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A Strangers Smile

My first attempt, all comments welcome but kind ones appreciated!
Callie looked in the mirror, twirling this way and that to get a look at the dress from all angles. Her red, chin length hair caressed her cheek as she moved. She approved of what she saw. The gold dress was above her knees by a long way but the tops of her thigh high hose were hidden. Her 4 inch heals made her look taller then her 5 foot 2 inches. She slipped a silver and gold bracelet on her left arm and touched a bit of lipstick to her cupids bow mouth.

She could feel the dress rubbing against her nipples. Her 34C breasts were full and round. The nipples poked against the sheer fabric of the red lacy bra. The tiny matching red thong barely covered her pussy and she could feel the dress material caressing her firm ass.

She took a deep breath, picked up her tiny purse and walked out of the room and down the hotel hallway. By nature Callie was a shy woman but she was in a strange city, strange motel and had decided that she would go out this evening and look as hot as she could. Looking in the mirror, feeling the material touch her near nude body made her feel fucking hot and fucking horny.

She stood outside the hotel bar and surveyed the room. It was pretty busy and there were a lot of people dancing. She started to move toward the bar to order a drink when she saw him. Tall, at least 6 foot 2, muscular, almost military short hair. Green eyes so intense that they felt like they were burning her.

She saw him begin moving toward her and she felt trapped by his eyes. When he reached her, he slid his hand around her waist and pulled her to his side. He just looked down at her as he guided her out of the room. It felt like a dream l but her legs moved and her pussy was soaking wet.

They moved down the hall and around the corner from the bar. He stopped and pulled her to him his lips coming down hard on hers, his tongue entering her mouth and his hands sliding down her body. She felt the hem of her dress slide up and his warm hand touch her pussy. She moaned into his mouth. His large hand moved, plunging a finger deep into her and beginning to finger fuck her. She moaned as she felt her orgasm rapidly approaching. He leaned down and captured her nipple in his mouth tugging hard through the material.

She was so lost in the sensations that when she felt him turn her around to face the wall it took a moment for her to realize what was happening next. Suddenly she felt him behind her, his long thick cock sliding between her legs, his fingers pulling her g -string to the side, nudging against her soaking wet pussy and suddenly with no warning, he plunged in right to his balls. She gasped as the feeling of part pain, part pleasure. His hand came around and dived down the front of her dress, tugging on her nipple while he pounded her pussy from behind. A part of her mind that could still think, wondered what would happen if someone came down the hall and saw them.

She felt her orgasm building and suddenly she went over the top, moaning and trying to hold back a scream. He continued to pull on her nipple, rolling it between his fingers, as he slammed into her again and again. Just as her next orgasm hit she felt him plunge one last time with a force that flattened her against the wall. She could feel his hard cock pumping against the walls of her pussy. They stayed that way for what seemed like minutes before he slide out of her and she felt the warmth of his cum mixed with her juices seeping out of her.

Before turning her around, she felt him tug her thong back into place between her ass cheeks. Turning her, he tugged her dress and bra back into place, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

She finally looked up at him knowing what she must look like, a woman who had been well fucked. He extended his hand and said Hi my name is Sam.

to be continued

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