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A Late Night

An explicit dream leads to a night of seduction
Marissa wasn't sure what had awoken her. She'd been having the best dream.


She was at swim practice but instead of the usual crowd she'd had the pool all to herself. She was doing laps, enjoying the solitude and marveling at the ease with which she slipped through the water when she paused for breath. Looking up she noticed someone in the bleachers. She couldn't see much, just an impression of dark hair and a leather coat. She stared for a moment longer, trying to see more, but then ducked back under. A minute later she heard a splash and felt the wave rock her in its wake. When she looked up there was someone in the pool with her.

Slowly drifting towards her came a woman, fully clothed but for her shoes. Dark hair, cut short, fell across the woman's face and dark blue jeans hugged a well-rounded butt. A deep red, long sleeve shirt clung to the woman as she moved, billowing around her midriff to expose creamy pale skin beneath. Intrigued and a little entranced, Marissa watched as the stranger approached.

As she drew near the woman came up, water pulling the shear red fabric tight over gently bobbing breasts, small peaks breaking the surface and slipping back under playfully. She'd never seen this woman before but found she couldn't look away from her startling cobalt eyes or the soft lips beneath. Water dropped from her face as the stranger shook her head, spraying droplets from hair made spiky. Marissa opened her mouth to question but before words formed she was startled to feel the soft slip of wet lips and sure hands pulling her flush against a body warm beneath the cool water.

Questions fell away as she felt the gentle prod of a soft tongue seeking entrance, the teasing tickle making her smile as she opened to accept the invitation. Without thought she let her hands settle into an exploration of the warm curves pressed against her own. A breathless moment later the kiss was broken. This girl looked into her eyes, searching for something before taking her hand and pulling her towards the shallows.

As her feet found solid ground Marissa tugged the girl's hand, turning her to face Marissa once more. They hadn't spoken, she knew less than nothing about this captivating girl but the heat and slick between her legs fired her on. A silent quirk of one brow and a lightly questioning smile played over the girl's face. Reaching a decision Marissa pulled the girl into another slow, lingering kiss, taking advantage of the solid ground beneath them to lean into the girl's touch. After another minute the girl again pulled her from the pool. This time Marissa didn't hesitate.

They reached the showers and Marissa was pulled into a stall before the girl spun her, pushed her back against the wall, and kissed her deeply; hungrily sucking on her tongue. Their breath came heavy with each short part of their lips as hot water rained down around them. She marveled at the smooth skin seeming to radiate so much heat as she pushed the red fabric away. Each inch revealed as her fingers explored, small shivers slipping through the girl as Marissa drew closer to removing the shirt.

She could feel the pebbled peaks of the girl's breasts sliding against her own chest as they moved against each other. She felt the girl’s fingers slide under the elastic of her suit, slipping the stretchy material down her shoulders, rolling and bunching as her breasts came free of the fabric. She pulled the shirt off, a little jolt traveling down between her legs as her eyes took in the soft flesh beneath. The girl broke the kiss, momentarily surfacing Marissa from the world of sensation before sending fire coursing through her system as a hot tongue slid over her sensitive nipple, pulling it gently between eager lips as the girl began to suckle rhythmically.

Her hands slid through wet locks, gripping the woman's soft hair as Marissa searched for something to ground herself in the tempest raging through her body. As she suckled and prodded the tender nipple beneath her lips, the girl continued to drop Marissa's swimsuit. Soon the soggy fabric fell to the floor, freeing the writhing girl beneath. Marissa felt the rough grout of the shower wall scrape lightly against the bare skin of her ass before the girl slid a finger across her inner thigh, probing, testing her readiness.

Marissa's thighs fell open, exposing skin so sensitive even the passing air caused a light tightening in her clit. The girl let Marissa's breast fall free as she stepped in to close the space between them, her fingers gliding straight into the slick puddle gathered between Marissa's legs. As she felt Marissa's eager anticipation, a rough growl escaped the woman and she nudged Marissa's head to one side, burrowing into the crook of her neck, her lips closing over soft skin as her fingers pushed deeper between sensitive folds.

Marissa's hands clutched the woman's back as her hips began to move, instinctively thrusting, drawing the woman's fingers rhythmically over her clit, chin tilted back in invitation as the woman nipped and sucked at her neck and shoulder. It didn't take long before the thrusting of Marissa's hips began to pick up speed, not only seeking the girl's touch but grinding her clit against the palm of her hand as Marissa chased a rising tide within.

Sensing how close she was, the girl trailed gentle kisses up Marissa's neck. Her tongue wetting the lobe of her ear as her hot breath gathered heavily and Marissa felt the gentle scrape of the woman's teeth. A thick tension pulled through Marissa like a rope pulled taught and she clung to the woman as wave after wave crashed through her, hips grinding as her juices coated the woman's hand.

When the tide retreated she stood for a moment, clinging to this unknown woman, lost in the vulnerable exposure of such an intense orgasm. The woman held her, leaving chaste kisses on shoulder and cheek; not pushing. When Marissa recovered enough to open her eyes she pulled back just slightly, searching the woman's face before kissing her gently. A soft hand cradled her face as the slow kiss drew out and she felt herself settle into the woman.


Laying in the dark, Marissa allowed herself to play through the dream once more in her mind as she slipped her fingers beneath the elastic waistband of her Scooby Doo sweatpants. With a quiet groan she felt her fingers slip into the messy puddle gathered between her legs. Fuck she was horny! She slipped her fingers clear of the elastic and sucked the sticky cum from them before rolling over.

She could hear the soft breathing of the girl beside her and wondered briefly if she should let her sleep. Scooting close against her Marissa kissed the girl's bare shoulder and wrapped an arm around her waist. The smell of her hair had Marissa closing her eyes, nuzzling into the warmth and breathing deeply. She felt her hips begin to move and knew if she didn't get some relief there would be no sleep for her tonight.

"Jen...," She whispered quietly as she kissed a trail over her lover's neck and back. She felt Jen take a deep breath as she woke up and smiled as her hand traced circles around Jen's stomach.

"Mmmm... Hi baby," Jen murmured in a sleepy voice as she rolled to face her girlfriend.

"Hi," Marissa said. Her hands slid down to play over Jen's rear, pulling her closer as she caught Jen's lips with her own. "I want you," Marissa said between playful kisses. She caught Jen's lower lip between her teeth, scrunched her nose and playfully growled as she squeezed Jen's ass. It was a challenge.

Giggling, Jen quickly began to tickle Marissa, fingers flying across her sensitive stomach, hair falling into her face as she arched and bucked, the game quickly dissolving into playful wrestling; each contestant trying to pin the other. It didn't take long for Marissa to gain the upper hand. She sat straddling Jen's hips, both wrists pinned loosely over her head, dark red hair falling over Marissa's shoulders to tease the soft skin of Jen's chest.

"Ha! I win!" Marissa crooned smugly, "Now, what is my prize?" She met Jen's eyes with a suggestive smile and Jen began to rock her hips, just barely applying pressure with each sweep.

Jen knew that Marissa could feel the touch between her legs. Marissa leaned forward and kissed Jen deeply. She closed her eyes and focused on the feel of Jen beneath her. As she felt her lover's tongue slip over her lower lip she attempted to catch it with her own, sucking at the tip and nipping Jen playfully.

Marissa began to move against Jen, their hips thrusting slowly into each other as the sound of heavy breathing filled the room. She released Jen's hands in favor of lacing her fingers through her soft hair. She felt them travel across her back, trailing tingling lines of desire in their wake. Jen pulled at the fabric bunched at Marissa's hips, wanting the Scoobies out of the way. A quick shift and they slid free, tossed blindly across the room. The feel of bare skin was accompanied by the hot smell of female desire.

With nothing to get between them Marissa used her leg to nudge Jen's knees. Marissa settled into the space as Jen’s thighs spread for her. She could feel the soft, downy hair tickle her upper thigh and, with a little more pressure, the hot, slick cum coated her leg. Marissa began to rock her hips, using her thigh to apply pressure between Jen's legs and giving her something to grind on. Little groans slipped out between heavy breaths, each sound captured my Marissa's lips as they pulled tight to each other.

"Should I get it?" Marissa asked breathily.

Jen nodded without breaking the kiss and Marissa reached into the night stand. Moving quickly, she sat up. With eager and hurried movements Marissa stepped into the strap on. It was a dark blue with a hint of glitter but more importantly it was their favorite. Marissa tightened the straps and felt the weight of the toy settle against her clit.

Jen was beautiful. A flush stained her pale chest and the soft down of her dirty blonde hair spread haphazardly over the pillows as she watched Marissa strap in. Her legs spread wide, Jen's fingers traced long slow circles around her clit. She knew how much Marissa loved to watch her touch herself.

Jen giggled as Marissa growled huskily, “Fuuuuck… you are such a tease.” Her giggles stopped short, mischief giving way to passion as Marissa dropped down, diving in without warning. Her tongue sought out the musky taste of Jen’s desire, slipping over the soft folds without hesitation to lap up the sticky mess. She loved the taste. It was almost spicy but like nothing else she could name. She’d been with girls before Jen but each was different. She’d never encountered someone so addictive.

She felt fingers curl in her hair, Jen’s legs spreading as her tongue explored. She could feel the tension pulling through her lover’s body as she teased and sucked, swallowing the taste of her and loving the way each lick caused the fingers in her hair to tighten briefly. Jen began to arch her back, angling her hips to give Marissa better access as her ass hovered just over the mattress. She could tell it was going to hit Jen hard. That knowledge drove her on, urging her to suck harder and flatten her tongue as it swept over Jen’s clit.

She felt Jen’s legs begin to tremble and as she cried out Marissa felt them closing around her face, holding her in place as Jen ground the soft flesh against her tongue, fingers tight in her hair as she was overcome.

When it was over Marissa lifted herself free, crawling up to gently kiss her girlfriend. The smell of sex was everywhere and she could feel wetness running down her thighs. Before long Marissa began to deepen the kiss once more, rolling her tongue over her lover’s and leaving trembling skin in her wake as she traced the contours of Jen’s body.

Getting her second wind now, Jen began to sit up, pushing Marissa under her. Generally Marissa liked to be in control but when Jen had that fiery smirk she knew better than to protest. Anxiously she settled onto her back, watching Jen and wondering what was to come. Jen leaned close, lips brushing over Marissa. Without thinking Marissa raised her hands to pull Jen close but Jen wasn’t having it.

With a patient smile Jen pulled Marissa’s hands free and placed them above her head. “Ah uh… no touching,” she said, her breath coursing through Marissa’s ear and sending shivers through her screaming nerves.

“What?!” Marissa tried to sit up but Jen pushed her down, legs spreading as she straddled the bare skin of Marissa’s belly.

Once more pinning Marissa’s hands above her head Jen said, “You had your turn. Now I get mine.”

They locked eyes and Marissa could see she was going to have to hold herself in check. With a slight huff she dropped back against the pillows, allowing Jen to hold her there.

Once she was satisfied that Marissa would stay put, Jen licked her finger. She used the dampness to moisten the flush areola surrounding her pert nipple. With a grin she watched as Marissa forgot her surliness and licked her lips, her eyes following Jen’s fingers. Slowly, Jen slid the fingers over her belly, following the dips and curves of her body in a winding trail. When her fingers met the soft hair that peeked from between her legs she used her thighs to lift herself. She wanted Marissa to see her fingers disappear beneath her but she also wanted her to feel their movement.

She watched Marissa crane her neck, trying to see more without breaking the rules. With exaggerated slowness Jen drew two fingers through the puddle that was pooling on Marissa’s stomach before bringing her fingers up to Marissa’s mouth. She painted Marissa’s lips with a slick trail of her juices then leaned forward and licked them clean before letting her lover suck the cum from her fingers.

They shared an unhurried kiss before Jen once again rose above Marissa. This time she shifted, lifting herself higher and angling her hips. Marissa watched raptly as Jen took in the dildo. Each long inch disappeared inside her, reappearing and once more being swallowed as Jen worked the thick shaft deeper inside herself.

It took all of Marissa’s will power to hold her hips still, her fingers clenching the sheets so tight she thought they might tear. Finally Jen was in place. Her hips sat flush against Marissa’s. Cum slid down the shaft protruding from Jen and soaked Marissa’s hips. As Jen began to grind her hips, the rhythm pressed the toy against Marissa’s clit. She knew she wasn’t going to last long at this rate.

“What’s wrong baby? Don’t you like it when I ride you?” Jen teased.

It was too much. Marissa’s control snapped and she pulled Jen down on her, pumping the toy deep into her girlfriend as every stroke pushed her closer to her own ending. Jen folded forward, breasts bouncing against Marissa’s chest with each meeting of their hips.

She could hear the little grunts and gasps coming from Jen as they rode one another. Each sound encouraged her, urging her to pump harder and faster as they clung to each other. She felt Jen trembling, clutching her shoulders as she tried to control herself until finally her back arched. Marissa felt teeth as Jen came, biting her shoulder and groaning loudly. Marissa kept pumping. The pain of the bite pushed her over the edge. Back arching off the bed, hands pulling Jen down hard on the slick cock, Marissa came hard. She felt the hot wet cum pulse out, drawing down from Jen over the slick toy between them and soaking her already sticky hips.

Breathing too heavily to speak they lay together afterwards. Marissa’s arms rested heavily around Jen’s back. Too exhausted for words Marissa helped Jen to pull out, tucking her gently in beside herself. Her limbs felt like jelly, heavy jelly. Rather than push through the effort to remove the harness Marissa just popped the snap, releasing the toy.

Groping blindly Jen reached out to pull a blanket over them and almost immediately both girls were fast asleep.

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