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A tease too far

An innocent night turns to something a bit darker.
You got home from work, tired and ready for a shower. I washed your body, paying close attention to your back, ass, and legs. You have the most sexy ass, full, round, and very tight. My cock was throbbing from the feeling of my hands on your body, so I grabbed you by the waist and rested it between your cheeks.

"Mmmm, happy to see me?" you asked.
"Oh yeah!" I reply. "It's been a couple days and I want you badly!"

The play and teasing continues as you sit on the edge of the tub to shave your legs and pussy. I love watching you spread yourself and run the razor over such delicate flesh. Once all the stubble has been cut away, you run your fingers through it and declare yourself smooth. I can't resist covering you with my hand, the tips of my fingers stroking you and checking for myself. Standing in front of you, while you sit on the edge of the tub, my cock is right in your face. An angry red shaft wanting release, and your soft wet lips only a couple inches away. You lick your lips and look up into my eyes just as you lean forward and swallow me completely. As you pull up you push saliva out so that it runs over my head and down my shaft. You know how much I love watching you drool over me like that and the sight is almost more than I can take. Unfortunately my trembling foot decides to end this interlude as it slips on the tub floor and almost dumps me on my ass, bringing an abrupt end to our play.

As we are getting dressed to go to dinner, I tell you something that has always been on my mind when you take me orally. "I just never can figure out if you really want me to cum on your face, tits, or in your mouth. When I ask if you want me to cum you just open your mouth but I have a hard time knowing what you want if you don't tell me." I say. After 23 years I have learned that you can be very touchy about how and when I cum with you doing me orally. Sometimes, especially in the throes of a 69 orgasm, you swallow my cum without question or complaint. Other times you don't want your face anywhere near me when I cum as you bring me off by hand.
"I can taste you on my tongue right now." you say. "You were so close in the shower that you started but stopped when you slipped. Having your taste makes me want it even more. Just let go, don't worry about where I want it, I will put you where I want you. I just want your cum, either on my face, in my mouth, or on my body. Just let go and let me decide what to do with it!" Oh, the joy that statement brings me! My cock twitches and starts growing down my leg. You reach out to stroke it, lick your lips and give me a deep kiss. You make sure I can taste myself on your tongue as you kiss me and it's so HOT! You dance away as I grab for you... "Dinner first love," you say.

So we load the kids into the car and head out. All through dinner you keep leaning forward on the table with your arms crossed, resting your breasts on top of them. Pushed up like this they are almost spilling out of your D cups and the shirt is unbuttoned to just above the bottom of your bra. I know you are teasing me, you know you are teasing me. I love looking at the girls on display like that and you know just how to display them to me. "You are killing me woman!" I tell you. "Yeah, but you love me, even when I'm killing you." you reply. Our kids are oblivious to our exchange and the teasing continues for the next hour of dinner.

As we climb into the car to head home I am feeling the affects of my drink, and I know you are too since you finished the other half of mine. The teasing smile on your face has never left since before dinner started. You dance along to the music with the kids while I drive, trying to keep one eye on the road, one eye on your prominently displayed cleavage, and one eye on your gyrating hips. Wearing a seat belt means you can't move much, but you roll your stomach and grind your hips to the music... all the time making sure that your breasts are in view any time I venture a look. There is pure mischief in your eyes and my cock is straining against my jeans by your display. 15 minutes of this and we are finally home. As I'm parking and gathering my stuff from the car you are sitting sideways in the seat. You run your finger across your lips, suck on the tip, and trail it down your lips to your cleavage leaving a line of moisture for my eyes to follow. God I love it when you are lightly buzzing like this, your teasing gets to me every time, but when buzzing it takes on a more insistent tone.

I follow you into the house and directly to the bedroom. You are laughing the entire way until I shut the door and lock it behind me. You sit on the edge of the bed and look at me with curiosity. I walk up to you and fist my hand in your hair as I crush my mouth to yours. Our tongues tangle and a moan comes deep in your throat. All I can think of is yanking off your pants and panties, exposing your breasts, and burying myself deep inside of you. Maybe it's the alcohol, maybe it's the earlier shower failure, maybe it's the couple of days with no release, or maybe it's the fact that you are just so gorgeous... whatever the reason, the thoughts in my head are all about need and nothing about gentle!

I break our kiss and suck on the mounds of your breasts as they are pushed out of your bra, your head falls back and a sigh of pleasure escapes you. But a knock on the door interrupts us. One of the three kids has a question and it takes us a couple minutes to gather ourselves from where we are. Ten minutes later I'm standing back in the doorway watching you lay on the bed. My cock hasn't softened in the least bit since the car ride home and your eyes keep dropping to the bulge in my jeans.
"I guess you are lucky," I say. "If it weren't for the interruption I was going to yank off your clothes and take you hard and fast right here. I couldn't have cared who heard us, I was just focused on my need and you!"
You lock eyes with me and reach down to the waistband of your pants, sliding them down slowly, teasing me again.
"Don't do that! If you do, I won't be able to stop myself and I won't stop until I get exactly what I want from you!" I demand.
"Oh really, I doubt that. You wouldn't do it I bet." is your reply.

That is the last straw, my control is shattered. All I can see is you. All I can feel is this burning craving to be inside your body, to take you how I want you, to use you for my pleasure. I slam the door closed behind me and lock it, never taking my eyes off you. I stride to the bed and fist your hair again as I bring you up and kiss you deeply. There's a look of surprise in your eyes. Usually I am gentle, concerned about if the kids are awake or not, but you have unlocked a beast inside of me that wants only one thing.... you! I drive my free hand under your waist band and to your pussy. You are hot and wet from the teasing, but not wet enough for what I have in mind. I shove two fingers deep inside of you as I tighten my fist in your hair and deepen my kiss. I can feel your walls clamp against my fingers and quiver. A small little orgasm, or just the rough treatment... whatever it is you are running wet now but still so tight!

I grab the waistband of your pants and panties in one hand and yank them off hard and fast. Your body is pulled across the bed and a gasp escapes your lips. There is almost a look of fear in your eyes, like you can't believe I am being this way, but it is washed away by pure need within a second. I drop to my knees and shove my tongue inside you, tasting your sweet nectar, feeling your heat against my face. You grind your hips against me but I am not here for your pleasure right now. I stand, reach down to your hips and turn you over hard. You bounce on the bed with another gasp from the rough treatment but don't complain. I can see your thighs tremble at the thought of what I am going to do to you. I free my cock from my jeans and thrust them down to my ankles. Grabbing you by the hips I raise your ass in the air and shove myself deep inside of your heat in one thrust. You are very wet, but still so tight since you haven't had time or an orgasm to work up to this and I can feel every contraction as you cum around my cock from the way I am treating you. You bury your face in the pillow to silence the sounds that are being forced from you as I pound away fast and furiously.

Grabbing your ass cheeks in each hand, I spread you wide open so I can watch myself piston in and out of you. Your ass clenching with each thrust, like it is winking at me. I put my thumb against it and rub in circles. I want nothing more than to bury myself deep inside of that tight ring, but I know you need a lot of work up for that and I don't want to give you time. Squeezing your ass cheeks so hard I'm leaving finger marks, and watching them fade away after releasing is driving me wild. I want to see lasting marks. The slap takes you by surprise, but your pussy clenches me when it happens. One, two, three, four, I'm slapping your ass hard with each thrust. Reddened, hot to the touch, and a myriad of overlapping hand prints decorate your fine ass! It is more than I can handle. I growl out that I'm going to cum and you jerk forward fast, pushing me out of you and spin around. Opening your mouth, you whisper "Just let go" and I do.

A flood of cum erupts from me. The first long jet goes over your head, stringing into your hair and down your back. The next one catches you just under the chin on your neck and slides towards your breasts. My aim is bad, or the force of my orgasm is making it erratic, so you take me into your mouth and suck hard. The next three jets of cum coat your tongue and throat. I can hear you swallowing, moaning, trying to keep up with the flood I am giving you. You continue sucking me after I have stopped cumming. Making sure you get every last drop. Finally you open your mouth and let me fall out, along with a bit of cum and saliva that runs down your chin. You reach for my cum on your breasts and massage it into your skin. Watching this is more than I can bear and I grab your by the head with both hands, lifting you up to kiss you. Licking the wetness from your chin all the way up to your lips and giving it back to you in a deep tongue kiss, tasting myself and you on your lips and tongue.

"I told you I would decide what to do with it if you just let go!" you say.
"Yes, yes you did," I say with a shaky voice.

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