A Stranger's Smile...part II

By Iamsweetsmile

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Please read A Strangers Smile to get the backround of this story
He extended his hand and said "Hi my name is Sam"

Callie reached out her hand to Sam and quickly swatted him on the arm.

"Sam what the heck are you doing here"?

Sam laughed and said "I knew you could not resist coming to this work conference, so I signed up as well."

They stood looking at each other, each a little worse for wear considering he had just had his cock deep in her pussy. She laughed and leaned forward and gave him a hug. They each were remembering the first time they met. Similar circumstance but total strangers then.

Callie's mind wandered back to a year ago.

She could still feel how nervous she was. She had dressed in her new blue dress, it fell to mid thigh and clung in all the right places. It had a deep V neckline, the top of her full 34c breasts were visible and her wispy black bra lifted her breasts up and gave her a wonderful deep cleavage. Her black g string barely covered her newly shaved pussy...the back sliding in the tantalizing crack between her ass cheeks.

She placed the hoop earrings in her ears and twirled in front of the mirror. The woman that looked back stopped Callie in her tracks. She was a petite woman, barely 5 foot 3 with an hour glass figure, red hair, blue eyes and lashes so long they looked fake but they were hers. Callie smiled, she was pleased with what she saw, not beautiful but still cute. Those darn freckles dancing across her nose gave her a perky look, the type of face that always seemed to smile.

When Callie smiled it lit up a room, when she laughed it made people around her smile. Callie was the woman that everyone came to for help. What no one knew was that under that smile, and flowing under the laugh and beating in that soft heart was a woman so full of passion that she was ready to explode.

Callie had made up her mind that this conference, so far from home, was going to be her time. She was determined that this trip, surrounded by strangers, was going to be a time to sew some wild oats. She was going to get laid - she hoped! All she needed to do was stay brave and confident.

The first day of the conference had been uneventful. Callie had enjoyed the subject and felt that she had gained knowledge. She had checked out all the men in the room and could honestly say blah! She knew that not everyone at the conference was in this first class so there was still hope. She had brought a different outfit for each night. She was determined to not spend the evenings in her room.

Callie entered the bar at the hotel. She saw a lot of people from her class but also many new faces. As she moved toward the bar she noticed him for the first time. He was tall well over 6 foot, probably 6 foot 2 or 3. He had dark hair cut so short she wondered if he was in the military, he had green eyes and those eyes were staring at her!

Callie gave him a smile across the room and then broke eye contact. She moved toward the bar to order her favorite drink, a pineapple Mojito. The bartender worked quickly and returned with her drink. As she moved to pay him an arm stretched past her and placed a bill on the bar, and a deep voice quietly said "Allow me lovely lady."

Callie looked up and saw the green eyed stranger smiling down at her. She felt her pussy moisten as she looked into his eyes. She blinked once and then said, "Thank you kind sir." The green eyed man smiled, chuckled a bit and took her elbow guiding her toward a secluded corner of the bar. There was a small table covered with a crisp white table cloth and the way the chairs were positioned they were practically sitting hip to hip.

After they were seated, the green eyed man reached out a hand and said, "Hi my name is Sam."

Callie reached out her hand and felt it being swallowed by his as she responded with, "'Hi I am Callie and thank you for the drink." Sam smiled and responded with "my pleasure". They began to chat about the conference and as the alcohol warmed her blood, Callie began to relax. Sam was an easy person to talk to.

Suddenly she felt his hand touch the skin of her leg just above her knee and then the entire hand rested there, not moving but she could feel the heat of his hand and suddenly she lost all concentration of what they were talking about. She looked up into his eyes and saw the lids had gone heavy and the green had deepened. He was looking at her as she felt the fingers of his hand expand and his little finger slip under the hem of her dress. Her breathing quickened a bit and she could not break eye contact. His eyes dropped for a moment down to her breasts and she realized that her nipples were hard nubs pushing against her dress. His eyes came back up to meet hers and there was a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. He knew she was getting excited and if that finger kept working its way up her leg, he would soon find out how wet she was.

Callie's mind was racing. The good girl part of her knew she should move his hand away or get up and leave. The part of her that wanted to get laid, that was so horny she could hardly stand it, wanted to play this out and see what happened. A war was racing in her mind and the battle must have played across her face. She looked up and saw Sam smile and his hand inched up a little farther. He was now within three inches of reaching her golden triangle. Suddenly Sam leaned down and captured her lips, his hand never leaving her leg. She felt his tongue tracing her lips and she opened them inviting him in. His tongue slipped in her mouth, dancing with her tongue. She could feel the heat building...he was a fantastic kisser. She felt his hand reach her pussy and she felt him chuckle as he felt how wet she was.

Suddenly Sam stood up from his chair, capturing her hand and pulling her up with him. Callie was glad she had worn the four inch heels tonight it gave her a little height against him. Sam began walking with Callie's hand trapped in his, heading toward the exit. Callie followed wondering where they were heading. Sam slowed as they got through the door and they walked side by side with her hand still in his. As they rounded the corner from the bar, Sam suddenly stopped and pulled Callie against him and began an assault on her mouth. She felt his cock straining against his pants and enjoyed the sensation of it pushing against her. Sam had her hands trapped above her head with one of his hands and the other hand had moved to cover her breast. She moaned into his mouth and pushed her hips against him.

Sam broke the kiss and they were both breathing heavy, each wanting and needing release from the tension building between them.

Sam took Callie's hand again and growle, "Come on girl, we have to find a place to be alone." They moved down the hall toward the elevator. Sam pushed the button and the door opened immediately. They moved into the small interior of the elevator and he hit the 10th floor button. As the elevator moved upward Sam dipped his head to take Callie's mouth again. This time he was ruthless with his kiss and she welcomed him into her mouth and moaned as she felt his hand move under her dress to feel her wet pussy. The elevator signaled the arrival on the 10th floor and they broke apart as the door opened. Sam grabbed Callie's hand and they moved a few steps down the hallway.

They arrived at the door marked 1010 and Sam slipped the key card quickly into the lock and then pushed the door open. They entered the room and before Callie could get a good look at her surroundings, Sam pinned her against the wall and began kissing her again. This time there was no holding back, there was only need. Sam's hand slipped to her breast, kneading it till Callie moaned. He pulled her away from the wall and as he kissed her, his hands moved the zipper down her back. She could feel the cool air hit her back. Her nipples tightened to hard nubs as Sam slid the dress down her body taking in the site of her full 34c breasts pushing against the lace of her bra. He took in the tiny wisp of lace covering her pussy and moved a finger under the lace to test her dampness. She moaned as his finger touched her bare skin, sliding between her lips to dip into her wetness. He moved his finger out of her and brought it to his mouth, tasting how sweet she was.

Sam took in the sight of the petite bombshell standing before him, her eyes heavy with lust and need. He needed to feel his cock buried deep in her and based on how wet she was, how hard her nipples were, she needed to have him pounding her.

Sam reached down picked her up, his hands cupping her rounded ass, lifting her and feeling her legs wrap around his waist as he beginning kissing her again, his hard cock straining against her. Finally he could stand it no longer. Sam let her slide down his body and as her feet touched the floor he released her long enough to unclasp the bra and slid the g string off her. He quickly stripped of his shirt, pants and socks standing before her in only his short boxers, his hard cock straining against the material.
Callie reached out a hand and touched him through the material and felt him shiver and a moan escape him. Suddenly she felt in control. She reached over with her other hand and slid the material down his legs releasing his cock. He was hard as a rock and Callie sucked in her breath at his size. He was at least 8 inches and thick. For the first time she was a little frightened. She had never had a man of his size and she had her doubts if she could handle him.
Sam saw the look on her face and realized what she was thinking. Reaching out a hand, he took her small hand and placed it on his hard member. He moaned as her hand wrapped around him. "Baby don't be scared, you will love it," Sam hissed and with that he picked her up again and moved toward the bed, bending forward till her back hit the mattress and he was towering over her. He then sank to his knees and moved his head between her soft thighs. Taking her clit with his lips. She moaned and arched against him as he slid a finger into her tight pussy. He continued to finger her and suck on her clit until she felt the waves of her orgasm hit, crying out as she grabbed his muscular arms and held on like a person drowning in pleasure.

Sam let her ride out the waves of pleasure until he felt her body relax. He then raised up and positioned himself above her, looking down into her eyes, he slid his cock into her soaking wet pussy in one smooth motion, burying himself to his balls in her warmth. Callie gasped as she felt him slide in, not stopping, just thrusting all the way in. She felt the walls of her pussy grab him, and hold him. She felt him shudder with the sensations her muscles were causing against his cock. She looked up into his eyes and said "Fuck me Sam, I need you to pound me and make me cum."

That was all Sam needed to hear, those soft words sent him over the edge. Sam began to pound his cock in and out of Callie's warmth. Her breasts were moving wildly with each thrust. She was crying out as orgasm after orgasm over came her. Sam's cock rubbing against her G spot with each thrust. Sam reached down and pulled her arms above her head and held her there as he continued his assault on her body. Callie wrapped her legs around Sam's waist and met his thrusts with her hips. The pace never slowed and both of them lost all track of time until suddenly Sam felt his orgasm take hold, shooting his sperm deep into her body, he groaned as he gave one final thrust and he felt her cum one last time against him. He released her arms and slumped against her. He did not want to pull out of her, he wanted to stay buried deep in her feeling her muscles milk him. He felt her soft lips moving against his neck as she feathered soft kisses along his neck.

To be continued.