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A nice surprise

A nice surprise

Steven and Lyndsey had a great sex life. No complaints from either of them, but they liked to try new things and keep it fun and interesting.

One day Steven asked if she would like to go for a drive in the evening. He had a look in his eye that she knew meant more than just a nice evening drive. She was intrigued and of course said yes. She found it very hard saying no to Steven.

All day she tried to get clues from him as to where they were going. Each time the reply was the same, "It’s a surprise". So she had to step things up.

Steven was in the shower. She could hear the water running so decided to join him. He didn't’t hear her enter the room and undress. The first he knew she was there was when she pulled back the shower curtain. She stepped inside and started to kiss him slowly on his neck, then moving down to his chest. He wasn’t fooled though, he knew what she was up to. She just wanted him to give in and spill the beans on the evenings plans.

He played along by letting her do whatever she wanted to him. Soaping his body and rubbing her hands all over him, taking his cock in her hands and stroking it. She then turned around and backed up on to him. Feeling his cock stiffen, she rubbed her ass against him. Grabbing his hands and pulling them around to play with her nipples.

Steven wanted her right then, and she knew it. So she bent over with her hands on the wall and spread her legs inviting him in. He felt her pussy, and felt how ready she was for him so with a quick thrust he was inside her, filling her tight pussy.

They fucked like this for awhile before Steven told her to turn around and suck his cock. She got on her knees and took him in her hands, sliding it in her mouth, slowly bit by bit, savoring the moment. She thought he was putty in her hands. But she was wrong.

Sucking his hard cock and wanking him into her mouth as the water ran down their bodies was very hot and horny. He told her he was going to cum and wanted her to swallow every drop. She loved the taste of his cum, and thought if she did this then he would spill about tonight’s events. With a final thrust he shot his load straight down her throat, and when he finished she licked every inch of him.

Drying each other’s bodies off after the shower Lyndsey said, “OK so what’s the plan tonight”. But all she got back was, “It’s a surprise babe”. Steven had a cheeky look in his eyes that said he had won.

An hour later they were in the car, still no clues as to where they were going. Lyndsey reached across and started rubbing Steven's cock through his jeans, and instantly he was rock hard. They hadn’t been driving long when he pulled down a dirt track. It was dark and she had no idea where they were going. A little way down he turned right, and she could just make out a large empty car park, or what she thought was empty. In the far corner was a car parked with the lights dimmed.

Steven pulled up opposite the car and dimmed his own lights. He removed his seat belt and told Lyndsey to get out the car. She did, and followed him to the front of the car. He started to kiss her and fondle her tits. Lyndsey seemed hesitant and asked about the other car. “Don’t worry about them babe, it’s just you and me”.

Soon Steven was pushing her onto the bonnet of the car, and pushing her skirt up her thighs. She knew someone was in the car, but at that moment she didn't care. He slid her knickers to the side and bent down to taste her wet pussy. She was so wet by now, and was aching for him. He slid two fingers inside her then back out, and put his fingers in her mouth, and told her to suck them and taste herself. This was something they both loved doing, a big turn on for them.

Just as Steven was telling her to turn around, and bend over the bonnet, and spread her legs she heard a car door open and footsteps approach them. She tried to turn around but Steven was kissing her neck and whispering in her ear, “Trust me babe”.

The footsteps were right there behind her. Even though she was slightly nervous she totally trusted Steven and let what was about to happen, just happen.

As he stepped to the side of her, she felt a pair of hands on her waist, then they were rubbing up and down her body, between her legs. She let out a little groan as the hand cupped her throbbing pussy, squeezing it.

She looked to Steven who was staring right at her, enjoying what was happening. She knew he had fantasies about another man fucking her, but didn't think it would go this far. She always wanted to please him though, and would do anything to satisfy him, little did she know what was happening.

A hand gently on her back, pushed her so she was leaning on the bonnet, and her legs spread wide. She was expecting to be fucked from behind, and was ready for it. What she wasn’t ready for was the mouth on her pussy, tongue probing her. It felt so good, they were obviously experienced. Flicking their tongue on her swollen clit, and then licking from her pussy to ass. As they teased her ass, they slid a finger inside her, then another until soon it was a whole fist filling her up.

While this was happening, Steven was watching and wanking, as his girlfriend was been fucked by another woman. Yes, the surprise was, he had arranged for someone to turn up and fuck her, just not another man.

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