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$10 hr Motel Fun #2

I took Ashley's dare and mounted my biggest cock ever.
This is another in a series of quickie slutty cheap motel sex tales, based on the true stories of Julie and Ashley, as they go to the bar and soon their game of truth or dare is played out again!

Ash and I walked through the old style saloon doors into The Pub, a regular haunt of ours. We were here for sex and our clothes revealed that. Ashley had on a shimmery silver top that fit tight across her chest, accentuating her full tits and a pair of low rise shorts that verged on showing her butt cheeks and crack. I had a low cut pink blouse, no bra, and short tight black skirt with fishnet clad thigh highs!!!!!!

We slid onto two empty bar stools and ordered a couple of whiskeys. It wasn't too long before we settled into our usual game of sexual truth or dare. It was my turn this week to be dared (I don't think we ever pick truth), and I was more than ready to accept any dare that came my way. Whiskey does that!

Or at least that's what I thought until Mr. Big, Black, and Sexy walked in the door. I could almost hear Ash before she said it. Time to find out if the rumors were true about big black cocks.

"Mmmm, Jules I dare you to fuck him!"

I moaned a little in anticipation. I could tell he took care of himself by his chiseled physique. Big strong arms and solid muscular legs. I stood up, adjusted the fishnets I was wearing, pulled my revealing top even lower, and headed in his direction. Every pair of eyes turned as I walked by, but mine were set on one big treat that would be mine. I jiggle and bounced a little as I walked in a straight line, legs together to make my butt wiggle provocatively. 

I laid my hand on his lap and purred into his ear "Hey there big boy, I'm Julie. Whom might you be?"

“Marcus. Aren't you a cute little thing. Can I buy you a drink?”

So we stood and small talked through 2-3 shots of whiskey. I made sure he got a good peek down the of top of my gaping blouse. He teased me about my fishnet stockings betting they were pantyhose. I smiled and didn't’t stop his hand slipping under my skirt and up my thigh to the top. I stood up and stood between his legs in front of his stool. My hands roamed his lap and I checked out his package. Wow was it huge. I had to have this in me tonight!!!

“Follow me.” I whispered to him as I walked toward the door, blowing Ashley a kiss. She had three guys around her and was smiling.

We drove to my favorite place, a cheap pay-by-the-hour motel. I had frequented the place once, ok a few times. I handed the guy at the counter a 20 spot and said “I’ll see you in a few.”

Inside the room we didn't’t talk. He stared at me as I pulled off my blouse showing him my full tits and proud nipples already hard. I turned away as I unzipped my skirt and stepped out of, showing him my bare ass… clad only in a thong. He pulled off his shirt and his jeans standing now in just boxers. I slipped off my thong but kept my thigh high fishnets on for him. I grabbed the waistband of his boxers yanking them down in one swoop.

I was in awe. Never had I seen such a huge cock in person, yea in porn I had seen one, but this one was right here. I dropped to my knees and began sucking it. As it hardened, I could fit less and less into my mouth and throat. With my one hand I massaged his large balls, he had some nice balls and I could feel how heavy with cum they were. Once hard I have to think it was 9ish in length and with a lovely thickness!!

He pulls me up to get me on the bed doggy style. He licks my pussy from behind and then slaps my ass. I jerk forward when his thumb goes into my ass. I am hoping he isn’t thinking of putting that monster there! He rubs the head of his cock up and down my lips to get it wet then slowly pushes into me. I buried my face in the pillow as he took me inch by inch. He was pulling my hair back as he thrust his hard cock deep in me. Then he started spanking my ass while he was fucking me from behind. I told him not to go to deep but he was hitting my cervix anyhow. It hurt a little but so did the slaps on my ass and his thumb in my ass but I was in heaven. Hard to explain just how full I felt. I found myself pushing my hips back onto his cock; damn he had one big cock.

I wanted to change position so I could ride him cowgirl, I wanted to ride on top so I can control better how deep he went. I started to cum now and clenched down on his cock as the waves of orgasm swept thru me. I could tell he was close and told him I wanted to suck him. My own cum was all over his cock as I licked it and sucked it. I could taste the sweat on his balls as I sucked them too.

As he came I pulled back and let his spurts run out my mouth onto my tits. He messed my face and chest up with an amazing amount of cum. I kept sucking his cock to milk out the last drops. While we lay there recovering, I kept stroking his cock while he told me I looked like a real slut for not cleaning his cum off my face and tits. I just smiled and sucked his cock again, telling him his was my first black cock.

He was ready to fuck soon and it was really sexy to fuck him while his first cum is on my face. I opened up the drapes and let him fuck me from behind as I was pressed against the glass, my tits squished against the window... For everyone to see!

Then he fucked me standing while holding me up by my ass. We ended up on the floor in doggy position. He pulled my hair, slapped my ass, thumbed my asshole and drove me to wince with every deep thrust.

Marcus came after I spasmed around his cock cumming over and over. My god did this guy have a lot of cum.

When he pulled out I took him in my mouth and cleaned his cum and my cum from his cock and balls, like a good slut should!

I washed up and dressed and we left. I could NOT wait to tell Ash about how I loved her DARE!!!

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