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A Steamy Room

The other day my girlfriend and I were sitting at home, trying to think of something we could do. We were trading ideas about possible options, maybe go to the mall or a walk in the park.

Nothing really seemed all that appealing to me, until my girl said “I know exactly what we could do! We should go swimming!”

Now I’m never one to complain when my girl wants to get dressed up in a tiny little bikini for me to stare at, so I agreed and we drove down to the local pool.

After changing I sat just outside the girls changing room waiting until she came out in the cutest hot pink bikini had ever seen. The cut perfectly accentuated her perfect D breasts and for some reason I always find a fine girl in hot pink to be the hottest thing imaginable. She grabbed my hand and I started to walk towards the pool and she tugged on my hand pulling me towards the sauna room with a mischievous glint in her eye.

“I just want to warm up for a little bit hun and I don’t think there are many people around today.” was all she said as she opened the door. I knew she had something up her sleeve.

She pulled me to the very back corner of the sauna and we sat on one of the benches against the wall. We sat and talked for a bit as the steam soaked our skin, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her perfect breasts in her tight little bikini. I think she noticed me staring because she started to giggle and looked down to my swim shorts which were doing almost nothing to hide my erection.

“Are you comfortable hun?” she said with a wink.

“Yeah, it’s nice in here” I replied shyly hoping she wasn’t referring to the growing bulge in my shorts.

“Are you sure?” she said as she put her hand on my thigh, inches from my dick, “you seem to be nervous about something.”

“No, I’m fine” was all I could choke out while my face went beet red. She leaned in close, her hand resting just against the very tip of my dick

“You know if there is anything I could do to make you more comfortable all you have to do is ask” she whispered in my ear. At this point I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even speak so I just nodded dumbly.

She looked at me and asked “Would you mind if I sat on your lap hun? This bench is a little too hot for me.”

“I don’t see why not” I mumbled, knowing full well that if she did there was no way she could miss my rock hard dick pressing against her. She got up and sat down on my lap with my dick positioned just between her legs, rubbing against her cute, little bikini bottom. \

“Do you have something in your pocket” she asked innocently.

“No” I said as she started to rub her crotch against my dick, “I think I can feel something in your shorts baby, are you sure there’s nothing?”

Embarrassed as hell and feeling her ass rubbing against my dick with every movement I just said “Pretty sure.”

She put her hand between her legs and grabbed my dick in her hand, pressing it against her bikini bottom and slowly sliding back and forth on my lap.

“I’m pretty sure there is something here” she said as she let go and stood up.

She turned to face me, grabbed my hand and pulled me so I was standing, my erection now as plain as could be.

She put one hand on each side of my shorts and patted up and down, “I can’t find anything in your pockets” she said. “What’s this?” She asked as she let one finger slide down to the very tip of my dick.

I was so embarrassed that I could barely breathe let alone answer her. She put one hand at the top of either side of my shorts and slid them down just enough to revealing my hard dick.

“I think I found the problem” she said as she sank to her knees, her lips pressing gently against the tip of my dick. She slowly circled it with her tongue until I couldn’t stand it anymore, I gently put my hand on the back of her head and gently pushed so that my dick slipped past her lips into her mouth and I let out a quiet moan.

She slowly sucked my dick for about thirty seconds before she pushed me so that I was sitting back down on the bench, stood up, pulled her bikini bottom just to the side, turned away from me, grabbed my dick and held it against her pussy as she sat down. I felt my dick slip deep into her. She pressed against me and her arm wrapped around my neck as she rocked gently on my lap. With every movement she let out a quiet moan that just turned me on more and more. I started to rock too, making her slide around on my dick faster and faster, her moans got closer together and louder with each movement.

Suddenly the door to the sauna opened and we both freaked out and stopped moving, afraid we were going to be caught. An older man came in and sat right by the door, fortunately with all the steam and because we were so far away he didn’t seem to realize what we were doing. We sat there unmoving, trying to make small talk while we waited for the man to leave. Thankfully he only stayed for a couple minutes, but after the wait I could feel my girl’s juices running down my legs.

She stood up when he left and I assumed we were going to leave after such a close call, but she walked over to the other side of the sauna, spread her legs and bent over with her hands against the wall opposite from me. I could see her dripping wet pussy and I walked over to where she stood and asked her what she was doing.

“Are you going to fuck me or not?” she asked in the most innocent voice.

I couldn’t resist so I slowly slipped my dick into her, which made her moan even louder than before. I started slowly, but went faster and faster as her moans drove me on. Her hands were pressed flat against the wall as I fucked her tight pussy.

“I think I’m going to cum” she moaned as I increased the pace to as fast as I could go. “I’M CUMMING” she screamed as she started to shake and I had to hold her up so she wouldn’t fall. After she was done convulsing and she could stand up on her own I let her go. She turned around and kissed me deeply, her hand sliding over my slippery wet dick.

She got back on her knees and sucked my dick without any pause, I was already close to cumming after fucking her and she is amazing with her mouth. “I’m going to cum hun” I said as she slipped her lips over my dick again and again. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and stroked it as I came all over her beautiful tits and hot pink bikini.

She looked up at me and said “I think I should go wash off hun.”

I used to like going to the pool, now I love it.

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