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Ore-Gasm, Chapter 1

After a picnic and a swim, he shows her a very special secret of his

Billy McIntyre pulled up to the house and turned the truck off. He walked up to the door and knocked. Mrs. Greene came to the door. "Oh, hi Billy, Becky-Sue will be ready in a few minutes. So you two are going on a picnic are you?" 

"Yes-um. Becky-Sue has had this picnic idea planned for a couple weeks now. I finally got a day off from the lumber mill so we are gonna take advantage of it." 

"Well, she's been going on about this picnic thing all week! Take her and go have a good time so she can tell me all about it afterward and I can get it out of her system!" Mrs. Greene laughed.

"Yeah, she can get stuck on a subject can't she!" 

"Oh my Lord, yes! The girl drives me up the wall sometimes!" Mrs. Greene laid a hand on his shoulder. "But I'm glad she has you. You do know that girl is nuts over you, don't you?" 

"Yeah, I kinda got that idea. But it's nice to know that it's not just me that thinks so." 

"Oh no, it's not just you - everybody knows that Becky-Sue is your girl and that you are her man. Now there are a few hearts out there that wish different, but I'm glad she has you. You are good for her Billy." 

"Thank you, ma'am. I'm pretty fond of Becky-Sue as well. And I like coming over here and seeing you too. It's nice here... nicer than at my house sometimes. I feel more at home here," he said, looking down at the floor.

"Well, we are both happy to have you come over Billy." Mrs. Greene knew about the troubles at the McIntyre home. It was common knowledge around town that Billy's parents had troubles. 

Billy's father had gotten hurt several years ago working at the same lumbermill that Billy now worked at. A load of logs shifted and rolled off the logging truck and pinned him under them, crushing his legs and putting him in his wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Billy's mother worked as a cocktail waitress at one of the local bars and was lucky to get that. There wasn't a lot of work for women in the small town they lived in - it was either work as a cocktail waitress, at the diner when and if they had any openings, or work as a cashier at the Value-Mart, which didn't pay very well and there were no tips. Billy's mother didn't have the high school diploma needed to get a bank teller job or something that would be a good career - she had dropped out of school when she got pregnant with Billy.

While she didn't mind the waitress job - it paid decently and she usually got good tips - Billy's father did mind. He knew that she got ogled and pawed on by the men in the bar, always getting hit on and groped. 

She had to flirt with them a little just to keep them interested in staying in the bar - it was part of her job. Plus the longer they stayed there drinking, the more she could make it tips. So she was willing to put up with the occasional pat on the ass or comments about her big tits. 

But knowing that other men were looking at his wife and knowing that he was unable to satisfy her anymore because of the accident made his jealous streak even worse. He took to drink more than he used to, and now he was a confirmed alcoholic. He tried, unsuccessfully, to find happiness at the bottom of a beer mug or whiskey bottle. 

"How's your mom and dad anyway? I haven't seen or talked to them in awhile." 

"Well, Mom still works at the Dew Drop Inn waitressing, and Dad pretty much stays home all day." 

"It must be hard on your father. I knew him before the accident - he was always one to do what it took to get the job done and to take care of those around him. Now... well it must be hard for him." 

"Yeah, especially with Mom working as a waitress. She puts on that little waitress outfit and gets all made up to go to work and Dad just sits at home and drinks to forget that she is around other men like that. I know he gets terribly jealous and wishes he could get out of that wheelchair again. But that will never happen." 

"I'm so sorry, Billy... for you and for your parents. But I'm glad you feel at home here with Becky and I. And let me tell you it's nice to have a man around here too. Since Dave left, Becky and I haven't had a man around to fix things and do all the man's work - you have been a big help to us!" she said with a smile.

"I'm glad to do it, Mrs. Greene. Anytime you need my help, just give me a call." 

About that time Becky came into the living room where Billy and her mom were. "Wow, Becky! You look..." he didn't finish his comment, but he didn't have to. Becky could see with his wide eyes and slack jaw that he was visibly impressed. 

"Thank you, Billy, do you like my new dress? I picked it out just the other day - I thought it would be just the thing to wear to our picnic!" 

"You look amazing." Then he looked down at his old worn jeans and flannel shirt. "I wish I'd have known you were going to dress up - I'd worn something nicer."

Becky kissed him sweetly on the cheek "Oh, Billy honey, you always look good to me, you know that! Besides, isn't it the girl's job to look good for her guy?"

"You two kids better get going, that picnic lunch isn't going to wait forever!" Mrs. Greene said.

Billy took the basket from Mrs. Greene in one hand and held Becky's hand with the other as they walked out to his truck. Mrs. Greene stood in the doorway beaming with happiness as she watched her daughter going out with the boy she loved so much. She liked Billy - he treated Becky right and he was a good kid. He would actually come up to the house and pick Becky up instead of sitting in the truck and honking at her like a lot of the other boys did. And he was very polite and respectful to her as well - sometimes more so than Becky herself! 

She sighed wistfully, remembering when that was her and Dave - back when they were together, back in the good old days. She still missed him, even if he did run off with that red-headed tart!

"So, Billy, where are we going for this picnic?" 

"I thought we'd go to Miller's Lake. There's a nice grassy area next to the water and it's been warm enough maybe we could take a swim... if you want to that is." 

"But, Billy, you didn't say anything about going swimming - I didn't bring my swimsuit!" 

"Neither did I," he replied with a mischevious grin.

"Oh." Becky blushed beet red.

Becky and Billy drove on for the next few minutes in silence. Becky and Billy had known each other for a long time and been going together for a couple years now. But Becky was a good girl - she and Billy had done some petting and making out in the truck, but she had never gone past "first base" - kissing, French kissing, and groping and petting above the waist with clothes on.

In fact, Becky was a virgin - she had never had sex with anyone, although several of the local boys had tried before she and Billy had started seeing each other.

Billy had been very patient with her too - he had not pushed her into anything, wanting her to take her time and wanting it to be special for her. She had appreciated his sensitivity and his patience. But now it seems that he may be wanting to move things along.

Becky wanted to please him - she wanted to make him happy. She knew that Billy was popular with all the girls in town and she knew that boys who didn't get what they wanted from her would find it someplace else - she'd already lost one boyfriend because she wanted to take her time. She didn't want to lose Billy too.

But was she ready? Was she ready to move things to that level? She decided not to think about it and see if it even came to that. She could always decide at that point what she wanted to do. Billy was a good guy - he wouldn't push her into anything she wasn't ready for.

They arrived at the lake and Billy found a place to park the truck where they could set the picnic up close to it. He got out and came around to get her out of the truck. "Always the gentleman, huh Billy!" she smiled at him.

"Always, babe... for you, always." She hopped down and into his arms and he planted a kiss on her sweet lips. "If whatever you have in that basket is half as sweet as these lips, I'm in for a treat!" 

"You keep talking like that and you certainly are!" 

He smiled and took the basket and her hand and walked a little way away from the truck. He set the basket down and went back to the truck to get a blanket for them to sit on. He laid out the blanket under an old elm tree and they sat down on it. He sat up, propping his back up against the tree and she laid down with her head in his lap looking up at her man. Billy softly caressed her cheek and traced the outline of her lips with his finger. She took his hand and played with it, kissing each of his fingertips in turn. 

When she finished with his fingers, he ran his fingers through her soft chestnut brown hair, as she purred happily. "Mmmm, Billy, that feels wonderful!" 

"Well, you have very soft hair... I like playing in it." 

"I was thinking of getting it cut. That's all the style these days - short hair up off the shoulders a bit. What do you think?" 

"Don't you DARE cut this hair!" he said emphatically. "I hate the short hair look these days. You have long, beautiful hair and you should be proud of it. I know I am. Don't cut your hair, please tell me you won't!"

"O-okay, Billy. I promise!" She smiled up at him, happy that he liked the way she looked.

"Good, I'm glad we got that settled. Now what did you bring in that basket - it smells almost as good as you do!" 

"Oh, I have all sorts of treats for you, Billy! I have been cooking and baking for the last two days for today's picnic! I have fried chicken, potato salad, some watermelon, and sweet tea to drink!" She sat up excitedly.

"Wow, Becky, you didn't have to go to all that trouble - I would have been happy with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so long as you made them!" 

"Oh no, you don't, mister! No man of mine is getting peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if I have anything to say about it! I feed my man good food!" 

"So I am your man, am I?" 

"Of course you are! Everybody knows that! I have laid claim to you and all those other girls better steer clear - you are taken and I don't share my man with anyone!" she said, acting defensive.

"Don't get your knickers in a bind, Becky, no girl can hold a candle to you. I don't even look at other girls anymore - why should I, when the best girl there is has already laid claim to me!" 

"Damn right!" she said triumphantly.

"Of course you know that goes the other way too - I'm not about to let any guys around the best girl there is either. You are mine just as much as I'm yours, Becky-Sue Greene!" 

"Really Billy? I'm your girl?" 

He pulled her to him and kissed her... he kissed her in a way that she knew the answer to her question without mere words. His actions showed her his feelings towards her.

"Oh Billy..." she moaned.

When their kiss was over, she straightened herself up and tried to change the subject. "Let's eat, that fried chicken is making me hungry!" She began unpacking the basket and serving up the food.

They ate the picnic lunch and he commented several times on how good everything was and how she went to way too much trouble for him. Becky beamed at his praise and at how much he liked her cooking. Becky's mom was well-known for her cooking ability and Becky was happy that he thought she was up to the family name in that regard.

After they had eaten and Billy helped her pack up the dishes in the basket, they lay on the blanket to digest their food. This time though Billy lay in her lap and it was her turn to pet and play with him. Becky still mulled over what she would do if he asked her to have sex. She did love the boy with all of her heart and although they hadn't formally declared their affections to each other, both pretty much knew the score. 

About a half hour later. Billy sat up. "Come on Becky let's go in the water - it's getting hot out here, even under this tree." 

"But I don't have a suit... what if someone catches us?" She looked around, nervously.

"Becky honey, there's no one around and even if there were, your mom knows how I feel about you - I seriously doubt she would mind all that much if we were to get caught skinny dipping. I mean she's probably done it a time or two herself, don't you think?" 

"I suppose so. But we can't go out very far - remember we just ate!" 

"Don't worry, we won't swim, just wade out a bit so we can cool off." 

They went behind some nearby bushes and got undressed. She made him turn around while she undressed and slipped into the water then he did the same. Once they were both in the water he pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed her, not just because he cared for her but also because she had given him a special gift - she had let down her defenses to him and allowed him to see what no other boy had ever seen.

Becky turned around so her back was to him. Then she took his arms and brought his hands up to her breasts. She put her hands over his and held them there as Billy felt her firm full breasts, flesh to flesh, for the first time. Becky laid her head back on his shoulder and mewled as his fingers dug into her meaty globes and then lightly rolled her hard nipples between them. She could feel her own desires rising up within her and her pussy began to tingle. Even though the water was cool, Becky was beginning to get overheated...

Billy was having his own troubles. He had long thought about the first time he and Becky were naked together like this - what it would be like to feel her warm body against his and what it would be like to actually hold her like this. And it was everything he had hoped it would be too. He could feel his heart racing and he was having trouble breathing.

But the most noticeable "problem" he was having was his growing cock! Billy could feel himself stiffening and becoming harder and thicker. He was sure Becky felt it as well - how could she not with her naked ass pressed up against him. If he wasn't so excited right now, he'd be embarrassed at his arousal.

Becky did indeed notice and the feeling of his thick meaty cock between her ass cheeks only made her hotter. Her hands left his where they were and moved down to his hips, pulling his hips closer to her. She began grinding very subtlely against him at first, but as her lust grew so did her movements.

Finally, Becky could take no more. She turned around and pulled him to her, putting her arms around his neck. "Billy, I want you. I want you right here and right now," she whispered.

As much as Billy would have liked to take his pleasure in her at that moment, a calmer head prevailed. "Becky sweetheart I would love nothing more than to give you what you want. But not here honey, not like this. I want your first time to be something special. I have an idea. let's get dressed I have something I need to show you. Something very important to me."  

Becky had no idea what he was talking about but she appreciated that he wanted her first time to be special and that he cared enough to hold himself back like this. They got out of the water and got dressed and put everything back in the truck. When everything was packed up and ready to go he helped her in the truck and they left Miller's Lake.

"What is it you want to show me, Billy?" Becky asked, curious about what could be so important.

"You'll see, we're almost there."  He drove up to what looked like an old mine entrance- one that hadn't been used for many years. 

"Billy this is the old Carbonhill Mine. What are we doing here? No one has used this mine since the silver played out nearly a hundred years ago!" 

"No one has mined this mine in nearly a hundred years. But somebody does use it." he corrected her.

"Huh? What do you mean?" 

"Come, I'll show you."  They walked into the mine entrance, past the Keep Out and Danger signs. 

"Is it safe in here?" 

"Yeah, it's safe. C'mon, we don't have to go in very far." He helped her along, guided by the flashlight he had brought from the truck.

They walked down the main shaft a few dozen yards then took a left hand turn into a second smaller shaft. There at the end, a few more yards in was a small chamber. In the chamber, Becky saw a mattress covers and a pillow all covered with a tarp. She saw a few candles and some books there too.

"What is this? Someone lives here?" 

"Well, not exactly lives here. This is my hideaway," he explained as they sat down on the mattress, "I come here when things get too crazy at my house. I have slept here many times because my dad has gotten too drunk and he and mom are fighting too much. I come here to clear my head and get away from all the fighting and yelling. Nobody knows about this place - well, except for you now. I come here instead of just wandering the streets... it gives me privacy and a place to think."

"Why are you showing me, Billy?" 

"Well, you opened up to me at the lake - the first time I ever saw you... you know... naked. So I wanted to show you a piece of me as well. I wanted you to know this secret about me." 

"Oh, Billy! Billy, I am so sorry that you have to come here to get away from your parents' fighting. It isn't right that you have to hide in a cave because things are so stressful at home!" 

"It's all right, I like it here. In my 'cave' as you call it, I can be the boss. I can come and go without explaining myself. I can think and I can figure things out." 

Becky was quiet for a few moments. Then she turned to him and took his hand.

"Billy McIntyre, I love you. I have loved you for a long time, but I didn't know how you felt about me. I still don't know for sure, but I can't hold it in anymore. Not after you showed me this. I love you, Billy." 

Billy looked at her face. Her eyes darted back and forth, searching his face for some sign... something to let her know his reaction. Billy didn't keep her waiting. He pulled her to him and kissed her long and deep and passionately.

"I love you too Becky-Sue. And I wanted to tell you before this too but like you I didn't know how you felt. When you said that I was your man there at the lake, I knew that today was the day I had to tell you how I felt. That's why I brought you here to show you this part of me. I wanted you to know." 

"Oh Billy!' she said tears of relief streaming from her eyes at his words. He took a tissue and wiped her eyes.

"Don't cry, Becky, it's okay I'm your guy and you're my girl. Always." 

"Billy... please, I want you. I want you to be my first. Right now, here in your safe place, I want you to take my cherry." 

"Are you sure Becky? You want me to be your first?" This was an important step - for Becky and for him. It meant that their relationship would go from best friends to lovers and that once gone, she would never be "pure" again.

"Yes, Billy I want you to be my first and I want to do it right here where you feel safe and where I can feel closest to you. This is your safe place and you have trusted me enough to bring me here. I want you to take my cherry right here and right now. Please, Billy, make me a woman," she said.


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