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35 Year Old Mom Is Seduced By The Young Shoe Clerk

35 year old mom needs new shoes but ends up in the back room with the young clerk.
“I really need new shoes? These are falling totally apart.” I told my husband.

“Why don’t you go looked for some new ones?” he said.

“You are right! I hadn’t bought a new pair of shoes in two years. It is very hard to teach my aerobics class with this pair.” I said.

I had the day off so I decided to go to the mall to look for some new shoes. I had figured their was several shoe stores in the mall and I was sure I would find a pair. I put on my summer dress since it was a very hot day outside and headed for the mall. At 35 years old and a mom of two I still had a very attractive body.

I checked out two stores right away and neither had what I was looking for. I really wanted a shoe that would absorb all the jumping I was doing in aerobics class. I tried one of the big shoe stores in the mall, but that was a no go also.

I knew their was another shoe store down at the end of the mall so I decided to make my trek down that way. I walked in and looked around for a few minutes when a gentlemen behind me said, “Can I help you?”

I turned around to see a tall young handsome guy. I replied, “Yes you can! I am looking for an athletic shoe that is very absorbing? ”

“We got quite a few of them in the store? Is their a certain brand you are looking far?” he said.

“No, not in particular?” I replied.

“Why don’t you take a seat and I will bring you several different types of shoes?” he said.

I sat their quietly as he returned balancing several shoe boxes in his arms. He sat all the boxes down next to me and knelt down in front of me.

He said, “Lets try this first pair on and see how they are?”

He reached down and removed my shoe I had on. He grabbed one of my feet and began to gingerly rub it as he put the new shoe on me. He grabbed my other foot and I again felt his hand gently massage my foot as he put on my other shoe on. I got up and walked a few feet and came back.

I said, “I am not sure about this pair.”

He said, “Hold on a second? Let me grabbed a pair of our new socks. They may make the shoes fit a lot better.”

I sat their wondering if he had been trying to massage my feet or if I was just dreaming. He had very firm hands.

“Here let me try these socks on you? They are really comfortable?” he said.

He removed the shoes I had on and began to slide one of the socks onto my foot. I felt his hand slide up my leg as he pulled the sock up. He did the same thing to my other foot as his hand slid up my leg to the knee.

He grabbed both of my feet and said, ”How do these socks feel? They are very soft.”

I said, “Wow! They are very comfortable?”

He then squeezed each of my feet as he ran his hands back and forth over them. My feet began to tingle as his hands massage each of them.

The next pair of shoes were little tight so I tried on another pair. This time he said, “Lets try a different pair of socks on? These aren’t as thick as the other one was.”

His hand slid down my legs from the knee as he grabbed each of the socks I had on. He then put another pair of socks on my feet. This time his hand continued to slide up my leg going underneath my dress. He finally stop his hand hit my inner thigh.

I was stunned and didn’t know what to do or say as he removed his hand from under my dress. He then slid my other sock on. He again took his hand and slid it up to my inner thigh as my body began to melt.

He looked right up at my face and began explaining the different things about the shoes I had on. In the mean time his hand pushed further towards my panties. His hand hit my panties as he said, “What do you think? Does it feel good? These are very good shoes?”

The stunned look on my face said everything. I mumbled out, “Ahhh’ Yesss! These are better!”

His finger now ran along my panty line as I still sat their embarrassed and in shocked. I couldn’t say anything as his finger moved my panties over to the side. His finger now touched my clit as my body jerked up.

He said, “These are some of the best shoes in the world. I really think you are going to liked it?”

He continued on with his speech on the shoes as his finger had now found the inside of my now very wet pussy. He began to slowly fucked my pussy with his finger as customers were walking right by us. My body started to tremble as he pushed his finger even deeper into me. I felt totally paralyze as my body shook even more.

He was very sharp as he continued to talked all about the shoes and socks. His finger had now pushed me near the brink of cumming.

His other hand slid up inside my dress and he started to caress my inner thigh. My body was losing all control as I tried not cumming.

He caught me off guard as he said, “Would you liked to go into the back room and see some other shoes?”

I shook my head slightly up and down as I felt an orgasm coming on very quickly. He pulled his hands out from under my dress and took me into the back room of the store. He moved me over to a table as several hundred shoes were on each side of us. He swatted several shoes off the table and pushed me down face first onto the table.

He grabbed my dressed and yanked it up over my ass as he knelt down behind me. He grabbed my panties and pulled them off very quickly. He rammed his tongue into my very wet pussy from behind as I moan out loudly. He licked my pussy very hard as I cried out, “Oh’ Yesss! Please don’t stop! I am going to cum very hard!“ A few seconds later I moan out very loudly as I came very hard on his face.

I heard his pants drop to the floor as he came up from behind me. He pushed his big strong cock up against my wet pussy. A few seconds I felt his big cock being rammed into me from behind. I let out a very loud moan as his cock penetrated me.

He fucked me hard as I laid face first on top of the table. I cried out, “Oh man! Your cock is so big!”

He continued to fucked me very hard as I began to screamed out into orgasm again. I screamed so loudly his partner out front heard me. His partner quickly race to the back room to see him fucking the hell out of me.

He said, “Wow dude! You are scoring again? Man, how do you do it?”

He quickly pulled me off the table and laid me down on the floor. He climb on top of me as he began to fucked me very hard as his buddy watched on. He told his buddy, ”Check out front and make sure nobody is in the store?”

His buddy quickly ran out front and checked while he continued to assault my pussy with his big cock. I had never felt a cock as good as his was.

A few minutes later he yanked his cock out of my pussy as I had another very powerful orgasm. He began to cum as he shot hot streams of cum all over my tits and stomach. His buddy returned just in time to see him erupted all over me.

His buddy said, “Wow! That was great?”

I laid on the floor with his cum covering my tits and stomach. They both quickly headed back out front to see if their was any other customers in the store. I slowly cleaned the cum off me as I got dressed.

As I walked gingerly out of the store past him, he said, “Why don’t you come back next week? Our new line of shoes are coming out and I think they will be very excited by them?”

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