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A Lush Encounter

Lush stimulates a forbidden encounter
A Lush Encounter

I reckon It started innocently enough. I had discovered Lush Stories and was becoming slightly hooked, making fast and intimate friends among the membership and enjoying the erotic writing. I found myself very much attracted to a handful of Lushies because of their humor, intelligence and just plain sexiness, truth be told!

When I first started viewing Lush frequently I had just moved to a new town and rented a couple of rooms in my band mate's home until I found something more suitable. He and his lovely wife Tammy where wonderful company and kept the homesick blues from getting the better of me, although the sounds of their frequent and rather boisterous love making made me pine for my ex that I had left behind.

My habit had been to practice modes and scales on my guitar as I cruised Lush, killing two birds with one stone, and sometimes getting rather aroused if a story or member happened to tickle my fancy. One afternoon I was particularly turned on by a story by a lass from Australia named 'naughtygirl73', leaning towards my screen rather intently as her tale became more and more intense, the music fading from my fingertips as my fingers and thoughts were occupied elsewhere at the moment, absently rubbing my jeans as her lustful words captured my imagination.

Tammy happened to wander by and poked her head into my room and my cheeks slightly colored, my hands quickly returning to the fretboard. Busted!! Tammy giggled at my obvious embarrassment and of course had to look at my computer screen to see what was causing my discomfort.

She read a few lines of the torrid narrative and breathed ''Oh my!'' in a barely perceptible whisper, then said ''Scroll back to the beginning, Pony, This is truly wicked!''

I turned my head and saw her mouthing the words, a rosey flush rising to her cheeks as well as she scanned the steamy words. I returned to the beginning and she remarked ''Goodness, Is that the authoress on the av?? I'd fuck her myself!''

After reading the erotic tale she went down the hall to the bathroom to clean as she had intended before being sidetracked and I heard the lock click into place, rather odd in light of her task there, when a smirk of realization spread across my face and I checked the time to see how long she'd be occupied. The answer came rather quickly as she hustled past my room, her eyes diverted only a few moments later and closed the door to her bedroom, coming out shortly wearing a different pair of cut offs, the bathroom quite forgotten as she went to start supper and I could hear her singing cheerfully as she clanged pots and pans in preparation for the meal.

A few days later she and I were alone in the house and she came into my room after her afternoon run and requested that I pull up that sexy website for her. She asked if I would go to 'naughtygirl73's' home page, and she was blushing prettily as she scanned the photo's and comments on the page.

"Well, fiddlesticks!'' She exclaimed in her charming southern draw. ''I was hoping she'd written more than one!''

I then directed her to a yarn by 'cum girl' about the purchase of shoes I thought she'd relate to better than I. The writing was excellent, not the sort of thing that I found common experience with, but I thought she'd enjoy. I like shit kickers as much as the next guy, but shoes don't exactly register on my peter meter. Well, I might guess she did enjoy it as the bathroom scenario repeated itself in short order, only taking slightly longer before she again emerged and slipped steathfully past my room, and once again a change of wardrobe was required.

This pattern went on for awhile and I discovered that I wasn't alone in my admiration for the website, she was getting as addicted as I was. She always waited until we were alone in the house as if it was a shared ritual that was off limits to others.

 And I also noticed that her clothing was getting more daring and revealing during our forays into literary exotica, and as she leaned her elbows on my desk beside me, her cute little ass raised proudly, the front of her tank top showing generous amounts of golden tanned cleavage, proud nipples jutting out in a provocative way, straining the thin cotton material, she'd brush up against me in the pretense of straining to focus on the screen.

We were reading a particularly charged story when her bare arm brushed mine, sending delightful volts of sensation coursing through me, followed by a lean into the screen that brought her bra less breast into rather undisguised contact as well, then a downward glance to my lap in a gesture of what I was sure was false modesty, instead I had the sensation that she was checking my crotch for evidence of my being as turned on as she seemed to be by our reading and close proximity. She withdrew slightly, her hardened nipple grazing my arm, her eyes riveted longer then necessary on my package that was indeed quite evidently straining the fabric of my jeans.

As the lusty story unfolded her hand found it's way to my thigh,and I felt a squeeze as the tale got more juicy and involved, the squeezes coming more frequent and firmer as we read on. Her breathing was becoming shorter and her cheeks more and more flushed, then she groaned almost silently, rose and straddled my leg in one smooth motion. As I scrolled further into the story and we read the descriptive, sex charged story she was wriggling on my thigh and I could feel the heat escaping from her, along with a dampness that was increasing by the second and then her hand found my bulge,her fingernails slowly scraping the length of my straining cock through the rough denim.

Buy this time any pretense had vanished and I pulled her to me, my hands sliding under her tank top, feeling the weight of her firm tits and working her extended nipples to further arousal as she pulled her long blond hair to one side and I kissed and sucked her long, sensuous neck as she unashamedly ground her pussy into my leg and stroked my straining prick in earnest. Discrecstion and valor were replaced with unbridled lust as she unzipped my jeans and desperately, somewhat clumsily freed my by now raging cock from it's confines and then, much more dexterously pulled her skimpy cut offs to the side along with her laced thong and impaled my stiff cock into her velvety pussy.

She was insanely lithe and almost feline as I watched over her shoulder. Her perfect tits where heaving as she worked her hips to take every inch into her slick, clenching pussy, her tawny stomach muscles rippling as I felt contact with the bump of her cervix, her tanned runners legs flexed and pistoning as she shimmied and bounced on my lap,the leather office chair swiveling and creaking from her exertions as the swollen head of my cock found the slightly rough patch of her g spot and she suddenly tensed and her eyes rolled back as her back arched impossibly and a powerful tremor overtook her.

Her body flailed convulsively as her orgasm washed over her, various articles flying off my desk in her wake. The sights, sounds, and her purely wanton display,along with the already stimulated state of mind from the steamy story where more than enough to shove me over the edge as I disengaged from her suddenly and she knew I was ready to explode and grasped my cock with both hands as I growled and erupted, jetting spurt after spurt of hot cum all over her glorious tits.

She jumped up quickly, rivulets of creamy white cum flowing down her tummy, turned and kissed me softly and whispered close to my ear, ''Never again, Ponyboy, but just this once, I just had to!''

''Thanks darling!''

And with that she was gone to clean up, and things have returned to their previous state, It is never mentioned, but once in awhile I could swear she swiftly bats just one of those long eyelashes my way in a foxy mischevious wink.

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