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A sticky trip home

A bus journey to remember
Vicky and I had spent the day shopping in town and were now waiting for the bus to take us home. The hot weather had gotten the better of us, and we had stopped in a bar in town for a few cold drinks and by now we were feeling tipsy and a little bit horny.

Vicky was a very sexy 19 year old, with long red hair and an amazing figure. She had lovely pert tits that bounced as she ran, but held firm when I got her clothes off. I lusted after her all the time, and right now was no exception.

As we waited for the bus I moved in close behind her, brushed her hair back away from her ear, and started to whisper things to her. She gasped as I told her that I was horny for her, and wanted to fuck her right now in the bus stop. I explained in great detail how I would push her against the wall and kiss her deeply whilst forcing my hands up her dress and into her damp panties.

She kissed me on the cheek and ran off in the direction of the toilets, turning to shout that she would be back in a minute.

I waited eagerly with a hard cock held back by my jeans and hidden behind my bags of shopping, wondering what she had run off for.

Minutes later she returned with a smile and a cheeky glint in her eye. She simply kissed me on the lips and forced something into my hand. I looked down to see that I was now holding her knickers, which made my cock grow larger knowing that there was only a dress between me and her shaved pussy.

As the bus pulled up, the waiting passengers formed a queue to board and we all bunched up closely.

As I stood behind Vicky I pushed my restrained erection against her ass and whispered in her ear how much I wanted her right now.

"Once we get on that bus I'm going to make you cum all over my cock" I told her, whilst squeezing her ass. She pushed back against my cock and then grabbed it, pulling me towards the bus.

As we boarded we looked around for a private spot, and made our way towards the back seats. Vicky sat down first in the corner and I sat next to her, immediately running my hand below her dress and along her thighs.

She parted her legs for me as I started to kiss her neck and continue to whisper in her ear how much I wanted to fuck her.

Her legs parted even more, and I moved my fingers up to her naked pussy, shocked at how wet she was already.

I gently rubbed her swollen clit as she let out a soft moan and writhed around on the seat in response to my strokes.

"I want you to lick your pussy juice off my fingers!" I whisper to her just as I slip my finger inside her wet hole. She whimpers and turns her head to kiss me deep, and moans into my mouth as I slide my finger out and then deeper back inside her. I slowly slip it out of her pussy and lift it up towards her mouth, where she pulls my hand closer and we both kiss and lick my sticky wet finger together.

Just then I feel her hand franticly working at my belt buckle, and she manages to release it in record time and undo my button and zip.

Her hand makes its way under the waistband of my boxer shorts, and she starts to wank my hard cock whilst pushing my hand back towards her tingling pussy.

I slide my hand under her dress and push two fingers deep inside her and begin to finger fuck her hard and fast. Her breathing turns into panting, and she pulls my mouth to hers and slips her tongue into my mouth as her moans become more frequent and louder. My cock is aching to be where my fingers are, and I gently ease my waistband down and allow my cock to spring free. Vicky doesn't waste a second, and moves across the seat and sits down with her back to me, and guides my cock towards her hungry wet pussy.

I feel her lower herself down, and then the wait was over. My rock hard cock slowly pushes past her soaking lips and into her hot tight hole.

I lift my ass up and force my crotch forward as she lowers herself down inch by inch onto my horny dick, and eventually she comes to a rest at the base.

I move my hands up her clothed body and squeeze her pert tits through her dress, feeling her writhe on my cock as the excitement takes over her. She pulls my sticky fingers from her tits and up to her mouth and starts to lick and suck them, savouring the taste of her own pussy juice. This sets my cock into action, and I start to fuck her as she sits on my lap, trying not to be obvious to the other passengers that she is impaled by a rock hard dick.

She pushes against the seat in front to force my cock deeper, and I run my free hand up her dress and franticly rub her clit whilst holding her around the waist with my other hand and pulling her down against my enthusiastic thrusts.

I feel her pussy get wetter around my shaft, and her sticky juice is starting to trickle down and over my balls, whilst her clit becomes enlarged and sensitive to my rapid finger movement.

Vicky pushes back harder and she raises her head up, biting her lip to contain the moans. I bring my hand up from her clit, and push my soaking fingers into her mouth, and she sucks hard on them as her orgasm takes over.

I feel her tight pussy start to quiver around my cock, and her moans confirm it as her body starts to shake and writhe around. My cock is as deep as I can push it, and the feeling of her pussy clenching around it is getting too much. I start to feel a tingle in the base of my cock, and I know I'm going to shoot my load soon. I whisper in her ear that i'm going to cum, and she nods and sucks harder on my fingers in an attempt to muffle her lustful whimpers.

I thrust inside her as hard and deep as I can as I feel her pussy gush all over my cock, and this sends me over the edge. My cock stiffens and I feel a huge gush of cum erupt out of my cock and deep inside her. She pushes back as I squirt shot after shot of my cum deeper and deeper, and I feel her hand reach down and gently squeeze on my balls as if she is trying to milk every last drop of cum from my throbbing cock.

As our orgasms subside we relax back into the seat with my cock gently pulsing inside her, and her well fucked pussy griping my dick and soaking it in a mix of our cum. Vicky leans back with her head against my shoulder and we kiss, our tongues exchanging the flavour of her juices that she had licked from my fingers moments before.

We come to our senses and realise that we are sitting on a bus with strangers sat just a few seats in front of us, and our stop is approaching. Vicky slides off my cock and it gently flops downward in a semi erect state. She sees this as a chance for one last tease, and shuffle across the seat beside me, before lowering her head and engulfing my cock entirely into her hot mouth. My cock is very sensitive and I jump slightly, but she proceeds to lick our cum mixture off my shaft and the head of my cock with a cheeky look in her eyes.

Just as we are pulling up at our stop, Vicky releases my cock from her mouth, and stands up to straighten her dress and collect her bags, leaving me to fight with a newly erect cock and get my jeans fastened quickly before scurrying down the bus to get off quickly.

As we stand on the pavement and wait for the bus to leave so we can cross the road, we become aware of a group of teens giving us the 'Thumbs Up' through the bus window, and laughing at us. It looks like there will be more than two of us remembering that bus trip for a long time to come.

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