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A Long Time in Waiting

Hey Guys this is my second story, I hope you like it.

As lie there, I feel him at my feet; all of a sudden I feel this soft kiss on my left big toe, then soft kisses all the way up my left leg, all the way up to my left thigh. He then goes to my right big toe and does the same. He reaches my pussy and slowly kisses it, soft but deep, after giving it a soft lick, he moves up my stomach. He reaches my nipples, wow they're so sensitive and I don’t know why. You start off my circling your tongue around my hard nipples, I feel your fingers slowly spread my pussy lips, I am so wet, you find my clit and give it some gentle attention.

You turn me over and you sit over me, just below my ass. You start to massage my back, slow smooth strokes, it feels so good. You then lean down and kiss the back of my neck, it gives me goose bumps but I am so turned on. You start to get hard and I can feel you growing, as your rock hard cock rubs the side of my leg. All of a sudden I get this urge, I want you now. I raise my bum slightly, I can feel the tip of your penis against my clit and you tease me, rubbing your head back and forth, covering you with my juices. I want you badly and none of this teasing. It has been so long since we have been together, over a year and I want you to fill me. I want to feel you inside me so bad. I raise my bum up higher and your big hard head slips just inside, this sends me crazy.

You kiss my neck and back softly and tenderly, very innocently knowing that everything you do is turning me on and teasing me so badly, making me want you so badly. As you kiss my neck and back, you lean forward making you slide inside my tight wet pussy even more. This makes me scream with joy. You feel how tight I am and this turns you on, you thrust hard and deep into my tight pussy, stretching it making and it turns you on even more. You fuck me deep and hard and while you’re doing that, you reach around and play with my very sensitive clit, you kiss my neck and my back very softly, making my whole body tingle.

As you fuck me, you start to pick up speed and so do your fingers on my clit, this drives me insane. My whole body starts to shake and I can feel every inch of my body build up, I have to scream, the sensation is too much to bear it feels so good. My screaming turns you on even more, you go harder and faster, deeper and deeper, I am so close and you know I am, you can feel it. Then all of a sudden, my whole body gives in, all my muscles tense and release in a massive climax, it is so intense I pass out. My first orgasm, but you’re not finished yet, but you are close to coming.

You continue fucking my pussy, and rubbing my very sensitive clit, you pound me deep and hard, making me scream in pleasure, I can’t take anymore, my body tensing up, I don’t want to come, I don’t think I can handle it, but my body has other ideas. I reach my second climax, this sends you over the edge and you shoot your hot load deep inside my worn out pussy. As you pull out, I am still climaxing and haven’t come down yet, all your hot load oozes out of my pussy. You rub my clit a little more, watching your cum ooze out and that’s it I can’t take it anymore, I pass out. Once I awake minutes after, you get up, clean up your mess, grab the blanket on the floor and put it over me then you climb into bed and spoon me as we fall asleep, exhausted from our little activity.

Tell me what you think, anything you want to read, let me know and I'll write a story.
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