A Private Meeting

By doctadexxx

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A steamy passion unfolds within Josie's workplace.....

It was a stinking hot day in the middle of December. Decorations were set up everywhere bringing a Christmas feel throughout the office. Josie placed her Chris Cringle gift under the plastic tree. Inside the wrapping paper of her gift was a cheap toaster from Big W. She did not care, as she was not too fond of Christmas. It was only because her work forced everyone to give a gift to another work college, that she had bought it. She had been working since nine and being an eight hour shift, she still had two and a half hours till she knocked off. Too early to clock watch, to try and take her mind off things she decides to head down to the lunch room to get a drink of water.

Even though her office is air-conditioned, she starts to feel a little clammy. Her white shimmery satin blouse isn’t breathing that well in the heat. Once walking into the cafe, she pours herself a glass and stands there sipping it slowly, looking at the tinsel on the walls and corny posts and decorations on the pin board criticising to herself the false spirit everyone was faking at her work. Trying to kill as much time as possible she paces her drink. As she stands their almost in a daydream, her trance is broken by Jim greeting her as he walks in to make a coffee.

Now Jim was her team leader. Even though he is a little older than her being in his late thirties, however, Josie still considered him to be strikingly handsome. By looking at him you could see he was fit and takes care of himself ensuring that he stays in shape. Light chat was made, as often they would flirt with each other and had a pretty good relationship. Sometimes even the boundaries were pushed a little, but caution was held that the conversation was never out of line.

As he pours himself a coffee looking down at the cup, it is in this moment, that Josie sneaks a peak at him, seeing each muscle of his strong back push through his clothes. Josie loved this in a man. Although she continued to talk with him, images were flickering through her mind of running her hands down the v frame of his back. Overwhelmed with desire; the thoughts of sex start to cycle through her mind. She finds herself aroused, with her fluids running wild with excitement. Feeling all fuzzy and warm with arousal, she takes several steps towards him as he stirs his coffee just to test his reaction of her in his comfort zone. Straight away he smiles. Thinking in how hot she was, brown hair tied up with dark eyes and European looking, this was the type of girl Jim was fond of, as he was European himself. He picked up and sensed her arousal and started flirting a little bouncing back with witty remarks. Hoping it would fire her up more.

Josie was hit with an urge to touch him. She reaches over and drops her hand softly onto his arm holding his coffee. Like a full body shock, the touch zaps Jim intensely, giving this instant physical connection. She holds it there while Jim is still talking. He holds eye contact and continues talking, pretending her hand isn’t there in full hope that she holds it there for as long as possible. The chemistry is incredible. She is lost in his eyes and her lips begin to swell. She tucks them in, biting them softly to lubricate them a little. Jim’s attention is drawn to her lips and blood rushes to his penis filling him with a full throttle erection. He hadn’t worn jockeys today and wore loose cotton boxers. Bad move. The repercussions were present as his Trojan wasn’t saddled making it clearly visible he was excited. She notices it and looks down at his swollen bulge and gives him a cheeky seductive smile.

All of Jim’s morals were gone. His bottom brain had taken over. He couldn’t think of nothing more than to bend her over right there and then and thrusting his tension into her pocket of pleasure. He hid it well though. Acting in no way overwhelmed, he grabs the side of her arm and squeezes it lightly but firm and comments to her I wish we could sort this out. The line was in context with the conversation, but in the way he was looking at Josie her imagination was sent wild, as it acted like a pun. Her feelings and thoughts started going wild. A little frazzled with excitement, out of nowhere Josie blurts out I need to show you. Jim realises in what he has done, smiling at her he comforts her with control. He directs her to his office and directs her to sit down as he closes the door behind them closing the blind, shutting all vision to the outside of his office.

She sits down. Jim continues to talk walking slowly up behind her and rests his hands on her shoulders. He gives her a little tease of a massage asking if she is alright and that she seemed a little tense. She quivers at his touch. All dripping wet and begging for him inside of her, she tries her hardest to reply that she is fine in a normal tone of voice. He then sits on the desk as they continue to chat with his full fledged stiff meat pointing in her direction through his pants. She can’t get her eyes of it. Yet, he plays it cool and continues talking acting as if it isn’t there. Overwhelmed completely, to the point in where nothing was more important than him in her right now, she takes a gambling chance at making the first move; in full hope he would do it with her right in his office. She lunges forward and grabs his crotch. Looking at it with lust she looks up at him and he looks at her smiling making a witty remark that it’s not a sock. As they both laugh a little, Jim stands for a second and pounces on her, nestling his mouth into her neck proceeding to kiss it softly and fast while he runs his hands all over her body.

Jim lifts her up by the back of her thighs and turns her around to drop her on the desk. Still locked at the lips, Josie wraps her legs around him. Jim takes a step back and looks at her with eyes of heat, anxiously trying to loosen and undo his tie. Kissing intensely, Jim starts to unbutton his shirt. Josie runs her hands up her body and starts undoing her blouse. Only half way down, so her black lacy bra is popping out of her top, nursing those perfect breasts of hers. On the urge of exploding, he cups them in his hands and squeezes them, kneading them in his hands softly continuing to communicate though kissing. She weaves her hands around his arms touching her and starts to unzip his fly. Wanting to hold him in her hands, she pulls out his stiff penis holding it in her hands. He feels warm. She looks at his penis and sees he is uncut, she starts jacking him off trying to share the pleasure she is feeling.

All raunchy and wild, Jims slides his hand down to her panties, lifting her skirt a little to feel what’s behind her knickers. He feels that her knickers are wet. Taking it as a green light to keep going, he rubs her kitty a little. Instantly she reacts and looks at him with heat. She pulls her hands away from touching him and uses her hands to lift her skirt up giving her legs more leeway, then returns her hands to him and tries to undo his belt. With the sound of the buckle rattling, his pants are undone and he kicks them off. Sliding his hand through the top of her knickers, he slowly enters her with his fingers. She stops him, pulling his hand away and rolls her wet little panties down her legs and tosses them to the ground as she holds eye contact, both of them horny with heat.

From the second of touching her, his fingers are instantly lubricated, turning them into tools to service her. He knows her anatomy well, and finds her clit straight away, rubbing it as he thrusts into her hands. With his head burrowed into the pocket of her shoulder groaning softly in her ear, and her clit being provoked, she closes her eyes surrendering willingly and accepts she is going to come. The fire builds between her legs. Jim is saying something softly in her ear, but she drifts away. With all focus on her own arousal, she feels the pleasure build as her breathing increases. Her thundering heart pumps faster ad faster. Her body starts to quiver as she squirms with pleasure. She is so fired up by the passion that she can feel the walls come crumbling down in the most intense orgasm.

Opening her eyes, she notices that Jim is smiling, knowing what she just had. She looks at him with lust and tells him that she wants him in her. He puts it in, using his hands as a shoehorn. With a couple of slow thrusts the path is cleared to a new intensity of expression. He holds the back of her neck, firmly digging his thumb and third finger into her two points of pressure and starts sliding in and out of her. Josie’s legs tense up as she tries to adjust her nerves to this thick cock boring into her. Jim tells her she is perfect and that being inside of her feels incredible. In effort to add contrast, he grabs her breast with his other hand and picks up the tempo of the sex.

Looking into his eyes, she is so fired up and sensitive that every pleasuring pump spreads throughout her body from head to toe. The sensation builds and she feels another one coming on, looking at Jim, she sees he has no expression on his face like his mind was else where to try and increase his stamina. She smiles at him, giving a smile that equals a thousand  words of explaining that he is doing it right. With his ego stroked, he pushes her back onto the table and turns her body while lifting up one of her legs and rests the back of her ankle on his shoulder. All this is done with caution not to break the tempo of the fantastic sex. With her torso twisted, she turns her head to watch him, as he continues to hammer into her. With both arms he grabs the top of her thigh and uses her leg to control the sex pulling her into him as he drives his stiff dick into her. He changes the tempo to aggressive jolts, slowing down a little because he is too close to coming.

 Her body heats up as she starts to flush with pleasure. Her legs start to feel a little shaky from the punishment, but her body is in so much exquisite pleasure she doesn’t care. Her heart beat starts to increase and her anatomy start swelling, she can feel the waters about to break, it builds and builds to the point in where she starts to howl with arousal, her hands grab onto the table as she is smashed with another intense orgasm.

Jim is close. He can see he has pulled his own, so her starts to draw more attention towards his own arousal. From the base of his groin he can feel the pressure building. Thrusting into this stunning young girl is so arousing. He sees she is just coming back to reality in the numbness of her orgasm. He feels her eating at him inside of her, just begging for him to come. Knowing in how close he is, he lifts her leg back over and brings her closer to him. He drives his mouth to her ear pressing her breasts against his chest. In an intense burst, he lets loose inside of her almost paralysed by its intensity. Several slow sensuous kisses are shared as time is lost in this moment of bliss. Then in a painful comedown, he pulls back, slipping out of her, trying to catch his breath from the workout.

He looks at her with surprise and says to her in how hot that was, reaching for his shirt trying to establish the notion of redressing. Josie doesn’t want to move, she is content still trying to come to her senses. The whole intense encounter has blown her away. She is grinning with a glowing smile that she couldn’t stop no matter how hard she tried. Seeing that Jim is now putting on his boxers and pants, she starts to button up her blouse and scope around the room to where her knickers were lost in the midst of passion. They are spotted near a book case. She tidies herself up and puts her panties back on. Jim is tucking in his shirt and tells her to take a seat.

They both sit down pumped with endorphins and stare at one another. With such fire in each others eyes through what has just happened, Jim looks down for a second and starts discussing company policy. Jim starts going on the spill of confidentiality. Jodie knows what he is referring to as he starts discussing the event taken place in a professional manner. Looking at her confidently, he tells her on the importance of this matter and that more time is needed in resolving it, but for now, it should be kept quiet from the rest of her colleges.

As she stands to leave, he suggests that another appointment should be made the following Tuesday at eleven to continue this topic of discussion. Still smiling, Josie agrees eagerly. Willing to do anything to keep access to sex like that. She smiles and leaves the room, floating on a bed of clouds.