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A Day in the park 2

Reading part 1 might help but not necessary..
I whimpered against his mouth as he kissed me, his hard cock rubbing against my sensitive clit.

"I need you.. now!" I moaned. He chuckled against my lips.

"Patience!" he teased, dipping down to kiss and nibble at my neck. I wriggled beneath him, trying to get his cock closer to my wet and waiting hole.

"Please?" I breathed into the night air."Please, just take me!"

He didn't answer just thrust his hips, burying the first few inches into me. I moaned with relief. He thrust again and we both sighed as he bottomed out, his balls hitting against my ass. I felt so full and so good. He began to move his hips against mine as I bit down on his shoulders to stop moaning out too loud!

"Give it to me baby!" I challenged.

He did: harder and faster. Hitting right up against my cervix, making me gasp with each hard thrust, I was in heaven and edging ever closer to an orgasm. Every thrust was getting deeper and faster and I was losing control, writhing beneath him and panting.

"Cum on my cock baby!" he breathed into my ear.

That did it. I cried out in ecstasy as my juices flooded his cock and began to drip down to my asshole. 

He stopped as he waited for my spasms to subside. Holding me tight and nibbling on my ear lobe as I panted and moaned.

"Get on your knees" he growled, as soon as my breathing returned to normal.

There was a notable change in his demeanour. He'd let me have my pleasure, now he wanted his. I got on my hands and knees, the hard wood of the bench painful for my knees. Suddenly I felt a chill in the air. 

Slap! my cold ass stung with his slap. Tears welled in my eyes as he rubbed at my sore bum cheek. But my pussy gave away how I really felt, still dripping in anticipation. 

He teased me with the tip of his cock, running it up and down my saturated slit. I began to moan out again and wriggle my hips insistently. Slap! This time harder.

"Patience!" he admonished. 

How could he be so patient? I thought. I was desperate for another release!

 Without warning he thrust forward, filling me up straight away. I screamed out, he fit so perfectly inside me rubbing up against the front wall of my pussy.

 "Harder," I hissed.

He grabbed my hip and started slamming into me, really hard. his other hand snaked round and started rubbing at my hard clit, collecting some of my pussy juices up. He ran his finger along my slit til he reached my cock filled hole. He chuckled, as if in thought. But I was too lost in the moment to worry. 

He bought his hand back round, now covered in my pussy juices. I began to feel him probing at my ass:

"Nooo," I whimpered.

"Shhh! Relax!" he said, pushing slowly into my tight asshole, his finger well lubricated from my earlier squirting.. I tried to relax and concentrate on his continued thrusting.

 I breathed out as his first knuckle found its way into my ass, it actually felt really good and he was beginning to do it in time with his thrusts. I was moaning again now, struggling to keep quiet. It felt really good. Slam! His finger was fully in my ass, and his cock was fully in my pussy.

"Oh god! Yes!" I screamed, another orgasm rushing up on my as I clutched at the edge of the bench.

My pussy squeezed around his hard cock and he started to lose it then, thrusting harder and faster, it was all about him now. A low groan escaped his lips and then I felt his cock spasm inside me, milking his hot cum into me. He held himself still as the last ropes of cum sprayed deep inside me. Then he collapsed on top of me, breathing hard, kissing the back of my neck.

 "Let's get back to mine." I whispered, when I was finally able to breathe.

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