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A Romp In The Janitor Closet-Part1

Matty pinned me up against the wall in the janitor closet and I felt his hard member poking into me

My name is Eliza Gilbert, eighteen years old, and in my last year of high school. For the past few years of high school, I had been a dork, a nobody. I was invisible to the public eye. Until one summer at band camp, I lost my virginity to the hottest guy in school. 

His name was Matty Sykes with a body like a Greek God. Tanned and toned. He had these blue eyes that were hypnotising. He actually noticed me and I felt special, so I lost my virginity to him on the ground in the woods. 


This is how it went down. We had been kissing gently on the lips and then the kissing progressed further to more passionate and we ended up on the ground. He had quickly pulled down my jean shorts and stuck his hand down my knickers and made me gasp out with a sensation I had never before. Passion. My eyes had rolled back inside my head the faster he moved his finger over my lady parts making me moan out loudly. It made me what I never felt before. Orgasm. 

My entire body shook for about ten seconds and then stopped. I couldn't believe I had my very first orgasm. 

Matty watched my response and took off my shorts and knickers. He pulled down his shorts and thrust forward making me gasp and moan with a combination of pain and pleasure as he had inserted his hard manhood inside me; It was mostly pleasure. Oh, boy, it felt so good! Every time Matty pulled back and thrust in, it felt so good against my clitoris. He fucked me harder and faster as soon as he heard me moan loudly with pleasure and wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Don't stop!" I told him. "Harder!" 

He listened to me and fucked harder. He gasped and groaned. "I'm sorry, Eliza, I'm coming!" he cried. And right at that moment, Matty's body went into spasms as he orgasmed.

I cried out a few moments later as I came as well.

We looked at each other breathing heavily. I smiled and he smiled back. And then we fell back into each other's arms.


Since we arrived back in school, Matty had been distant with me. Made me feel invisible again. But that was before he came up behind me after school and wrapped his strong arms around me. 

"I want you," he whispered into my ear. He kissed down my neck.

I turned around and we kissed full on the lips and I banged against the lockers. I felt his cock hardening inside his jeans. I bit my bottom lip and rubbed his manhood feeling how horny he was.

"Wow!" I said with shock. "Someone's very horny," I grinned. 

Matty grinned back and opened up the janitor's closet and took my hand as he led us inside. He turned to me and pinned me up against the wall lifting up my black blouse and kissing down the valley in between my bosoms. His right hand went down my skirt into my knicker and began fingering me.

I groaned out with pleasure. "Don't stop!" I told him.

He grinned and unzipped his jeans and unbuckled his belt with his left hand as he fingered me harder.

I moaned louder.

Matty lifted me up onto his waist still against the wall and thrust his hard member deep inside me. He moaned out loud and so did I as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

We kissed passionately as my hands gripped his perfect toned buttocks. 

I gasped and moaned louder as we fucked harder and my back was getting bruised.

Luckily, Matty decided to change positions and throw me down on the floor of the janitor's closet and fuck me in the missionary position. It was still uncomfortable on my back but the pleasure of Matty deep inside me was so satisfying. Especially, when he placed my legs on his shoulders, which caused deep penetration and pleasure for both of us.

"Harder!" I said.

He moved- I moved- we moved- fucked harder and faster making the shelf rack rattle like an earthquake trembling.

"I'm coming!" Matty cried.

"I'm coming, too!" I cried.

Our bodies shook and we cried out in pleasure together as we orgasmed. Completely wow!!!

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