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A deal with my college principal

I made a deal with my principal by letting him bend me over the table, and fuck me hard
I was standing outside my principal’s office waiting for him to call me in, and punish me. I wasn’t scared because I knew that, just undoing a couple of more buttons of my shirt will save me from getting punished. But I didn’t know that this time it wasn’t easy to escape.

As my English teacher came out of the principal’s office, looked at me, and then left, I knocked on the door.

“Come in,” I heard my principal’s voice.

My principal, Mr. Wayne was thirty-seven years old, good looking man. There were rumors in the college, about the relationships of our principal with our biology teacher. Our biology teacher was a beautiful lady too, but I think boys in the college would have been masturbating more thinking about our French language teacher, because she has bigger boobs, and she was always exposing cleavage.

In terms of boobs, I was in the hot list too. 34D size boobs were quite hot for an eighteen year old girl. My boobs were in perfect shape, and I loved keeping them in my beautiful bras all the time, unless I was making out with my boyfriend.

“Talia again. So what have you done this time?” Mr. Wayne asked.

“I hit our mathematics teacher,” I said, as I undid the top few buttons of my shirt, and revealed my white lacy bra to him.

“No, no… this is not going to happen this time,” Mr. Wayne said.

“I have had enough of your cleavage, you have beautiful boobs Talia, but this time I can’t let you go like this,” Mr. Wayne said, wishing something more from me.

“You have hit a mathematics teacher, and that’s much bigger thing than cheating or breaking glasses of the windows,” Mr. Wayne was right.

“So what else I will have to do?” I asked while I undid all the buttons of my shirt.

I took off the shirt, and let it fall on the chair next to me.

“Something more,” he said.

Well many men have seen my boobs, and all the boys in my class have seen them too; when I once stood on the bench, and gave a quick few second flash of my boobs. So showing my boobs to Mr. Wayne wasn’t a big deal for me. I just reached for the hook of my bra on my back, and unsnapped it. I took off my bra, and showed him my perfect boobs.

“Is it enough?” I asked, and just to make him happy I pinched on my one nipple.

“Beautiful boobs you have, round and firm, but still not enough to get away from this complaint,” He said.

Now I was getting worried. I didn’t know what to do next, so I kept quite.

“Then what do I have to do?” I asked.

“I think I can think about letting you go, if you do something with me,” he said.

“Something with you?” I asked thinking that, he was asking for sex with me.

“Yes, maybe like using your hand to relax me,” Mr. Wayne said, telling me that, he wanted to get a handjob from me.

Including my ex boyfriend, my neighbor guy, and my current boyfriend, I had given handjobs to three people. Handjobs don’t cause any problem, and in my case this handjob was the pass for me to get away from all the problems.

I thought about it for one more minute while Mr. Wayne was looking at my tits. I gave him a naughty smile, and then went closer to him on the other side of the table. He turned to me sitting in his rolling chair. I saw a little impression of his hard cock through his pants. I went down on my knees, and touched his crotch feeling his hard cock.

Mr. Wayne seemed to have a big cock, and as things were not totally like a student and a principal, so out of curiosity I asked, “How big is it?”

“Find it yourself,” Mr. Wayne replied smiling at me.

I undid his belt, undid his pants, and then he raised his ass helping me to pull down his pants and underwear to his knees. He really did have a nice cock of around 7 inches. It was thick too. It was already quite hard, but as I slowly wrapped my hand around it, I find it getting bigger in my hand.

“So soft hands you have,” Mr. Wayne said.

“Stroke it for me please,” Mr. Wayne moaned.

I stroked his cock. His cock was bigger than any of my boyfriends so having such a nice cock in my hand was making me feel horny. I was getting excited, and my pussy was getting wet under my skirt. Mr. Wayne had closed his eyes feeling my hands around his erect shaft.

I thought to give him something more than just handjob. I moved forward bringing my mouth closer to his cock. His eyes were still closed, so he got shocked when I wrapped my lips around that big hard cock.

“Oh my god, that feels so good,” Mr. Wayne almost screamed in pleasure.

I knew how to give a good blowjob, I was fondling his balls, stroking his long shaft, and I was licking his cock from tip to balls. I sucked his cock, and showed him how good I was in handling big cocks. I spat on it, and then stroked it even more.

“You want something more?” I asked, as now I was getting naughty.

“Maybe first lock the door, you forgot to lock it,” he said, and I locked the door.

I again came back to my spot on the floor. I was again on my knees. I had made my decision to get fucked by my principal’s big cock, and then I could also ask him for any favor. I again grabbed his cock.

“If I let you go all the way with me, what will you do for me?” I asked making an offer to him.

“What do you mean?” I didn’t know why he asked me that question.

“I mean… If I let you bend me over this table, and then fuck my pussy deep and hard, would you always let me get away from problems?” I asked.

Mr. Wayne wasn’t an idiot to say, ‘Yes,’ without thinking about anything. What if I would do something really wrong and bad in future?

I didn’t let Mr. Wayne think a lot, as I stood up, reached for my panties under the skirt, and pulled them down. I was showing the real slutty side of me. I dropped my panties on the floor, and bent over the table in front of Mr. Wayne.

My fine ass and sweet pussy was right in front of Mr. Wayne. Now his mind had stopped thinking, and his cock was getting harder.

“Such a nice ass, and beautiful pussy you have,” Mr. Wayne said, as he ran his hand over my fine ass, and touched my pussy too.

“You are wet,” Mr. Wayne felt, and said.

“It’s because of your big cock,” I said in a naughty voice.

Mr. Wayne felt very proud on his cock. He kissed on my ass, and then his tongue was moving all over my sweet wet pussy. He was also stroking his cock with one hand. I was also touching and rubbing my clit.

“So you accept my offer?” I said still bending over the table.

“Of course, anything you want,” Mr. Wayne had lost his sense.

“Write it down and sign it for me,” I made a smart move.

“Now, can I do it later?” Mr. Wayne didn’t want to stop now.

“First write it for me,” I asked and Mr. Wayne had to stop licking the pussy, and officially write down things on the paper. He handed that paper to me. While I was reading it Mr. Wayne again started eating my sweet pussy.

“Perfect, Now I’m the queen of my class,” I thought, pushing my back against Mr. Wayne’s face.

“Now you can go all the way with me, I mean deep down in me…” I was talking a little dirty.

Mr. Wayne stood up stroking his big cock. He held it against my wet folds, and then pushed it all the way inside my pussy.

“Hmmm… so big it is,” I moaned.

“You are so fucking tight,” Mr. Wayne said.

“Fuck me, with your big cock,” I got dirty.

Mr. Wayne started fucking me from behind. His cock was going in and out of my wet pussy. He was also feeling my firm nice ass. Mr. Wayne was going harder and deeper.

“Yes, fuck me hard,” I got a little loud.

“Keep it low you fucking naughty girl,” Mr. Wayne said giving a hard stroke, “It’s not your bedroom, it's college,” he said giving one more deep hard stroke.

“Get on your knees,” Mr. Wayne asked.

“Why?” I thought.

“I want to fuck your beautiful boobs,” Mr. Wayne said.

I had no problem with that, and I grabbed Mr. Wayne’s big hard cock between my tits. Mr. Wayne started fucking my tits. He was looking down at me, and seeing one of the hottest girl of the college on her knees in front of him, he got more excited.

“I’m going to cum,” he said groaning.

I thought to finish it good. I grabbed the cock and took it in my mouth. I sucked Mr. Wayne a little more before he came in my mouth. Mr. Wayne had shot a huge load filling my mouth with his cum.

I swallowed some of it, and spit rest of it on my boobs.

“Fuck, I came twice,” I told him.

“I didn’t realize,” Mr. Wayne said sitting back into his chair.

“I don’t get loud when I orgasm,” I explained.

I asked for some tissue papers to clean the cum from my tits and chin.

“Washroom is that way, you can clean yourself in there,” Mr. Wayne said.

“Ok,” I said, and walked to the washroom.

“Don’t take too much time, it’s almost closing time,” Mr. Wayne told me.

I came back, and looked for my panties.

“I can’t find my panties,” I said.

“You mean these? Can I keep them?” Mr. Wayne said.

I laughed, “Okay,” I replied, and got dressed without any panties under the skirt.

I grabbed that signed paper from my hot principal, and left the office. Before leaving I watched Mr. Wayne keeping those panties in his drawer, and he locked it.

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