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A Physiotherapy Visit Like No Other

You never know what happens behind closed doors...
Go to room one, she is told. As she picks up her bags and starts to walk through the hallway to the room, the physiotherapist gives her a secret wink and clearly large smile. Ever since starting physiotherapy two months ago, she has had to resist the advances of her young physiotherapist and her urge to jump his bone.

She walks into the tiny room and takes a seat in the chair in the corner. She remembers what happened the last time she was asked to wait in the same room – she was sitting there for close to an hour playing on her phone. Her mind wanders and she finds herself thinking about her physiotherapist who is helping a patient on the other side of the wall behind her, and instead of playing with her phone, she decides she would rather be playing with him. With that, she slides her hand down her tight yoga pants to begin touching herself.

He says goodbye to his patient and starts to walk down the hallway to room one. Walking silently just inside the doorway, he sees this girl seemingly sliding her middle finger over her clit. He gasps out loud. She hears the gasp and realizes that she isn't alone. She is embarrassed that she is caught masturbating in front of somebody in such a place. She opens her eyes to see who it is and she finds him. This somebody isn’t just anybody – it’s the person she is thinking about while doing it.

She stutters to apologize as he stands there speechless. They are both equally embarrassed. He works up the courage and walks over to her, asking her to climb up on the bed so he can do her exercises. She climbs up and lies down on her stomach with her feet resting on the bed. He touches her ankle and begins pushing her foot down flat to the bed and massaging it. Waves of pleasure shoot through her entire body. Continuing to do this same exercise for two minutes, he watches her ass bounce slightly and feels a growing lust for her.

He asks her to slide down to have her feet dangle off the edge of the bed. She slides down and her shirt slides up showing more than just a bit of her lower back due to the friction. His eyes widen as he has to muffle his desire to keep sliding her shirt off. As her feet dangle over the edge of the bed, he walks up to her and brings his thigh up and rests her foot on it. He pushes her foot against his leg to stretch her calf. He asks her if it feels alright and she nods her head. She feels him rest his hand on the back of her ankle, figuring that is what he has to do. Within moments, he is gliding his hand up her smooth calf, pushing her yoga pants up. When the yoga pants won’t budge any more, he still continues working his way up the back of her thigh up to under her firm butt cheek. She tenses up wondering what he is doing; at that, he tells her to just relax. He slowly slides his hand back down to her ankle and asks her to sit up. She flips over onto her back and sits up and twists so her legs are dangling over the edge of the bed.

He steps in between her legs and grabs her lower back and begins to passionately kiss her. She is shocked but can't help but kiss back. She runs her fingers through his thick curly hair. He continues to explore her mouth with his tongue as he begins to pull her pants down – he must work fast, there isn’t much time before someone will wonder what is taking so long. She can’t believe what is happening, but she doesn’t want it to stop as she lifts her bottom off of the bed just enough for him to get them off past her knees. He gasps as he is shocked to find that she isn’t wearing panties.

He kneels down and finds his face between her toned legs. He gently kisses the lips of her vagina. He slides his tongue down the middle. He begins gently sticking his tongue onto her clit. She holds the back of his head and moves it back and forth to let him eat her pussy.

Up close, her pussy is even more beautiful than he had imagined, all pink and swollen and exuding a hot scent. Leaning in and dipping his head again, he takes a long, slow lick, letting his tongue flick briefly back and forth over her clit, and then begins to lick and suck hungrily at her soaking wet slit. As she parts her legs wider to allow his searching mouth further access to her, he surprises her and she elicits a gasp of shocked pleasure as he prises her open with the blade of his tongue. Flaying her tight, sweet little rosebud with his mouth, she squirms and moans with lust. He licks and tastes his way back up to her throbbing clit, noting how amazing the taste of her is – sweet, musky, and slightly tangy all at once. Suddenly he has to bring his own hand to his dick, which is growing in response to her low moans. He undoes the button of his dress pants and lets them fall to the floor. He pulls his boxers off and slides his hand over his shaft as he keeps sucking and nibbling gently at her clit. He laps at her little bead, feeling it dance under his tongue. The more it dances, the more determined he is to take her all the way to nirvana.

He brings up a hand to her slick pussy and slips his finger over her clit and swollen lips. The juices are almost leading his fingers into the slippery warmth. She moans ever so softly as he slides his single finger in and out of her pussy, simultaneously rubbing at her clit with the flat of his thumb. She brings her hands behind her to keep herself sitting up straight. He can hear her breathing becoming heavier and faster and knew she is close to orgasm. Driving his finger deeper and faster, in and out, he feels her start to tighten and suck as he decides to slip another finger in. He massages the fingers along the inside her body, twisting and spreading them, then swirling them about, stirring her wet, slick pussy, giving her new pleasures, purring outright at her throaty growls of pleasure. He feels his own hips moving in unison with hers as he strokes himself even harder. Her breathing is now coming in short little gasps, and her pussy is making squelching wet sounds over his fingers as she grinds herself up and down on them. He can barely breathe himself, trying as he is to maintain control and not squeal and moan too loudly, whilst licking and nibbling away at the same time. She loves how he teases her opening with his tongue. He takes her clit into his warm mouth, pulling on it, sucking her into his mouth, and moving it side to side with his tongue. Her climax is building and building and he knows just what to do. He works her like a master director leads an orchestra: pulling, nibbling, sucking, stroking, and pushing her to the edge.

Suddenly he feels her body stiffen and her pussy begin to twitch and tighten over his pumping fingers. His soft touch and fast moving fingers are making her want to climax. She suddenly lets out a moan of pleasure that signals to him that it is time to up the speed. She feels that familiar feeling and feels the blood rushing to her vagina. He keeps kicking and fingering her pink clit. She bites her lower lip to keep from crying out, but a low, guttural moan manages to escape her as her body wracked with the spasms of a coming tremendous climax. Like a bomb exploding, she screams out as she comes. He looks up at expression of rapture on her face, sees look down into her own, and then he is pulled up into a long and deep kiss, feeling the shuddering power of her orgasm almost through his own body. Pumping at his cock faster he feels himself descend into the depths of his own earth shattering orgasm.

They kiss harder, teeth clashing together with the force of it, both needing to suppress the cries that threaten to escape from their mouths yet again. She throws head back in pure ecstasy and by chance he looks up at her to reveal her chest heaving with anxious, excited breaths. He intensifies the fingering again and then pulls out when he feels her liquid coat his fingers.

As the shakes and waves finally subside, he eases his fingers from her slippery warmth and licks them clean, savouring the final taste of her. Her head is still back, but her eyes are wide open, staring straight up at the ceiling. He feels her shudder. Her eyes drift shut. Her lips are parted, her breathing still shaky.

She slowly raises her head to look at him, and those cold blue eyes are wide with shock, her face still flushed from her orgasm. They hold each other for a few long moments before finally parting to look at each other once more.

Both dressing quickly, he gives her hand a final squeeze. He opens the door and they both walk out, where everyone is oblivious to their flushed faces and guilty looks.
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