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A Night Out To Remember

A family night out turns out to be anything but family oriented
I was looking across at her. I knew she was giving me that look. Me and my parents and younger sister were in Spain to celebrate my eighteenth. We’d been invited out tonight by the couple just down the corridor in our block of apartment. Etta and Simon Brody were there names. Etta was dressed in a smart lime green dress which clung to her figure. She must have been in her late thirties but it didn’t show.

“Anyway, me and Simon love it here in Spain. It’s just fantastic. Sun, sea and….,” Etta giggled.

“Hey less of that - there’s kids round,” Simon mockingly admonished her.

I got up to go to the toilet, over at the other side of the bar. I got distracted by one of the locals for a few minutes on the way. He was asking whether I like eggs and chips because I was “English”.. Then I finally reached the toilet itself. When I opened the door, it was empty. I walked into one of the cubicles and undid my flies. I had just pulled my dick out from my trouser when I felt a hand reach round my front from behind to take hold of it.

“Guess who?”

I was already growing increasingly hard against the mystery girls hand. I turned round. Standing there was Etta.

“E-Etta…er…what….what are you after?”

She didn’t even answer, pushing me down onto the toilet seat, while searching the inside of my mouth with her tongue. I pushed her short dress up to her wais and was surprised to find that she was wearing no underwear. She moved slowly, spreading her thighs wide and sliding herself down, so that my rock hard cock slid fully up her.

“Oh fuck….,” I groaned, trying to keep my noises to a minimum in case anyone walked in.

Etta’s face was twisted in a fierce grimace as she vigorously drove herself up and down in my lap. I brushed aside her long, brown hair to kiss her neck as she leaned into my shoulder.

“W-Why did you surprise me like that?”

“I’ve been gagging for a fuck since we got off the plane,” Etta gasped as she continued to grind her hips against me.

“Aaargh!” she cried out as, at the same time I felt a flood of wetness soaking my balls.

She leaned into me for a few seconds, resting her head on my shoulder, breathing deeply.

“Did you cum?” she whispered

“No…no..not yet.”

She slowly stood up on unsteady legs and I stood up with her. Then she knelt in front of me, unfastening the waistband of my trousers, and pulling them down together with my boxers.

She held my erection in her fist and leaned her head towards it. I’d never even had this before. I felt her soft lips wrapping round my shaft, the moistness of her tongue flicking it while it was held in her mouth.

She reached behind me with one hand and pushed firmly, which I took as a sign of encouragement to start thrusting my hips. Within seconds I was vigorously face fucking her, holding my hand round the back of her head and shoving my hips forward at the same time as pushing her towards me. Her eyes were watering as I pushed my cock fully down her throat, until my balls were pressed against her lips with each thrust.


I screwed my face up as what had started as a numb tingling in my balls, rippled through my shaft and culminated in a spasmodic shuddering of my hips as I felt myself squirting inside her mouth. She gagged several times, releasing dribbles of my cum down the front of her dress. Then I felt the pounding in my swollen prick subside.

She stood up, her chin glistening with the shinyness of my spunk running down it.

“We….we’d better get cleaned up before going back out there,” I moaned.

Etta smiled, ripping a couple of squares of toilet paper from the dispenser next to me and wiping her mouth while I pulled my rousers back up and fastened the buttons.

We walked out of the cubicle, me a small distance behind Etta, in order to avoid arousing any suspicions. When I reached the table and sat down, I could just hear Simon asking her,

“Say babe what’s that mark on your front? Looks like soap or something.”

I smiled inwardly.

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