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A Most Convienient Bank

Does fucking against a bank machine count as ATM sex?
It was spring in Montreal and my friend Adam and I had just finished our last exam of the year. As planned, we met up afterward outside the library to go out for drinks. Unfortunately it was a Tuesday night, so it seemed that it would be a pretty low key celebration. Still we had to do something. We’d just finished another semester and more or less managed to maintain our focus during beautiful Montreal spring. I don’t know what it’s like to try to study in more temperate climates, but when the snow melts and the city patios start to come to life, it’s almost unbearable to keep your nose buried in books.

It was a short walk from our campus to a stretch of bars on Bishop St. There was a place there where we were fairly regular at and it seemed like as good a place as any to go when there was nothing special to do.

Our exam finished at 9:00 PM and Montreal bars usually don’t start to fill up until after eleven at night. Since this was a weeknight though, by the time we arrived the crowd was pretty much as heavy as it was going to get. We headed up to the second floor and luckily just as we arrived a small group got up from a table by the front window to leave. We quickly slid by them as they left to grab a great table overlooking the street and open to the spring air. Since the weather was so nice the bar was probably more full than usual for a Tuesday. Plus what people there were at the bar were mostly gathered towards the front by the open windows, making the place feel more crowded than it actually was.

After a few beers we noticed that there was a pair of girls hanging by the railing on the lower landing just below our table. They were about as close as they could get the front windows without being at a table on the upper landing. My friend and I started chatting with them over the railing and in no time they had joined us at our table.

One girl was had sandy coloured curly brown hair to her shoulders and the other had straight blond hair that was a bit shorter than her friends. Looks wise there wasn't that much to separate the two. They were both attractive and any preference I think would have come down to a matter of taste. We were all getting along pretty well and both my friend and I were beginning to pair off with each girl.

Truth be told, I was more attracted to the one with the darker hair, but I could tell that she was more interested in my friend. It wasn’t too surprising to me either. Adam had an ability to attract women that was a mystery among our friends. At least it was a mystery among our male friends, but it seemed some of our female friends had drunk the cool aid. He was a short, low keyed guy who just seemed kind of well adjusted. Over the time I’d known him, I’d seen him pick up girls without really doing anything more than just being there. I’ve seen girl’s hit on him in front of their boyfriends and because he’s such a runt the boyfriends would then size me up as if I was the one they’d have to teach a lesson.

Anyway, as far as acting as wing-man goes this really wasn't a case of making a sacrifice, so much as making an adjustment. Besides any preference at this point was purely superficial and easily subject to change as they were both pretty hot. The blond was about 5’ 6” with a nice body, bright blue eyes and straight blond hair that was cut into rounded bangs in front and fell at the sides and back almost to her shoulders. All things considered, my so called second choice may have performed the same mating calculation as me. Either way, after a few drinks and conversation things really began to click between the two of us.

When my hand found a suggestive resting spot on her thigh, its welcome portended well for things that might come. The four of us were all still having a normal conversation, but more and more my hand was causing the occasional interruption in my new friends speech. Every so often I’d lightly touch her pussy and her eyes would look at me with a pleading sort of amusement.

We were all taking turns buying rounds along with occasional shots and when my new friend’s turn came up again she announced that she was out of cash.

“Is there a bank anywhere near here?” she asked to us all.

Her friend offered to cover her round, but she declined saying that she’d have to go get some cash sooner or later and that she might as well go now.

Her friend offered to go with her, but I politely interrupted and said I needed to go the bank too and could go along with her. Since neither of the girls knew where the bank machine was my offer was readily accepted.

As soon as we were on street I pulled her to me and we finally had a nice long kiss.

The bank was just up the street on the corner of Ste. Catherine St., the main thoroughfare through downtown Montreal. The machine was just inside the entrance and she let me use the machine first.

When it was her turn I got right up behind her and pulled her body back tight against me. She turned her head towards me and our mouths met in a kiss. Finally she pulled away a bit laughing and said, “Hey, l’m trying to do some banking here!”

“Don’t worry,” I told her as I ground against her ass, “I won’t look at your pass code.”

She was wearing a loose fitting mini dress and it was really easy to slip my hands underneath. As she struggled to poke away at the keys, my left hand slid though the side of her dress feeling the soft skin of the breasts, while my right hand reached around her waist and under her short dress. With only her panties between my hand and her pussy I pulled her back against the hardness of my bulge.

When I moved her underwear to the side of her pussy I still really had no other plan other than to make out a bit. As I started playing with her uncovered pussy she shuddered and moaned, but protested, “What if someone comes in?”

A reasonable question to consider, but at that point I was too horny to care. “Don’t worry,” I said, “it’s not like we’re really doing anything."

She really wasn't a good multi-tasker. Instead of working on her transaction she had her hands on each side of the machine, while I humped against her ass and fingered her pussy. When the machine would start beeping in protest at being ignored, she would briefly return her to her transaction.

When I took my cock out and slid it over the lips of her pussy she said, “No, not here there are cameras!”

“Don’t worry,” I said again, “do you think anyone actually monitors the recordings? It’s archived unless the machine is robbed or something. If they paid someone to watch the video then they might as well hire a security guard to just sit in here.”

I really didn't know one way or another if anyone watched the recording or not, but I think my theory sounded plausible. Then I intemperately added, “I don’t think you should worry, no one will ever watch and see us fucking.”

“Fucking?” she said with suddenly widening eyes, just as I entered her silky wet pussy. Again she weakly protested, “No, not here.”

Just as I drove my cock in, the machine dispensed her cash. She quickly grabbed the money along with her bank card. She then returned her cash filled mitt to the side of the machine to brace herself and push back against my thrusts. I don’t think either of us had ever met and fucked anyone in such short order before and it caused a certain fever in us both. If anyone walked in on us I don’t know if I could have stopped.

She was so hot and receptive that I just had to see how far thing could be pushed. I had her dress bunched up over her ass and with her underwear pushed to the side I could see down the crack of her nice round butt. I could see my glistening shaft sliding in and out of her pussy and when I spread her cheeks I could also see her asshole and I wanted it.

I moistened my thumb with spit and I used it to massage her tight little starfish while we fucked. Every so often I’d let some spit dangle from my mouth, aimed to run down the crack of her ass. When the spit reached my thumb, I’d use it to keep her little back button nice and moist. I massaged her asshole in ever widening circles and gradually worked my thumb into her. She was easily accepting my digit and it was deep enough that I could feel my cock through the flesh wall separating her pussy and ass.

I usually consider it bad form to do multiple transactions at a bank machine, but since there wasn't anyone waiting behind us I thought it would be alright.

After I performed a withdrawal of my cock from her pussy and I began a new deposit. I pressed the head of my cock up against her asshole and began working my pussy slicked cock into her.

With a little panic in her voice she said, “No-no, not my ass!”

I held her tight thought and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll go slowly.”

“No, I've never done it before, it’ll hurt too much.”

“I bet you've never fucked against a bank machine either.” I said with a smile, hoping that it was a reassuring argument. Then I added, “Just try it, if you don’t like it I’ll stop.”

“You promise?” she said.

“Promise,” I said.

With negotiations successfully concluded I continued to work my cock into her ass. The tension in her body was obvious as she struggled to accept me. The way her body was responding had changed. The response qualities were still high, but they were now paid in a different currency. Instead of body movements and moans of unambiguous pleasures, she was now fighting with herself. Her body was trying to find its way back to pleasure, but wasn't quite able to trust these new sensations.

I loved the feeling of managing the struggle. Backing off when getting a sense she was at her limit and pushing her harder when her body signals would allow. It was a slow and perhaps not altogether painless process, but with steady strokes my cock finally reached its maximum depth. All the while I could gradually feel the tension fade from her body as she slowly and surely became accustomed to having her ass fucked.

My hands reached around her slender body, feeling the wetness of her abandoned pussy and holding her inescapably tight against my thrusts. I liked feeling over her wet pussy, through her legs and letting the tips of my fingers touch my shaft to feel it slide in and out of her ass. Having lost most heed of where we were, I slowly fucked her in long deep thrusts as we leaned against the bank machine. It was the kind of lazy fucking that makes you feel a little dizzy and lost. The longer we fucked more her body surrendered to the feeling. Her ass again began to push back against my thrusts and soft moans again began to escape from her lips. The more she responded the harder I fucked her virgin ass

“Do you like having my cock in your ass? I asked.

“Oh, yes!” she said.

“Are you happy that you tried it?”

“Yes! Yes, I am,” she breathlessly proclaimed.

I was getting close. I asked, “Do you want feel my cum in your ass?”

“Yes, cum in my ass!” she begged.

“Are you going to like it when we’re back at the bar, sitting there with your ass full of cum?”

“Yes, I will,” she cooed. Then she added, “Please cum in my ass.”

With that I couldn't take it any longer. Holding her tight against me, my cum surged deep into her ass. What an orgasm!

As I came, she cried out, “Oh yes, I can feel it! I can feel your cum! Oh fuck!”

As our bodies began to recover from our orgasms, I slowly continued to pump her cum filled ass to milk as much possible pleasure and sperm from my cock into the core of her body.

When I slide from her ass, she let out a plaintiff moan and gave me a mock frown. Then hearing the outer door of the bank open we quickly pulled our clothes back into place and headed toward the door just as a pair of girls was entering. We were that close to getting caught. Even though it was a weekday, the machine was still in a high traffic area and it was actually kind of incredible that no one walked in on us.

Winding up my gentlemanly escort duties, together we headed back to the bar. We returned to find her friend on her own at our table. She greeted us saying, “Wow, you guys were gone forever.”

“Sorry,” I said, “the machine we went to was out of service. We ended up having to walk to branch over on Peel.”

Then I asked, “Where’s Adam?”

“I don’t know,” her friend said. “I thought he went to the washroom. He disappeared not long after you two went to the bank and I haven’t seen him since. “

I knew that once Adam hits his drink maximum that he has a tendency to disappear. He just quietly slips away and goes home. I didn't think we had been out that long, but who knows how late he’s been up studying these past few days. After I let them in on Adam’s routine, the friend of the girl I was with seemed nonplused by the news, but did suggest a girl’s trip to the ladies room.

When they returned they wore a pair of mischievous smirks that gave me the impression that my confidential deposits had most likely been leaked.

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