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A Stranger, Met At The Gas Station, Gets Laid With Kelly

A flippant comment gets a Jeep driver laid by Kelly

It’s a Saturday morning during the summer of 1984. I had a bunch of yard work to do. Kelly had slept in and then had a couple of errands to run. Kelly was twenty-four. She had jumped out of the shower and spent a bunch of time combing out her ultra-long dishwater blond hair. Her hair hung to just above the backs of her knees. I used to call Kelly a ‘twerp’. She’s only 5’2” and weighs about a buck-twenty, with half of it boobs and the other half hair.

She slipped on a white T-shirt top. It was tight but not see through. It had capped sleeves and left her midriff exposed. On the bottoms, she tugged on a pair of tight and short orange nylon shorts. Sunglasses and flip-flops and she was on her way. She needed to fill up our big-ass old car with gas and make a run to the drive-through window at the bank.

Kelly was standing by the pump fueling the car. A guy, about her age, pulled up in a Jeep to the pump on the other side. She noticed he had out-of-state plates. She could feel his stares even though they hadn’t made eye contact. He came around the side of the pump and blurted out “Great tits!” He caught Kelly completely off guard. It took a moment to register what she’d heard. It was so out of the blue that her blushing welled up to a full red-faced embarrassment. It also made her nipples swell up.

Once he got gas flowing into his Jeep he stepped back around the pump to Kelly’s side. It was the first time Kelly caught a look at his face. Kind of rugged, fairly good looking. She thought to herself that he looked like a Jeep guy. While Kelly was noticing his face, his eyes were locked on her nipples. That was making Kelly’s nipples grow even harder.

He tried to find his voice and began to apologize. “I’m sorry Miss, I shouldn’t…”

Kelly stopped him in his tracks. “Don’t apologize. I appreciate the compliment.” Now he just stood there really not understanding what he'd gotten himself into. He still couldn’t take his eyes off her 32F boobs with diamond-hard nipples ready to cut through the fabric. Kelly reached up and grasped the bottom of her shirt. Her eyes were quickly darting around. The cashier wasn’t in a sightline. The station was dead, it was just the two of them. No cars were coming. By then the bottom of her shirt was holding the heft of her tits and she continued to lift. Then all at once, they dropped free from the confines of her shirt.

He stared at her naked breasts like the angels had shown themselves to him. She gave him a long, count-of-ten, chance to fully appreciate the sight of her boobs before she tugged her shirt back down. He was starting to look like an idiot. Kelly cleared her throat and broke the spell. He finally noticed she had eyes. Kelly said “Your turn.” He looked utterly confused.

Kelly went and sat on the front seat of our car, with her feet on the ground. He slowly followed her. She grabbed his hips and pulled him so he was between the car door and the door frame and facing Kelly. “I want to see it,” she insisted. His eyes were scanning everywhere as he unzipped and pulled out his hard-on and balls. Kelly was pretty happy. He was about seven inches long and a bit on the thick side of life.

Kelly sucked his cock into her mouth and made a fast decision. She wanted more than to just blow this guy. She sucked him until she knew he would do whatever she said. She popped his cock out of her mouth and said “Meet me behind that building,” as she pointed to a closed office building next door. Kelly stood up and pushed him away from her car. He tucked and zipped quickly. Kelly returned the fuel hose and the gas cap. As she fired up her car the guy was sprinting to the cashier to pay for his gas.

He opened the front passenger door and saw that Kelly was in the backseat. He closed the door and opened the back door. Kelly had her shorts off. She was sitting with her back to her door. Her left foot was on the floor. Her right foot was on the car seat with her knee bent and thigh up. Her slit was wide open and looking right at this guy. It was summer time so Kelly had her twat shaved smooth like a baby’s butt. She also had a pretty good tan and he could see her sexy bikini lines.

As he slid into the back seat he was nearly drooling at the sight of her. He leaned toward Kelly for a quick kiss. She met him with a quick peck on the lips while she tangled her fingers into his hair. After a quick kiss, she moved his face down onto her cunt. The guy could eat pussy! Kelly was thrilled. He got her off in moments. When Kelly is up to her wild ways she is so turned on it hardly takes anything to get her off the first time.

After she came she pulled off her top, while using her thighs to keep him locked in and lapping away at her slit. Kelly was stark naked in her car on a sunny Saturday morning. She started to tug on her nipples. He glanced up and watched while eating away at her. Kelly locked eyes with him. She was watching his eyes as his tongue flicked her clit. Her nipples were so hard they ached. She was pulling on them, and hard. She was lifting her huge, heavy tits by her nipples.

The orgasm came on like a tidal wave. Kelly screamed and locked his face between her legs. She bucked like a bronco and he stayed right with her. She finally released him with her legs and then she used her hands to push his face away. He had given her clit the exact right amount of abuse and now he needed to get out of her slit.

He sat up and pulled off his clothes. He was naked in moments with his hard cock aiming at the roof. Kelly flipped over to her tummy and, with her head in his lap, sucked his ball sack into her mouth. She licked all over his sack. She could see his pre-cum dripping from his tiny slot at the tip of the head. She licked up and down his shaft. She left his pre-cum in place until it started to run down his shaft. She licked all of it up with one long swipe of her tongue ending at the tip of his cock. She dropped her head down so her nose was in his pubes and his shaft was in her throat.

She held him there until she had no choice but to come up for air. His cock was twitching as pre-cum streamed out of his dick. Kelly flipped back so she was on her back. She used both of her hands to spread her slot as far open as it could go. It was hot to the touch. Her labia were red and engorged. Her lube had filled every nook and cranny of her vagina, so much so that it was now making a small stream from her slit and down the crack of her ass. Her nipples were hard, red and large. Kelly always thought they looked like red Peanut M&M’s when they were at their peak.

Every physical sign from her body was telling her that it was ready to welcome a penis to enter, move around with minimal friction and deposit its load of semen within her twat. Kelly thought how could her body lie to her? If this is what it was prepared for and built for, then this is what she is meant to do. This is not a moral judgment. Nature built her young body to fuck. And breed, although she used the pill to remove that option.

His body was sending the same message. Pre-cum was now flowing from his cock, ready to lubricate her vagina in case she hadn’t already. His shaft was engorged, stiff and twitching with anticipation of entering her. Kelly is built to fuck hard cocks, and she really wanted to feel this one deep in her.

He was sucking on her nipples as she felt his hand aim his long dick at her slot. His slid it up and down a couple of times between her labia to cover his cockhead in her lube. His head caught at the opening of her vagina. He released his cock and had both hands placed beside her torso holding up his upper body. He released her nipples and moved his face to hers. Without a word nor a nod, he thrust his cock deep into her in one controlled motion. He bottomed out, hitting the opening to her cervix. As he was thrusting Kelly simultaneously wrapped her legs around his thighs and ass and pulled him deeper into her.

Kelly orgasmed on his first stroke in. She locked her ankles behind him and shook hard as she came. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was by this guy. She knew what she was doing was considered by most to be ‘wrong’. Knowing that always made her even more turned on. Kelly never wrestled with the morality of such things. Her judgment was based on how her body felt.

At that moment she could think of nothing she would rather be doing than have the hard cock of a good-looking stranger in her cunt. This would culminate in her cumming, hopefully a few times, and him depositing his semen in her. And hopefully a large quantity of semen, as her mind connected a man’s orgasm output to his virility. A ‘real’ man will completely fill her cunt with his jizz. Once the act was complete she would send the stranger on his way, never seeing him again and with no need whatsoever to know his name or him knowing hers.

Kelly had been thinking about fucking him more than she had been focused on the fact that he was actually fucking her. He body hadn’t been confused. While her mind wandered, her clit stayed focused. The constant motion of his cock sliding in and out of her twat was catching the tip of her clit, especially as he plunged into her. He had fucked her many strokes by now and her clit was at maximum sensitivity. Without much notice to her conscious mind, a huge orgasm wracked her body. Kelly was gasping for air. Her entire pelvis was having massive spasms as her body slammed her clit against his pelvic bone.

She was having an orgasm as her body kept driving her to prolong the orgasm. The involuntary thrusting that was causing non-stop contact with her hyper-sensitive clit was taking her to a new plateau. She kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Her heart rate was through the roof. Kelly never sweats. She remembers small steams of perspiration running down her chest and then beads of sweat being bucked off of her torso by her spasms. She could not catch her breath and it was causing her a small amount of panic.

She has been cumming for several minutes. The stranger is amazed by what is going on underneath his body and driven by it at the same time. As her cunt thrusts upward he slams his cock into her, driving it straight down, perpendicular to her vagina. He has quickened his pace and the strength of his thrusts. He can tell that every stroke is maintaining her orgasm. Sweat is running from his body. His hips and ass are thrusting almost as if on auto-pilot. His brain no longer matters. His body has taken over and is slamming his prick in and out of her with all the strength it can muster.

He locks eyes with Kelly. Her look is fear and desperation. This orgasm is too long. It’s too much. It’s not ending. What is happening?

A noise starts deep within his chest. It is the very definition of ‘guttural’. It moments it builds in a crescendo to a primal scream. He doesn’t want to scream in her face so he aims it at the window. His cock is abusing her cervix. It is hurting her twat. He is so fucking deep in her cunt her mind can’t even process. He suddenly stops thrusting and is now just shoving his cock forward with all he has. Her body can’t move because her head is shoved into the car door. He keeps shoving. Her neck bends sideways and her body moves a few more inches. He’s still shoving. Her chest heaves up. He’s trying to bend her in half, backward! Her clit is being mashed between the top of his cock shaft and his pubic bone.

He stops shoving and she feels his shaft swell and grows even fatter. Time is standing still. She feels pulses moving from the base to the tip of his cock. She knows each pulse is a stream of his cum. It continues on and on. Her experience is now nearly out-of-body. She is hyper-aware of all aspects of his orgasm. The moment breaks. Times resumes. Her legs are crushing his ass with all of their might. Her scream matches his own, a sound so loud and so primal it scares both of them. It shows in their eyes.

Kelly’s cunt begins to spray and spray and spray. Their bodies are so tight together it has no place to go other than it works its way in small streams between their flesh. More cum is running as she sprays harder. Kelly feels the wetness running down the sides of her hips. She feels the thick goo of his cum running from her cunt. He has filled her cunt with cum!

Globs of cum run from her cunt down across her butthole and down the crack of her ass. Both have finished their orgasms. They are looking at each other with shocked faces. He knows he has never cum so hard in his life. Kelly knows that for her, this one is a tie for first place.

He sits up and slides his cock out of her. The head of his cock pulls a huge amount of cum out of her vagina. She can see that he is soaking wet from his navel to his nuts. She sees his cock twitch and small drops of cum fall from the tip of his cock. They both know there is nothing to say. He tugs on his pants. Her last sight of his cock is a large drop of cum dragging along the waistband of his underwear.

He grabs his sneakers and shirt and leaves the car. Kelly stays in her position for another several minutes. Eventually, she grabs her shorts and pulls them onto her cum-smeared cunt, butt, and thighs. She grabs her shirt and crawls to the front seat. Her torso is wet with sweat and cum. She decides to leave the shirt off. She starts up the car and drives away.

I heard the car in the driveway. I was still working on the yard. It was probably another hour before I finished. I was covered in sweat, dirt and grass clippings. I stopped in the laundry room and stripped. I was surprised I didn’t see Kelly? I headed for our bedroom. The door was shut.

I entered and saw Kelly, naked, leaning against the headboard. She was sitting on a large bath towel. She was working her clit with a vibrator that was buzzing like a mosquito. From all of the wet splatters on the towel, I could tell that she had had several squirting orgasms. “Hurry up with your shower,” was all she said.

Five minutes later I emerged from the bathroom with my hard prick pointing straight out from my body. Kelly had moved so that her cunt was at the edge of the bed and her feet were spread wide and barely staying on the mattress.

I walked up and slid my prick straight into her. She was sopping wet. As I looked at my cock slide in it was pretty clear that there was more cum on her than just her own. Man-splooge was inside both thighs, on her pubic bone and all over in between the folds of her cunt lips. Kelly came on the fourth or fifth stroke of my cock.

My fucking pace is at a speed slow enough where we can talk. She needed just a moment to get past her orgasm. “So, what have you been up to?” I asked.

“I was minding my own business when this guy at the gas station looks at me and says ‘Nice tits!’. Well, that shocked the heck out of me and I got all embarrassed. And then I noticed he was really good looking and my nipples got so fucking hard I couldn’t believe it! And then…”

Kelly spent the next twenty minutes telling me her story in the most graphic and detailed way she could. Several times I had to stop fucking and just hold still while my cock was inside of her, trying my best to get control and not cum. She finally got to the end by explaining, “how it left her so fucking horny she had to come home and jerk off and feeling his cum on her body was making her cum so strong she just kept blasting huge sprays of cum and all of it just made her want to fuck even more. And thank God my cock was there to fuck her. And thank you for listening to my story and loving me as much as you do. Please cum now because my pussy is getting sore.”

I pulled out and shot three fat streams of cum across her with one hitting her right in the face. I shook off the last few drips and got dressed. Kelly headed for the shower.



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