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A Car Park Quickie

Always tip for good service :)
Time is always of the essence, so the 'Call and Collect' facility my local supermarket had introduced was a boon for busy people. I'd ordered some cases of beer and wine for an upcoming party, and, after leaving work later than usual, I pulled into the car park, hunting for a space. 

The place was busy, and I finally found a spot at the far end of the site, up against a high wall. I blipped the alarm and walked into the store.

The collection point was near the front of the store, a male worker took my details and I showed him the order number on my phone- they even text the details to you so it's more or less paperless. I smiled to myself at the efficiency of it all. He thanked me, telling me someone would bring the goods out shortly from the packing area at the rear of the store.

As I waited I watched the shop-workers, busy and industrious. Their uniform consisted of an olive green dress, or jacket and trousers, with an orange check tabard over the top. Most of the female staff wore knee length or just short of the knee dresses.

My eye was taken by a young girl working in an aisle nearby. She was tall, must be over six feet, I thought, and the dress was meant for someone much shorter. She was reaching up to place stock on the top of the display units, and I was getting a good look at her pale blue knickers. They barely covered her cheeks. She was red in the face from the exertion, and I imagined a small trail of perspiration running down her back, running between those cheeks.

She turned, picking up a large box, and reached up to place it on the shelf, this time I got an eyeful of her mound, the fabric tight, I could almost make out her pussy lips if I stared hard enough....

"Mr Smith?"

I snapped out of my voyeurism, and looked around. A female assistant stood beside me, a small trolley at her side, loaded with goods.

"Sorry, miles away. Is this mine?"

"Yes, it is. I just need you to check and sign this..." with these words she bent to take a clipboard off the trolley, her head level with my crotch.

"Oh, my goodness!"

I looked down. I had been so engrossed in those blue knickers I'd started to harden, and the front of my trousers were tenting! The assistant grabbed the clipboard and stood, face flushed. I tried not to draw attention to my arousal, blindly checking the boxes and flourishing my signature on the paperwork. I handed it back to her. Her badge said 'Brenda'. 

"Th.. thank you. Do you need help getting these to your car?"

I started to say no, but Brenda said it was all part of the service, so I accepted her offer. She pushed the trolley, and I walked behind.

She was much older than me, attractive in her own way, hair coloured and neat. A little matronly, I thought, but still found my eye drawn to Brenda's backside as she pushed the trolley. I directed her to the corner spot where I was parked. I was still sporting a semi, it had been a week or so since I'd last had sex, and the image of that girl's mound was embedded on my mind. I unlocked the doors, pulling open the rear door and helping to unload the goods into the back of my Range Rover.

The goods all packed away, I led Brenda along by the wall, so we were shielded from the other cars.

"I'd like to give you something for helping me, Brenda."

"That's kind, Mr Smith, but we aren't allowed to accept tips."

"I was thinking of giving you more than just 'the tip'..." I dropped my gaze to my semi erect cock. Her gaze followed.

"Oh, my goodness!"

At this point I was expecting a hard slap, or a scream. Instead, she looked around, bit her lip, then placed her hand on my bulge.

"That's very generous of you, sir."

I pulled open the passenger door, shielding us from view, and pushed her back against the passenger seat. One of the functions of the car was the dropped parking suspension, lowering the car to make it easier to get in and out of. In the lower position, it was the ideal height for a fuck. I leaned forward, kissing Brenda hard as my hands tore at the poppers on the front of her dress. She lifted the tabard off, tossing it into the footwell.

Her underwear didn't match- functional, not for show. Her breasts spilled from the top of her black bra, looking a size or two too small for the job they were designed for. I reached behind, snapping the clasp and pushing the bra up, her tits free. Saggy, but chewable. Brenda's hand was still on my cock, just holding it. I told her to unzip me. 

"Oh, my goodness!" She fumbled with the zip, slipping her hand inside and rummaging in my jockeys. Her hand finally grasped my shaft. Her eyes bulged in delight. 

I took her nipples one at a time into my mouth, sucking on them, eliciting a moan from her. I was rather rough with her, pulling and pushing at her tits, She was carrying a bit of weight, but I didn't care. Never one to pass up a fuck. I dropped one hand to her knickers, pushing down between the fabric and her skin, finding a thick thatch of hair. I closed my hand over her mound, feeling her heat.

" goodness!!"

She started to pull hard on my cock, up and down strokes. Like her underwear, her technique was functional. "You okay?", I asked.

"I've not had sex since my husband died," she said, gripping my cock a little harder. That little nugget of information made me hornier than normal.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle," I said, intending to be anything but.

I slid her beige knickers off, and she held her legs together, as if embarrassed. I pushed my hand between them, spreading them. Her bush was thick and greying. I stroked at her lips with my fingers, finding her dry. I raised my hand and licked my fingers, before resuming my ministrations on her. I rubbed at her lips, finally feeling some moistness, her labia finally yielding and giving me access to her clit.

"Oooooh, my goodness!!" 

Suddenly, Brenda was flooding with juices. I pushed a finger in, then two. Her face was flushed. I finger fucked her for a few seconds, watching her eyes roll and hearing her breathing change. I pushed forward, her hand still around my cock. She seemed to understand, and guided my prick towards her hole. 

"Here's your tip," I said, pushing about an inch between her lips, hearing her gasp, "and here's the rest." I pushed the remaining six inches straight in, feeling her pussy straining to take it all in. Fuck, she felt tight! I started to pump into her, oblivious to her needs now, just needing that release. Brenda's tits flapped as I thrust into her, her arms wrapped around my neck.

I lifted her legs, and looked down at my shaved cock slamming into her ashen thatch. I could feel her juices flowing, glad of my choice of leather seats. She leant back, her head on the centre console, as I bucked into her, moving one hand to her clit and flicking the burgeoning nub in time to my thrusts.

"How long?" I asked her. She looked up, not understanding. "Since your husband...?"

"Four years."

That spurred me on, I twisted my hips to change the angle of penetration, getting deeper into her, my fingers a blur on her clit. I could feel the spunk beginning to boil inside my balls. Brenda was in the throes of cumming. She buried her face against my chest. 

"Oooooh, my goo...... my..... MY FUCKING GOODNESS!!"

Her body spasmed as she came, and I flooded her with my sticky cum, pushing deep into her as my balls emptied. Several days worth of spunk, all nice and warm inside her. I stayed inside her for a few seconds, then pulled out, stuffing my still semi hard cock back in my trousers and zipping up. 

I handed Brenda her knickers, which she slid on. The front of them began to stain as my jizz started to leak from her. She pulled herself up, and adjusted her bra, fastening the poppers on the front of her dress. I picked up the tabard and helped her slip it over her head.

"Thank you, Mr Smith, I do hope you've had a pleasant shopping experience." With those words, she ran a hand over her hair, then pushed the trolley across the car park, back towards the store.

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