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A Lesson on Goodbyes, Pt. 2

Crystal and Mr. Wilson's affair leaves the classroom setting...
Crystal skipped out on lunch, jumped into her car, and went home early, ditching her last two classes of the day. There was no possible way she could focus on school work after what had just happened.

Every step she took, the sensitive area between her legs reminded her of whose fingers had just been there. She had the smell of him in her hair, on her clothes. She had honestly just hooked up with one of the hottest, youngest, most MARRIED teachers at her school. It was just too unreal. She spent the entire night thinking about it, avoiding her parents, feeling like they would be able to tell if they looked at her.

Crystal lay in her bed that night, tossing and turning, unable to sleep due to her immense anticipation of what tomorrow would bring her and her secret lover. Eventually she fell asleep, clothes torn off and thrown on the floor; a single finger inserted up her hot, wet slit, pretending as if it were his.

The school day went by as slow as molasses until it finally reached 5th period. Crystal once again asked her very oblivious teacher to write her a pass, and she trotted herself up—in a very sheer and sexy mini-dress—to Mr. Wilson’s 2nd floor classroom. Crystal flung the door open with a sexy confidence and struck a pose in the doorway to give him a perfect view of her.

Mr. Wilson’s eyes lit up hungrily as he traced up from her daintily sandal clad feet, up her smooth, tan legs, around her curvaceous torso that was hugged so perfect by the denim mini dress, and up to her beautiful, sexy face.

‘Well, hello there Miss Berkman,” he slurred with a sexy smile. “Looks like someone dressed up for me today.”

Crystal laughed and flashed her pearly white smile, “Well if I’m going to be your assistant, I better look good doing it.”

“Oh I’m sure you will look very good doing it.” The way he emphasized the last two words sent shivers up and down Crystal’s spine.

Crystal walked over to his desk, sat down, and began kissing her young male history teacher. He kissed her back hard, his strong, rough hands running over every curve her 16 year old body had to offer him. Just as Crystal began to open her legs in anticipation, Mr. Wilson detached himself from her mouth.

“Not here,” he said quickly. “Can’t risk getting walked in on again. Let’s leave and go to my place.”

Crystal’s eyes widened, “Are you sure? What about your wife? And I have class—“

“Don’t you worry about either of those,” Mr. Wilson responded with a smile. “I’ve got it all taken care of.”

Crystal smiled happily and kissed him on the cheek, letting him lead her towards his car in the parking lot.

Upon arriving at Mr. Wilson’s house, Crystal realized he must have come from a very wealthy family. It was a spacious, one story loft set right on the intra coastal, with a beautiful deck looking out onto the water. And on that deck was a gorgeous, canopied bed used for lounging. But soon to be used for something else, Crystal thought naughtily to herself.

The two secret lovers walked onto the deck, where Mr. Wilson swept Crystal off her feet, placing her gently on the canopied bed. He kissed her tenderly for a while before Crystal stopped him.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Mr. Wilson looked puzzled, “I’m kissing you, Crystal. Isn’t that why we’re here?”

“No, I know that,” Crystal replied. “I mean why are you being so gentle? You were being so forceful and rough yesterday.”

“Well, I realized after that you must be a virgin,” Crystal nodded to reinforce this. “So I figured I should take it easier because you’re so much younger than me.”

“But I liked how rough you were. If I wanted some inexperienced, mamby-pamby guy roaming around up my skirt, I’d go pick one of the high school losers. But I don’t,” she roughly kissed him. “I want you.”

A devilish grin spread across the face of her hot, young teacher. He leaped towards Crystal’s face, devouring it as if it were the last thing to quench himself with on the planet. His coarse hands kneading and squeezed her huge tits over the clothes, making her nipples stick out due to her lack of bra.

The denim mini dress she was wearing had buttons all the way down, so Mr. Wilson began to undo the last 5 buttons at the bottom, revealing her pantiless, shaved pussy.

“You came prepared!” Wilson observed. Crystal giggled to herself.

“I doubt you’ve been fisted before,” he inquired as he slipped a finger into her drenched pussy.

“Uh, n-no, I haven’t,” Crystal struggled to keep her voice steady from the pleasure and her nerves. “Wouldn’t that hurt?”

“Don’t you want it to?” Wilson whispered huskily in her ear. God, he turned her on so much. She didn’t care what he did, how he did it, or how fast he did it. She was ready and willing to take whatever he would give her.

Mr. Wilson slipped a second finger into Crystal’s pussy, then a third, just like he had yesterday. It wasn’t until the fourth, when Crystal started to squirm a bit. Mr. Wilson just held her down, kissing her fiercely to absorb her groans. The four fingers were pumping faster and faster and faster. The sensation was overcoming Crystal, her body at near climax.

She used her hands to separate her legs into a complete split, something she had gained from multiple yoga classes. Finally she felt her pussy become so tight and full. The pleasure was unreal. Crystal opened her eyes and looked down below her waist to see her history teacher’s entire hand up her tight, pink slit. One look was all it took. Her walls strangled his hand, and with one giant breath, Crystal released the most pleasured and earsplitting scream Wilson had even heard in his many years of pleasing girls. The new orgasm was so intense, the cum from Crystal’s pussy squirted out in a perfect arch onto his deck like a steady stream of water coming from a water fountain. The sight of this was enough to cause Mr. Wilson to cum right there in his buckled jeans.

As the two convulsed in simultaneous orgasms, Crystal fell back lifelessly onto the bed and Mr. Wilson joined her. Her pussy was on fire, her whole body swimming with endorphins. She could barely see straight due to the extreme level of euphoria she was experiencing.

But one sound and one sentence was enough to rob her of the most amazing orgasm of her life. There was a knock at the door. Mr. Wilson sprang up with alert.

“It’s my wife!”
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