A Day at Work

By Pussy_Predator

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As I walk through the door of my workplace looking around, I notice how all eyes and heads turn. I look down thinking my clothes look a mess. I look down at myself again and check to see if I am buttoned up; I am. I walk by everyone and all I hear is snickering and giggles. I sit in the back room all alone and come out to the floor to catch a glimpse of everyone and walk back to my corner. I say to myself just here to work and go home.

As the day draws to an end this young woman approaches me.

"Umm you're very cute and smell nice," she whispers.

I look at her and smile. "Thanks, you're cute too," I say as I walk away smiling to myself. The following day comes. I introduce myself to everyone, taking my time in getting to know everyone.

I hear in the distant background someone says, "He’s all mine." So days, weeks go by then another female comes up asking am I single, married, and so on. Once again I smile to myself, walking away as I hear "He’s such a tease."

Finally, the one who made the comment approaches me and introduces herself. She stands there in her skirt suit looking so sexy. Her skirt hugs the curves of her body. Now she is saying she would gladly show me around. I thank her for her time on doing so, telling myself hope she doesn't notice me staring at her and getting a hard on. She stands there as I smile and turn away. She does the same. Then more days go by, things are running smoothly and after work, she stops me before I leave.

"Could we have a drink?" she asks.

"Sure why not? It won't hurt," I agree. We leave work together. As I drive we ask and get to know more of each other. During our drink things get a little fuzzy and buzzed so we stop before not making it home. I drop her off at her car. We reach for one another to give hugs. It feels lovely. I lean back and tell her she has a lovely smile. I decide to make my move and go for the kiss. As her lips touch mine we melt in each other’s arms and kiss. Our kissing becomes heavier. We break apart from our kiss to say good night. The back of my hand caresses the side of her face. I look into her eyes and smile. "I’ll see you tomorrow."

At work, the girls are huddled up asking her about me as she tells them we went for drinks yesterday and about our kiss. I walk by her desk, I lean over her shoulder pretending to ask for something but just wanting her to feel my warm breath beside her neck and ears. She takes a sniff of my cologne and I notice her head rolls back a bit. Reaching to nibble on her neck a bit, her eyes shut.

"Touch yourself," I whisper noticing how she squirms in her chair. Her arms and hands reach below her table to rub her thighs as her legs rub up and down on one another. Then pulling up her skirt I take my hand and help her a bit. She reaches between her thighs and under her skirt and starts rubbing slowly up and down her lovely freshly shaven pussy. Slowly digging her finger in and out between her wet, silky, smooth folds listening to the sounds of her juices, I nibble on her ear.

"You sound so delicious. I want to taste you. Come by my office sweetheart," I demand as things between us heat up. She walks behind me, acting as she is going to the backroom. She grabs my ass as I am standing in the hallway. I turn and reach for her arm. I pull her into the office closing and locking the door quickly. Grabbing her ass, squeezing and picking her up against the wall, I sit her on the table. Leaning in, kissing her lips then her neck and nibbling on her ears, I unbutton her top and show off those lovely breasts of hers. Following that I unhook her bra, releasing her lovely pink hard nipples and take them into my mouth. Sucking and biting, yet being so gentle as she whispers, "Don’t bite too hard and just love them."

I continue nibbling, kissing down her stomach to her navel as she sucks on my fingers. I take off her skirt seeing how she is being a bad girl and has no panties on today. I also notice that she is soaking wet. Looking at how her pussy glistens I look up and smile.

"I like," I whisper to her. My clothes come off in a rush, down to my silk boxers. She pushes me against the wall, gets on her knees, and begins sucking my hard cock, teasing the head at first then slowly taking it all in. My head tilts back and my hands reach for her head. Grabbing a hand full of her hair as she continues to take my cock deeper into her mouth, she is making slurping sounds as my moans escapes lips.

The feeling is so great I pull her up, throwing her against the wall. I take her leg and put it over my shoulder, as I taste her lovely pink muffin. I love her scent, her taste and wonderful juices as she begins to moan and grind into my face. I suck and lick on her clit, my tongue slides up and down on each side of her clit and I suck it softly. Then I spread the folds of her muffin open as I slide my tongue into her deeply for several seconds.

I come up, and picking her body up higher against the wall, I wrap both of her legs around me as I stand up and slide my cock into her, fucking her harder and harder. Her moans becomes louder and louder as she draws closer and closer to her climax.

“Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Oh my gawd! Yes!” I thrust faster and harder, deeper inside her as she scratches down my back. The harder she scratches the harder I thrust into her.

She screams louder, “Fuck, yes I’m cumming,” and her body shakes as her orgasm shoots through her. I hold her steady on the wall then, allowing her to rest her feet back on the floor as I bite her neck and ears.

"I’m not done with you yet!" I bend her over my desk, giving her ass a nice spanking, spreading her legs apart as I take my throbbing cock and push it into her pussy. I just shove it into her and reach for her hair. I begin pulling it and shoving myself into her pounding against her ass and as she continues to moan.

"You're a bad boy!" she pants.

"You’re the bad girl!" I respond, as my hand pulls back on her hair harder and my other hand comes down with force against her ass, leaving my hand print there as she screams.

"Yes harder!" she demands. I continue to thrust as she begins once more to go into a climax. Thrusting faster and harder so I can catch up with her and cum I lean forward moaning into her ear.

"Fuck baby you feel so good I’m going to cum!"

"Fuck me fuck me harder!" she demands. I do. I tell her I’m going to cum as her legs begin shaking once more, thrusting harder, harder and faster, holding her by her waist as we cum together my body falls against hers as I take one more bite out of her neck and ears.

We get dressed and I let her walk out of my office first so she can get back to work. I notice we have been in there for a while. I walk out to get some water from the lunchroom and I see everyone smiling and giggling. I must have had an audience at my door while we were in there so I smile. I go on about my day then as I walk past her smiling and winking, I can't help asking her if she minds helping with the mess in my office…