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A Hot One, They Suggested

She thought she deserved a nice treat - so she got one
Em was tired when she got back to the hotel. She felt a bit frazzled. She was on a particularly onerous business trip. Normally she liked travelling and didn’t find it a strain, but this trip had been tough, and it wasn’t over yet.

She still had three days to go, with more meetings, further presentations and two more business dinners.

But this afternoon and evening she was free of appointments. There was plenty of work to do, writing up notes and making sure appointments were still on track.

A few hours of downtime seemed attractive, though. Em thought about getting an in-room massage. She didn’t want to go out again. Hong Kong was fun, but it wore you out. Idly, she leafed through the hotel information book. There was a fitness centre that did massage, but they did not offer an in-room option. Instead, they recommended two nearby spas that did outcalls, one of which (they said) offered premium services.

Em liked a good massage and sometimes they were hard to find. So she rang the spa that said it offered premium services and told them she was thinking about booking a two-hour in-room session. They asked if she would like a masseur. She said yes. They asked if she would like a chaperone. She said no. They asked the question again. She confirmed that, yes, she wanted a masseur. No chaperone.

When she did that, they said she could discuss specific requirements with the masseur. Her nipples hardened and became erect in her bra. She always got a buzz when they did that. The spa was telling her she could get a hot massage.

“I’ll call you back,” she told them.

It was in the shower a little later that she decided she most probably would call them back. She was fingering herself to climax under the jet of water at the time. She loved coming in the shower, with or without the presence of another individual.

It wouldn’t be her first hot massage, by any means, though she didn’t do that sort of thing very often. Just once or twice a year overseas or sometimes in another city back home. She loved being nakedly massaged to climax and then to have sex, now and then.

She was much less active on the fling circuit. She usually just ignored the passes and applied a one-a-year rule to illicit adventures. “Well,” she smiled to herself, “with wiggle-room.” Mostly these took place on overseas business trips, safely out of sight.

She finished the shower, towelled herself damp-dry, put on a robe and a pair of comfortably sexy panties, and settled herself at the desk in her suite to tidy up her work. She poured herself a drink. She caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. She thought she looked a bit sexy.

An hour or so later, work done, she poured herself another drink and went to sit on the sofa in the suite. She could see herself in another mirror and loosened her robe to admire her body. It was pretty trim, she thought; and hot.

A young man had told her that in Singapore last week, when they’d had a business dinner together, and she had allowed him to seduce her over dessert and coffee and hotly fuck her in her hotel room a little later.

Her nipples hardened, and her pussy moistened when she thought about that. He had been very strong, very passionate, and about 10 years younger than she was. She had made a lot of noise. Three times, she remembered.

She’d had to tell a little fib about that night in her next phone call home. The one she generally used when a call home had been left unmade. “Sorry, we went on after dinner.”

She slipped off her panties and touched herself again. She thought about the mirrors in the bedroom in the suite and got even hotter. Em loved to watch herself having illicit sex, to see a man kissing her, stroking her, licking her all over, and finally penetrating her. Or a woman, just sometimes, doing a mutual tongue-to-clit with a woman was hot.

She wondered again, very briefly, whether she really should have a hot massage, because she’d soon be going home to the marital bed. It would be nice to be naked with a man tonight, she thought. But there were benefits to arriving home not entirely bored with the idea of sex. It headed off questions, to begin with.

Then she flicked on the TV in the suite and turned on one of the in-house adult channels, feeling suddenly very sexy. As it happened, a trimly attractive, naked thirty-something woman in the film was having an extremely hot massage on the big bed in her holiday hotel room. It seemed her husband was out for the day playing golf.

Em smiled her secret smile. She remembered an occasion long ago when she had done that when she found herself with an afternoon free of encumbrance on a holiday trip.

The woman in the movie was lying on her tummy. She had obviously been very hotly stripped on the bed at the start of the massage. Her shoes, socks, top, shorts and tie-string bikini pants were lying untidily on the floor by the bed. Her bikini top and a beach wrap seemed to have come off later in frantic circumstances. They were lying rumpled on a pillow in hot disarray.

Em got a hot buzz at the thought of being in similar circumstances.

She watched with a suddenly dry mouth as the man in the movie, having erotically massaged the woman’s ass and crack, slowly pushed her legs apart and massaged her pussy with his hands and then his tongue. The woman was making a lot of noise.

He tongued her for quite a while, his hands under her upper torso exciting the woman’s nipples. Then he rolled her over onto her back, revealing her breasts and pussy. Em thought, with a warm, wet rush between her legs, “She has full breasts and a hot little triangle of pubic hair just like me.”

The man then stripped naked as the woman watched him. Em could see the woman’s nipples getting harder than ever and very erect. She said to herself, “This one’s for real, she really does want it.”

By now, the woman on the bed was pinching her left nipple with one hand and sexily disturbing her trim triangle of pubic hair with the other. So was Em.

When the woman on the bed saw the man’s thick, long and very erect cock, her eyes turned smoky with lust and she spread her legs.

He slowly rolled a black, ribbed condom onto his big pulsing shaft as she watched. The woman licked her lips and pushed a pillow under her hips. She threw her legs wide apart, fully exposing her open, pink, wet slit. The man knelt between her legs and licked her pussy one more time.

Then the shot switched to a camera overhead and showed him thrusting his huge cock forward. It parted her pussy lips and briefly paused there. The woman became visibly excited and made lovely little noises. Em thought, “She’s imagining, just like I do, how it will feel when he fully penetrates her.”

In this case, Em thought, it evidently felt really good. The woman shouted when the man finally thrust his thick, long cock fully into her vagina. And then she made a lot more noise for quite a long time while he fucked her brains out.

The end was mutually frantic.

Decision made. Em walked over to the desk and hit last-number-redial on the phone.

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