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A Quickie with the Pool Boy

A Quickie with the Pool Boy

I was horny for my pool boy and thought I would entice him just a little.
I live with my husband in a large 2-story house in Atlanta. We have a large swimming pool that requires weekly maintenance, so we hire a service.

About six weeks ago the pool service started sending a new guy – a young, muscular, dark-haired hunk of a man, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him when he was cleaning the pool. I looked forward to every Tuesday when he would show up, usually wearing just cut-off shorts and no top, his muscular ripped body exposed for my pleasure and active imagination.

Being a friendly person, the first day he came, I went out and introduced myself. His name was Mike. We chatted for a few minutes while he worked and I went back in the house and watched him from the kitchen window. My panties became wet that first day as I watched him, the muscles in his abdomen, back and arms flexing with each movement.

“God!” I though. “I want him!”

I would pretend to be busy doing something so that I could watch him. If he looked toward me, I would quickly look away. But all the while I was getting hornier and wetter, at times reaching down into my short (which I always wear) to masturbate.

My husband owns a large wholesale distribution business and is out of town for several days every month, leaving me alone and, thanks to Mike, wanting sex – hot, steamy, vigorous sex! The kind of sex that leaves me gasping for breath and totally spent. The kind of sex I never get from my husband.

Today was Tuesday and Mike showed up at his usual time around nine in the morning. I had plans to do something dangerous, but very exciting and sexy. I was going to entice him, just to see what he would do. I would not so subtly let him know that I was horny for him. I didn’t think anything would come of it, and really didn’t want anything to come of it. I’m a faithful wife even though I get urges to stray.

A few minutes after Mike started his work, I positioned myself at the large sliding glass door that leads out to the pool deck. I was dressed in a white tank top and tight shorts, nothing underneath.

As Mike worked, I started to rub my hands over my body, imagining that they were his hands. As I got more and more aroused, I pushed my hand down into my shorts and started to rub my clit. My pussy quickly got wet with anticipation and my nipples were standing erect and as hard as a pair of gum drops. I closed my eyes briefly as my fantasies wandered.

When I opened my eyes, Mike was standing at the door, just on the other side of the glass, staring at me, his huge cock and balls sticking out of his unzipped shorts!

I gasped in horror and quickly dashed away from the door and out of the kitchen. I was totally embarrassed and knew that I could never look at Mike again!

The thoughts running through my head were, “Maybe it was just my imagination and he wasn’t really standing there watching me masturbate.” And, “Oh God, what am I going to do? He saw me and he had plans to do something, otherwise his cock would not have been hanging out!” And, “Surely the door is locked! I always keep it locked.”

Then as I stood in the hallway near the kitchen, I heard the door slide open. It was a familiar sound I’d heard a thousand times.

“Oh my God! He’s coming in!” I thought in disbelief.

I peeked around the corner to see if I had actually heard the door open, and saw Mike walking toward me, his huge cock wagging back and forth with each step. I was so terrified that I froze. You know how the girl always freezes from fright in a horror movie, unable to run as the monster approaches? Well that really happened to me. I stood there, frozen and unable to move as Mike walked up to me, a smiling leer on his face.

“Hi Kelcey. If I’m not mistaken, you want something I can provide,” he said in a tone of voice that scared me even more.

All I could come back with was, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why are you in my house?”

My pussy was still quivering and my nipples were still erect from the fantasy I was having just a few seconds earlier. But now Mike was right there in front of me, his hard cock sticking out of his shorts and ready to do me, and suddenly I realized that this was no longer a fantasy. This was real and Mike was real and he was going to have his way with me if I didn’t do something.

“You need to leave,” I managed to say, but with not much conviction.

“I don’t think so.”

I finally found the strength to turn and run, but he grabbed me from behind and pulled me back.

“Mike, no!” Part of me wanted to run and part of me wanted him to push his wonderful hard cock so deep into me that I would scream with pleasure.

I’d had many fantasies of this very thing happening. Mike would come into the house and we’d make love for two or three hours. Then he would leave me lying in a rumpled bed, totally fucked and spent.

But now it was real; Mike was real; his cock was real, and my resistance was wearing thin. I had wanted him in my dreams, but now that it was real, I was conflicted.

Mike held me against his body, his cock pressing against my ass. I had to admit that it felt good, and it felt so hard! I briefly wondered what it would actually feel like inside me, thrusting and thrusting.

And with that thought went the last ounce of my resistance. My body gave in to Mike just moments before my head did. I exhaled and moaned as my struggling body relaxed and gave itself to him. He was now in control and could do whatever he wanted with me.

“Don’t hurt me,” I heard myself say.

“I would never hurt you, Kelcey. I want to make love to you.”

He picked me up in his arms and I laid my head on his shoulder as he took me to the nearest bedroom a few steps away. He laid me down across the bed and quickly removed my shorts.

“Oh nice! No panties!” he whispered as he lowered his head between my legs.

I spread them for him as he pressed his tongue into my wet and swollen pussy. He quickly found my clit and worked it with his tongue like an expert. Within seconds my hips were thrusting, wanting him inside me…and he didn’t make me wait.

Without removing his short, he crawled between my legs and rammed his hard, enormous cock into me. He pushed it all the way into me with the first thrust and I thought my head would explode! His cock stretched my insides to capacity, filling and penetrating me more deeply than I had ever known before.

As I wrapped my legs around his waist, he laid down on me, took a handful of my hair in one hand and slid his other hand under my ass to lift it as he fucked me.

And he fucked me like there was no tomorrow! He started to thrust into me so fast that I thought he was a machine not a human being. His thrusts were deep and hard and relentless…and he came within sixty seconds.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” He groaned as he shot his load into me. We kissed a few times and he got off of me.

“Sorry to be so fast, but I have eight pools to clean today.”

He stuffed his cock back in his shorts and left to finish cleaning the pool. I lay there for a long time, wondering if it really happened or not. It was over so quickly and I didn’t even have an orgasm!

I decided that Mike was a real jerk! My fantasies of him were better than the reality. I thought, “Maybe I should request a new pool boy.”

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