such a rapturous manner. He was filling her, immense and wild as he pushed up, withdrew and pushed again, pressing her back against the sandy knoll.

Somehow his lips found hers, despite the threshing of her head and body, and the taste of her own juices was just an added stimulant to her. She was away and gone, yet still able to wish to feel his orgasm happening, but Yanis kept humping that log of a member deep into the heart of her.

Coming down from the cloud she had been riding, Linda found that Yanis was nowhere near ending his deep thrusting, as firm as ever, still so effective and now, she could hug him with her arms around his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist. He looked down at her, and then accepted her kiss.

Then to her utter amazement, with her clinging to him like some delighted leech, he began to walk back towards the sea. How could this be? His rigid hardness was still up inside her, yet his pace was steady and the smile on his face was a thrill in itself. But she could not understand what he was intending.

As soon as his feet splashed in the sea and he was about ankle deep he began to release Linda. She was ready to protest that he wasn’t finished but he bent his legs and his long hard pole dropped out of her. She could never have explained how devastating the emptiness inside her was. It was like losing part of her own body. But Yanis sank to his knees in the shallow water and signalled for her to do the same.

Puzzled, she kneeled down facing him, and for the first time was able to have a close view of his hefty appendage which once more gleamed in the moonlight, coated as it was with her juices. Yanis signalled for her to part her legs, and mystified, Linda shuffled her knees through the sand.

He came up closer to her, scooped up a handful of water and scrubbed it between her legs. Although lukewarm, it still gave Linda a slight shock, not least because if he hadn’t spurted there could only be her own juices to wash away. And the obvious next question was, if he hadn’t gone yet, why had he pulled out of her?

The answer to that wasn’t far away, because, having applied about three handfuls to Linda’s well-worked area, Yanis began splashing water over his amazingly erect cock, and rubbing it thoroughly. Linda quickly saw her chance. Hadn’t she from the outset, wanted to get her hands on it. She had felt its majesty inside her, but now?

Reaching out a hand to stop his, she said, “May I?”

She didn’t know whether he understood what she said, but he could read her intentions. He nodded, grinned, and made a hand gesture which appeared to say, ‘by all means.’ Linda moved even closer, scooped a handful of water, and quickly splashed it over the erect cock, and catching her breath, she ran her hands up and down its length.

It was certainly a handful, and in one sense Linda was glad she’d had it inside her before holding it in her hand, otherwise she could have readily believed her tubes would never take it. What a joy it was to hear Yanis give a growl of pleasure.

He pointed down to where her hand was working, looked at her and said, “Cock’”

Linda laughed, clearly there were some English references being shared. She nodded her head, then as he placed a finger on the point where her lower lips met he looked at her questioningly. Was he asking what that was called? Immediately her mind jumped back to when she was dating Mark when she was twenty-one. Her time with Mark had, up until tonight, been as good as she had ever had.

It was as they lay sated one night that they somehow got onto the subject of how their genitals were named. His name for his own was ’dick’, but they had some discussion about Linda’s.

“‘Vagina’ sounds like an illness,” Mark had said, “and all the other things are either crude or stupid. I mean ‘pussy’, for God’s sake.”

After much further discussion suggested ‘Jenny’. Linda quite liked that and long after Mark had gone off to a new job in Louisiana, she kept to that.

“Jenny,” she now told Yanis. “Ah, Jenny. Good.”

But his finger remained where he had placed it, to begin a little tickling movement, that might have drawn Linda’s attention from his fascinating hardness. The swell of the purple shining head was almost frightening and although the rest of the skin was smooth under her fingers, it actually had the rough look of a heavy log about it. She leaned down closer, shuffling her knees in the water, and thought about the pleasure this monster had given her, so far.

“Cock, kiss?” Yaris voice had an almost pleading tone about it, as his finger moved with greater boldness into the moisture of her lower folds, causing tremors to start inside her. Had this been the reason he’d held back? Did he want to pour his stuff down her throat? She had to admit his request coincided with exactly what she had been considering.

How many men had asked this favour from her? She had become quite contemptuous of the way men regarded their own genitals. They acted as though it was God’s gift to womankind, flaunting it when their pants were down, wanting it adored with female kisses and caresses. Okay, Linda had to admit that it was a necessary part of a relationship, but often she had resisted exploring the charms of their beloved appendage. It epitomised the arrogance of your average male.

But Yanis was not being arrogant. His cock, as he called it, put all the others in her experience to shame and, yes, she could kiss it, and she leaned forward to place her lips on that purple head. Take it in her mouth? If for no other reason her own curiosity would drive her to that. Given the size, how much could she take? Could it choke her?

Despite all those doubts, her tongue had already begun licking along the length of him, right to the curly black hair. For the return journey, she lifted it, and ran her tongue along the large vein on the underside.

His gasping, “Gooood,” delighted her, so that as her tongue circled the shining purple, she parted her lips and closed them gently around it. Immediately a twitch of his hips sent his rod further into her mouth. That was clearly what he wanted. His groaned and emphatic, “Oh, ya,” proved that.

She could glance up to see his slightly open mouth. 'Here goes,' Linda thought, and took this huge erection right to the back of her throat almost gagging as his hips jerked again. With her hand she could feel that more than an inch of it was not going to be involved, so she squeezed at that part of him, knowing that her fingers could act as a safety barrier.

But Yanis was not idle as Linda squirmed under the sensation of his fingers probing beyond her clit and up into her. Into her dear Jenny. Her head began pumping on him, sea water splashed around them as both she and Yanis wriggled in pleasuring each other.

This cock, this man thing, felt almost comforting in her mouth, and as his fingers probed deeper into her, she began increasing the pace of her lunges along his shaft, while applying a strong sucking action. His rod was pulsing in her mouth, his grunts and groans were increasing, and his hips ensured that the head of solid steel cock was striking at the back of her throat with every stroke. He was going to shoot, she was sure. Equally, she knew that she would be floating too as his fingers worked robustly into and around Jenny.

Without warning, Yanis brought his hand from between her thighs, pushed her head away from his cock, and at the same time twisted her so that she fell back into the shallows with a splash. His lips mashed against hers, his tongue probed for hers, as his hand frantically guided his massive rod into her.

Linda knew her ‘Jenny’ walls were desperate to pull this sudden invader in, but the force of this impatient intrusion required no extra stimulus, as, like some wild runaway train it stormed into her tunnel, delivered with a thrust more violent than anything she had ever experienced.

So powerful was it, so utterly demanding, yet delivering such hot delight to Linda’s insides, that her whole body was being shuffled over the sand. She had to break the kiss to cry out her ecstasy, and vaguely she heard Yanis gasp something which she didn’t understand, but his breathing was deep and irregular.

His heart pounded in tune with her own. He was drawing back for a second thrust. When it came it was even more violent than the first, and Linda’s hair had been floating in the shallows around her, but now her head was out of the lapping waves, clear on the beach.

Yanis raised his head from her shoulder, his eyes were bright, and his head nodded as he said something, his voice husky with emotion. Linda quickly guessed, as electricity surged through her own body, and his thrusts came fast and hard. She knew that, at last, he was near spurting and she heaved up with her own hips. How could she be on fire, yet awash with fluids? Her internal walls were spurting such secretions. Her mind was gone from her, flashing light filled her eyes as she was taken up with the power of Yanis and her own responses. Yet, greedily she had left him behind.

Nothing and nobody had ever given her the sensations of release she had just experienced. She was aware that much of Yanis’ incredible weight was crushing her, yet she so wanted him to be fulfilled as she had been. Next second he was growling like an angry bear, and she had the sensation that somehow the sea had poured into her.

Every pulse from Yanis’ throbbing cock filled her more, and for her, it was like a second stab at heaven. They had missed the coming together, but it had been so close. As he calmed, Yanis must have sensed how heavy he was on her, and he rolled most of his weight to one side. Linda felt his slackened cock sliding out of her, and it left that awful emptying sensation, and as the sea lapped around them she guessed it would be absorbing most of their juices.

She dearly wished they had the language to express something of what she had just experienced. They lay side by side one of his thickly muscled arms was around her shoulders, his other hand gently fondled her breasts. At last, he sat up, and looked down at her. The moon had hidden somewhere so his features were darkened as he asked, “Good?”

She nodded her head vigorously as she replied, “Oh! Good. Good. Good.” Hoping that the intensity of her response would convey the extent of her pleasure. Looking up at him she asked, “Yanis?”

His answer was to bend over her, and kiss her with a rapturous fervour. As he drew back, the moonlight returned and Linda hoped her face glowed the way she hoped it should. And his response did provide a definite glow, “Linda. Beauty.” He smiled as his hand drifted from her breast down to ruffle through her bush, and he added, “Jenny. Beauty.”

Immediately his hand drifted down over her thighs and legs and back up, over crotch and breast to linger at her lips and she opened her mouth to take in a finger as he showed he had one other word, “All, all, beauty.” As it had always been it came out as ‘booty’.

Linda held both arms and drew him down to deliver her grateful kiss. It was a long delicious kiss, without any need for heightened desire. When they finally drew apart Yanis sat up and begun flicking sea water between her parted thighs before rubbing gently.

God, after all they’d done, that touch still rippled through her insides and quickened her blood flow. Sitting up alongside him she found that for Yanis, a flaccid cock was still gently impressive, and she had a quick wayward thought about how quickly her mouth might bring it back to the state she had only known it in.

Before she could develop that thought, Yanis had stood up, and taking her hands drew her to her feet. Arms around each other, they walked slowly up the beach. All the way they touched or kissed. One of his hands caressed her left breast, she stroked a hand over his chest or squeezed the considerable muscles in his arms.

Linda was telling herself that touch was the only language they could share when, just as they reached the towels she realised the moon had been completely obscured and the sky looked darker than it should have been. Almost instantaneous with that came the first drop of rain on her shoulder. Yanis looked up at the sky shrugged, and pointed along the beach. Was he indicating the two small cottages she had seen?

She picked up her dress intending to put it on. Yanis waved his hand, made a fluttering gesture and said something. When he picked up her towel, then took the dress out of her hands and wrapped it up in the towel, Linda followed his drift. Their skins were already wet, so rain wasn’t going to matter, but their clothing would remain dry. As he did the same with his own pants, Linda leaned in and kissed him for his cleverness. They pressed together as the gentle rain tickled their shoulders and hair.

As they began to walk along the beach the rainfall remained light. In the short distance they had to walk, they must have stopped five times, each just savouring the presence of the other. A kiss was a good reason to stop, or when Yanis trailed his hand between her thighs and immediately quickened her heartbeat.

Another few strides and coming behind her, Yanis reached around her with one hand to caress her left breast, and even as she gasped at the thrill of that, he moved in close to her, and that really excited her. That bumping on her buttocks, was what? She whipped around, and looked down to see that his cock was on the rise. After all she had encountered on this incredible night, how could the prospect of more, tantalise her so much?

“Is that coming to get me again?” she said out loud.

A little frown of not understanding creased his brow, but he gave her a wide smile and nodded his head. Without even thinking about it, Linda dropped to her knees and took the developing organ once more into her mouth, sucked it right to the back of her throat, and felt it harden immediately. His hand rested gently on her head, and she looked up at him as the rain splashed more heavily on her face.

Yanis urged her to stand, and as the rain came with greater determination, he put his arm around her to hurry off the beach towards the dim shapes of the cottages. He pushed open the unlocked door of the first and guided her inside where it was pitch dark. Linda heard Yanis bump around somewhere to her left before she heard a match strike and there was a sudden glow from a lamp

The interior wasn’t as small as it appeared to be from outside. A single bed to the right, and altogether there were three doors. One they had just come through, one in the far wall which, having a small window, she guessed must face out to the beach, and the one just beyond the small table, well, that could only be some kind of wash space. There was one other small window over the bed,

Linda could not help a little giggle, as Yanis took her towel from her, shook her dress to one side, and began dabbing her dry. Linda reached for his towel and for a few minutes they dried each other, with certain parts of the body being treated more intimately than others.

That erection was almost at full extent, pointing at her, almost threatening in the shadowy light, but Linda knew already there was a dampness between her thighs that the towel had not been able to reach. She wondered how things might develop now. She had no inhibitions about taking the lead if that pleased him. But as that thought played in her mind, Yanis turned back to the table and picked up a bottle which Linda hadn’t noticed.

“Veens?” he asked, holding up the bottle, and it was very clear that he was offering wine. 'Why not?' Linda nodded, and watched as he bent to a small cupboard under the table, and came up with two mugs, which he held up shrugging an apology for not having glasses. Linda held up a thumb to show that was fine.

Wine poured, they sat side by side, on the small bed, sipping perhaps faster than they might have done. It was a little strange taking wine from an earthenware mug, but it didn’t taste bad at all. It was just difficult to be sitting cosily with wine but having no conversation.

Linda would have loved to ask him when he had first thought of having her. 'Did he do that sort of thing all the time? Was it as soon as he saw her? Could her naked body running down the beach have turned him on? Had his following her into the see been with that hope?' That steady erection should have given her some idea, but maybe, like her, he was being affected by the heat. 'And more than anything was he surprised, or shocked by her response? Oh, too many questions, but did it matter?' The results had been fantastic.

Between sips, they kissed, such gentle kisses as if all passion was spent. Flutters in her interior told Linda that she was far from spent. In recognising this fact, she had never considered herself to be an ‘easy lay’, sexy, no doubt, but also very ‘choosy.’ How was it that this stranger had awoken in her all the traits of a raging harlot?

That marvellous cock of his was looking just a little sad. Her hand already rested on his muscular thigh, and in the middle of a kiss, she moved that hand to enable one finger to patrol gently up and down his semi erection. The thrust of his tongue told her how effective that had been, and he added a little grunt of pleasure.

Even more telling was feeling her finger being pushed upwards. Breaking the kiss to smile directly at Yanis, she moved her whole hand from his thigh to grip his so quickly engorged cock. His returned smile she took as a look of gratitude.

Reaching forward, Linda placed her, now empty, mug on the table. When she turned back she immediately stooped to place her open mouth over the bulbous head. She really relished the sensations it brought to her as she slid her lips as far as they were able. His hand rested on the back of her head encouragingly. Linda was convinced that she owed him this. So, she slid to her knees on the thin mat that covered the wooden floor, knowing that from this position she could ensure more definite thrusts.

Longing to give Yanis whatever he wanted, Linda, after about a minute of rolling his thick, hefty rod around and deep in her mouth, temporarily drew her lips clear, looked up at him, and gestured her intent. Pointing at his moistened rod, she then moved her finger into her mouth, putting her head back, indicated down her throat, before trailing it down to pat her stomach.

“Ya?” she asked, giving him the chance to agree. To her surprise, he didn’t.

After leaning forward and kissing her brow, he said, “Nay,” pointed at his erection and said, “All Jenny.”

Linda could not disguise her delighted laugh, as she gave a final kiss to his purple end, and began to stand up. Still seated, Yanis was smiling at her, and as her breast came level with his head, he put an arm around her, drew her close, and buried his face into her bosom. It was an action that stirred Linda’s insides even more.

Next second, he was standing and had whipped Linda up in his arms as easily as he had on the beach. Before Linda had time to wonder about it, he had laid her on her back on the bed, and was down, kneeling on the floor alongside her. His hands and fingers first began a quiet overture over her whole body, as though she was some musical instrument.

His fingers stroked down her neck, strobed across around and over each breast, in turn, giving a slight squeeze to each nipple. She heard his voice giving a low murmur in almost a sing-song voice, “Linda. Beauty. Linda. Beauty.”

Linda turned her head to look into his dark eyes, thinking ‘If you were a pirate, I really wouldn’t mind being your booty.' Linda’s chest was heaving as her breath quickened. But the hands, the fingers moved on, caressing along the curve of her waist and hips and by that route, stroking the smooth skin of her inner thighs, up and down, so gentle.

Linda knew her wet folds were about to receive his attention, where, by the second her moisture was increasing. So subtly his fingers stroked along the length of her outer moistening lips, and Linda sensed that he was deliberately not making a full insertion into sthose folds. 'Was he teasing her? If that was the case he was having great success.' She raised her head to look at him. There was a broad smile on his face, as he murmured, “Beauty,” and the next moment his head came up to deliver a fervent kiss.

Linda wasn’t sure what she was feeling at that moment, a strange mixture of extreme sensuality and frustration. Wanting more but not wanting these present sensations to be lost. The next moment, he broke the kiss and began trailing his mouth and tongue on the same journey that his hands had taken. With her heart pounding, Linda was wanting so much more. Yanis had his lips on her pussy just about level with his fingers, yet he seemed wary of reaching between those lips into her waiting depths.

Without moving hand or lips, he eased up and managed to get his hip onto the edge of the bed so that his sturdy cock was right in front of her face, an invader that appeared to be demanding her attention. Unhesitatingly, she took it in her hand and began running her fingers up and down that considerable length.

Yanis gave a deliberate push with his hips that brought him closer to her face. There was no doubt what he wanted, and being so familiar with the sensuous joy of taking him in her mouth, Linda quickly had him nudging at the back of her throat.

With his mouth and fingers still strolling at her lower lips they were in an awkward form of sixty-nine, only she had all of him but he wasn’t giving anything to her Jenny, although Linda could feel the growing pull inside her. As she continued a hard sucking action on his iron bar of a cock (God, he had her thinking that word all the time now), Yanis thrust his hips so forcefully that Linda was gagging as the head slid almost to her tonsils.

It really seemed that he was wanting to screw her in the face. Well, she had been willing to swallow earlier, but why should he want it now? However, if that’s what he wanted now, then okay. His grunted breathing told her that he was really going for it. But she was just a little disappointed. Up to this point Yanis had been so considerate of her needs.

No sooner had that thought struck her, than his real intentions began to clarify. First both his fingers and tongue plunged into her wetness, tongue at her clit and fingers up into Jenny. But before she could even absorb the sheer rapture of that, he had pulled from her mouth turned his body so that they were head to head on the narrow bed. Then he had held her at thigh and upper arm and lifted her bodily, so that momentarily, she was in the air like some part of a circus gymnastics act, as he wriggled to lie on his back.

Slowly he lowered her, pressure on her thigh encouraging her to part her legs as she came down astride his groin. A quick search with his hand and then came the utter joy of his erection ploughing full length up into her, catching her breath, send that pulsing sensation through her whole body.

With his hands on her hips encouraging her to rise and fall along his shaft, Linda quickly succumbed to the vital rhythm that his own hips were imparting. His hands moved along her waist to caress both her breasts, big hands but, so caring. His every thrust driving his lance along her eager Jenny was heading her towards a conclusion she could only long for. Her breathing was harsh and heavy, but most tellingly so was his.

Looking down at his face, Linda saw his eyes were closed, his lips were slightly parted and from them came the most guttural, near desperate sound of his breathing. 'Could he be as close as she was?' That would be marvellous. Linda leaned forward to place a kiss on those parted lips, giving an excited poke with her tongue. Her action pressed his hands harder against her breasts.

As she drew back, another heave from his hips felt as though his cock was reaching even deeper inside her. In spite of the complete turmoil in her pleasured mind, she suddenly realised his purpose in using her mouth. He had wanted to bring himself to such a pitch that an early climax could match hers.

'Right,' Linda thought, 'I’m all for that.' She twisted her hips, lifted and dropped more frequently, hearing his grunts and gasps over her own. Really, she couldn’t be sure she could control this. She was so close herself, the whole of her lower body was on fire, every push, every heave was setting off small explosions inside her, which were leading her to some massive conflagration. Yanis’ breaths were shorter, faster, mixed with unintelligible words. 'Was he about to--?'

That was the moment that, with a near-savage growl, Yanis twisted Linda sideways and onto her back. As on the beach, it was as if some angry bear had taken her. Yanis had rolled and was now on top of her, but his thrusts were even wilder. In some fresh ecstasy, Linda responded by wrapping her legs, already wide-spread, around his body and together they heaved and thrust at each other. Linda tried to listen to clues from his breathing, but had reached a point where there was only the pounding in her brain, and the sheer magic of what was happening in her lower body. She just couldn’t hold on any longer.

She was already giving in to the most exquisite orgasm that had ever possessed her, when she heard Yanis’ roar of exultation and he struck into her with such a ferocious thrust, followed by a series of diminishing, but no less vigorous, pulses, as his seed was spurted into her.

Overjoyed, Linda took it all, the spasms of electricity, the floating and drifting in her mind, Yanis’ massive presence inside her body. Her legs squeezed at him, as her inner walls flexed and pulled at him, and their cries rose like some wonderful duet in the tiny hut.

Linda lowered her legs as Yanis leaned down to first press his mouth against her breasts, and then up to her lips as he murmured, “Linda. Linda. Beauty.“

That lovely mispronunciation, had her wishing that she had the language to express her delight, when she heard him say, what sounded like, “Polydees.”

She guessed from the way his eyes looked into hers that he was thanking her, so, while placing a hand on either side of his face, she made an attempt at sounding out the word.

Yanis smiled, as he shifted his weight sideways off her, and nodded, “Good.”

His movement set his shrinking cock sliding out of, leaving that strange emptiness, and the sad feeling for Linda that it was over. She reached sideways to kiss him as he, ever thoughtful, handed her a towel so she could wipe at the stream starting to run on her thigh.

They lay close together on the narrow bed. Everything was so peaceful. Linda was in a state of total contentment, as she snuggled into Yanis, and his arm around her gave her a squeeze. She closed her eyes, not wanting this to be the end.

Startled when she opened them she wondered if she had slept. Pale light at the small window told her of that possibility. Beside her Yanis’ steady growling breathing told her that he was sound asleep. With a little smile to herself she was thinking, ‘Good, I’ve tired him out.’ Carefully she extricated herself from his arms and stood looking down at his naked body, deep sadness welling inside her.

All they had done in a few hours now seemed like some splendid dream. She picked up her dress, and took her watch from the pocket. My God, it was quarter to five. The notion to lie down beside him again was short lived. It would only extend the agony of parting.

Quickly, she buttoned up her dress, and, on impulse, leaned over the sleeping figure to kiss his cheek. He did not move. Once more she gazed down at his magnificent naked figure, thinking how different it might have been if they’d shared a language. Sighing, she quietly opened the door and stepped out into early morning half-light. “Good-bye, short time lover,” she whispered.

Entering her apartment she flopped herself down on the bed. Across the room, she saw her lap top, and immediately she knew, the influence of that erotic time in Yanis’ arms maybe, but she found, with perfect clarity, that the solution to her character, Gina’s problem was clear in her mind. She lay back tasting a wonderful satisfaction, about her character, but mainly about Yanis. 'There could never have been a future there, could there?' In the words of an old song her father used to sing it was ‘too hot not to cool down.’

She awoke in a state of shock. It was ten thirty and the sun was streaming into her room. Angry with herself, she had a shower and put on a thin summer dress. She stood over her laptop reading the last sentence, but she could tell, eager as she was to resolve Gina’s love life, she needed clear her own mind before any work would be possible.

Within minutes she was back at the cottages, where a couple of cleaners told her, with much gesturing and the odd word, that new tenants were renting, and the previous tenants had gone.

'Gone. Gone. Gone.' The word ran through Linda’s mind on the drive back. That moonlit evening and Yanis were just a beautiful memory. Set to give her heroine, Kate, a happy ending, Linda wondered if there was a man somewhere, who would be capable of appeasing the renewed expectations set by Yanis.


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