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A Licence To Thrill

Driving Megan to the edge...
Inhaling deeply, I turned the key in the ignition to silence the roaring engine. Megan was always running late, however I didn’t mind. The sight of those perfect little pins, strutting down the concrete steps at the front of her house, was an image I would never tire of watching.

Perfect driving conditions made the day feel even hotter than it was about to get. The sun was nestled perfectly in the mid-day, blue sky. The soft, cotton clouds shielded the sun’s glare. I had decided to take Megan out for a different route today. She was not yet ready for her practical driving test. In fact, she was hopeless. Her co-ordination reminded me of my balance, after ten pints at my local pub. I didn’t entirely dislike this fact, it just meant I would get to see her more often.

I pressed the palm of my hand against the centre of the steering wheel and sounded the horn. Megan had been a customer of mine for little over three months now. She had delighted in telling me that for her seventeenth birthday, her parents had agreed to pay for her driving lessons. Her eighteenth would see her driving around in a brand new sports car of her choice.

My stomach flipped as the large white front door flew open. I never took advantage of my profession. However, Megan made it that little more beneficial. I watched her through my tinted lenses. The familiar pearly white smile and beautifully formed dimples in her cheeks could melt the heart of anyone.

Her honey, blonde ponytail swished as she quickly spun her head to ensure she had closed her door. Her white tennis shoes bounded down the steps as she eagerly displayed her excitement for yet another lesson. Her short denim skirt showed off her sculpted, tanned legs. I wasn’t sure if she could get that skirt any shorter, it was not much longer than her belt. Those meaty thighs hit me the hardest. I could feel a swelling in my groin just from the mere sight of her.

“Hey Dave,” she called, as she leaned in through the open window of the passenger side. Her sunglasses were resting against her high ponytail. “Where do you want me today? Straight in the driver’s seat, yeah?”

“Umm… Yeah,” I mumbled, realising that I was now sporting a bulge in my jeans. Unclipping the seat belt, I pulled the lever on the inside of the car door. I watched her walk around the front of the car, as if she was walking in slow motion. I firmly fixed my eyes on those fresh breasts, which were snuggled perfectly beneath her tight, white vest top.

We exchanged places. I nestled into the comfort of the passenger’s seat and watched as she settled next to me, positioning her mirrors. She rubbed her pink glossy lips together as she checked out her own reflection. She turned to me and giggled, “Only kidding, I’ll behave.”

Keep misbehaving and I’ll have you over my knee, spanking your peachy arse,” I thought.

I smiled back, unable to muster up any words for fear of disclosing my ridiculous crush on the girl.

“Okay, if you head straight down the road we’re gonna turn left at the roundabout ‘n head for the motorway, then turn off for the coast road.”

My eyes never left her. Checking she was carrying out her checks and manoeuvres correctly, I secretly scanned every inch of the blonde-haired beauty. She pushed and pulled at the steering wheel as she moved out from the parking spot. Her arms pressed against her young, ripe tits, causing them to almost spill from the scoop necked top.

I was thankful for her choice of clothing today. The slight strip of denim had risen further up her thighs as she operated the pedals.

Megan talked. She talked a lot. Her constant nattering made me nod and smile. “Y’know Megan, you should probably be concentrating on the road more.”

What I really wanted to do was pull over and shove my wet tipped cock in her mouth to silence her.

I glanced at the dashboard. “Slow down girl racer, our turn off is next.”

Making her giggle was something that I just loved. Her infectious laughter made it impossible not to laugh along with her and those jiggling breasts… well that was an even bigger bonus.

The hazy mist from the peaceful sea crept in through the open windows. The refreshing, salty air almost invited us to stay and enjoy the moment.

“Okay, Megan, if you can just pull up over here, we can concentrate on your turning in the road manoeuvre.” The crunching of the car tyres halted as she followed my instruction.

Leaning my arm over the back of her headrest I glanced behind us to make sure the coast was clear.

“Remember what I said from last week. Get that balance with your feet. Find your bite and when you’re ready turn the wheel.”

Reaching over I tugged the steering wheel towards me. “Other way, sweetie.”

“Did you just call me sweetie?” she quipped, her chocolate coloured doe eyes looking at me.

“Oh sorry, you don’t like that?” I responded, looking out the back of the car, to avoid further embarrassment.

“Well I just… It is just that I’ve never heard you call me that before.”

I could have sworn the thudding of my heart filled the silence in the car. I wasn’t sure how she wanted me to respond. How I was meant to react.

“I won’t use it again. I apologise,” I stumbled. I could feel the heat rising in my face. My hands grew clammy. She didn’t respond for what felt like an eternity, yet she was still looking at me as I fumbled my words for us to carry on the lesson.

“Do you think I am sweet?” she enquired, the innocent tone rang through my ears.

“Megan… It was just a slip of the tongue. I mean of course you’re sweet…”

“Would you like to know how sweet I really am?” she growled. Silencing the engine, she proceeded to unclip her seat belt. “You okay, Dave? You look a little flushed.”

“Meg…” I managed to squeeze out from the restricted air to my brain.

Turning her petite body towards me, she removed her glasses from the top of her head and tossed them to the side. She was delicious. Her freshly bronzed skin was flawless. As she leaned forward, the flowery scent of her designer perfume replaced the salty air.

A tear of precum dripped from the head of my aching dick, straining against my zipper. I fought against my body not to react, not immediately strip the young girl from her clothing and ravage her naked body.

“I know you want me. I know what you need,” she purred. The sudden change from innocence to seductress was alarming but welcomed.

Removing my sunglasses, I looked at her, attempting a more serious note. “I don’t think we should…” I stopped, stunned by what I saw in front of me. Her decorated fingernails tugged at the bottom of her top. I watched as she stripped the figure hugging material over her head, exposing her nestled bosom in her white, push-up bra. The jiggling orbs begging for their release. My dick was hard. It was uncomfortably hard. I shifted in my seat, desperate to re-adjust myself.

Silencing me, I felt her forefinger against my lips, quickly replaced by her own glossy ones as she crawled towards me. I wanted to inhale her. My lips slowly parted as I welcomed the taste of her. The raspberry fusion made her taste even more delicious. Our kiss became more passionate as her tongue fought against mine. Our breath ragged. Our clumsy hands began exploring the others’ bodies in a horny state.

She was kneeling on her seat. Anyone watching from her side would have been able to see up her tiny skirt, been able to see her knickers. I wondered what they looked like, how snug were they against her mound.

Fuck, I was a mess. Guiding my hand to her breast, she broke from our kiss to whisper in my ear. “Feel me, grab my tits. Feel how hard my nipples are for you.”

An involuntarily groan escaped my mouth as I massaged her juicy handfuls of flesh. I could feel my precum staining my boxers. I moulded them and pawed at her other breast, releasing them both from the restrictive material until they swayed and hung neatly in my hands. She was right, her ridged little nipples jutted from her flesh. I could not resist tweaking them between my fingers, causing her to moan into my mouth.

“I’ve wanted you for so long. I masturbate at night thinking of you, plunging my fingers into my tight little hole.” She was inches from my face, biting her lower lip. Her horniness radiated from her. “Can I touch you?” Without waiting for a response she continued, “I can see how much you want me too. I know you have stroked your dick over the thought of fucking me.”

My dick was raging. It throbbed painfully as she caressed it through the denim. I felt I could have just spunked in my pants at the sudden change of this horny, young teenager. She was gagging for it. It was wrong on so many levels but she was too irresistible.

Reaching underneath my chair, I pulled the lever to give us more room. Crawling over me, she straddled my body. I grabbed the hem of her little skirt and pulled it up around her waist, exposing her delicate, black see through thong. It barely covered her hairless mound. I heard the zipper of my jeans as she fished out my rock hard pole. Within seconds, I had raised my hips and fumbled to pull down my jeans to my ankles. I needed to fuck her. I needed to fuck her hard.

The space restrictions in the car didn’t stop us. Her breasts mashed against my body as she leaned forward, tugging her thong to the side and guiding my iron-hard manhood to the entrance of her dripping core. I could smell the sweet scent of her delicious sex, inviting me to take her. I wanted to taste it, to feel the dripping liquid on my tongue.

Resting my head against my seat, I tried to pace myself. I could feel her slit, stroking the head of my dick, our juice rubbing together. Without warning, I felt the pop of her tight snatch as she slipped onto me. The heat from her smooth cunt was almost too much for me to cope with.

“Oh god, you’re so big for me,” she squealed as she slowly slid her warm tunnel down my aching shaft. Her wetness engulfed me. I held onto her hips, slowly meeting her rhythmic pace. My cock was bursting for an early release. I needed to shoot my load inside of her. My hands found the roundness of her fleshy arse as I dug my fingers into it, kneading it.

I watched mesmerised as her delicate fingertips found their way to the hood of her clit. She rubbed, hard and fast. “I’m gonna cum. Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum on your cock,” she groaned. Her hot, wet cunt hugged my cock, squeezing tight around it as she contracted, ready for her climax.

“Oh god, I wanna cum. I wanna cum with you,” I yelled, my heavy balls tightening as I strained for my own release. I could feel the wetness of her core, dripping down my shaft as I plunged deep inside of her. I held her hips and began fucking her harder, faster than before. She screamed as she reached her climax. Her thrashing body signalled her orgasm washing over her.

Months of pent up frustration was about to be released inside of her. I imagined doing so much to her. I wanted to fuck her tits, slip my tongue inside of her juicy snatch but right now, I needed my release.

“Ohh… fucckk!” I cried as my hot liquid flooded her sodden cunt. She was dripping, a dripping mess. Her sweaty body, rested against mine.

‘BEEP, BEEP, BEEP’ ‘What the fuck,’ I thought. My alarm sounded. It was 8am. ‘Urgh’ I threw my head back into my pillows, I would be picking Megan up in an hour. I looked under the sheet, surprised there was no mess. I clutched my hand around my raging erection. “Oh Megan,” I moaned.

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