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A Ticket

A highway patrol officer has second thoughts about giving me a ticket
The hills provided an amazing race track for me. Most people go over the speed limits around here, but I go faster than them all, heading down the road at quite close to double the speed limit. Of course very thing moves very slowly to me, making this possible. I can avoid most things on the road, see anything coming, except when a highway patrol officer is at the base of a mountain hidden behind trees on a rarely used back road that leads almost nowhere. I see him as I come down the hill, but there's no point in breaking, since he's already got me clocked.

I slow down and pull out of the way of the cars I had passed not to long ago, and park next to a group of old pines, waiting for him to pull up behind me.

Damn. I knew this would be coming eventually, I accepted that risk each time I broke the speed limit, but I was just disappointed that I was finally caught.

He walks toward me and I roll down my window. "License and registration please." I pop open the glove compartment and pull my purse into the front seat, and then hand him all the papers. "Thank you, I will be right back." he walks over to his car and looks at the papers and then towards me. He closes the car door and walks back to me. Shouldn't it take a longer amount of time to process those documents?

"Look, we both know you were going too fast, that you could get killed driving like that. In fact, I've never seen anyone drive that fast here once, and I've been patrolling here for around ten years." What? Ten? He didn't even seen thirty. In fact, he wasn't, I quickly remembered some details about this particularly tall, slender man. Wasn't he just 28-29 years old this year? I think so...

I had stopped listening to him criticize my driving, it seemed perfectly absurd when you saw the road through my eyes, felt the way your vehicle reacts to curved and mountain passes. He had short, dark brown hair with bangs that were sweeped into a curve over his eyebrows. Hmmm, how did my friend get out of her ticket? Was it boob exposure? No...I think she was just wearing a shirt with holes under the arm pits...oh and obviously just driving 70 mph in a 55 instead of what I was doing...

What did she say? Sorry officer, I'm on my way to my boyfriend's house? How does that get you out of a ticket? I try to form a plan and refocus on the officer. "Miss, I think we can work out a deal here. I can't not give you a ticket and let you walk off with a warning because I can tell you've done this a lot before. But," and then he leans in through the passenger window. "If you were to pull off down by the creek by the lumber yard, I think we could work this out so I can possibly be convinced to forget the whole thing. For just this one time."

What? Wow! What good luck I am having!

He looks a little tense, comments and suggestions like these can definately get you in trouble if they're reported. I lean toward him and make sure to pull my shirt down enough to show the lace of my bra and say "I'll see in you a few minutes then, officer." Huh, I am also lucky I had the thought of restocking my condom supply today at the store...

He drives past me once I pull off the road, probably to make sure nothing seems suspicious, especially if he has a dash cam. About ten minutes later a small blue Toyota pulls down the road towards me, the officer gets out walks toward my truck and I open my door.

He's unzipping his pants and loosening the belt, and even though this guy was insulting about my beautiful turns and graceful declines, I feel a little turned on right now, and not because I consider this a chore to make sure my insurance rates don't kill me...

He pants his the damp earth with a cling of the belt bucket against a rock, and then he's slid his boxers down to his knees and I could see his dick twitching, with every twitch he got a little higher and harder in the fresh mountain air. I got down on my knees, (annoyed that mud was caking onto them) and grab his dick in one hand, with the other pressed against his hip. I slowly take the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I bob my head and take in another inch and suck hard, still swirling my tongue. A few seconds later I take the rest of him and use my tongue to tickle the underside of his dick, while pushing him as far towards my throat as possible. My hands start to massage around the part of his shaft that cannot fit into my mouth.

Carefully, trying not to gag, I bob my head and try to speed up. Suddenly he's pulling me off him and standing me up, walking me to my truck. He opens the back door and leans me against the interior, hands working up under my shirt. "Wait, I have a little something." I say, and then reach into the grocery bag behind my head. I pull out the box of brand new condoms. He takes one and puts it down next to me, but still continues to feel me up. I pull my shirt off and he unclasps my bra, twisting my nipples. He nibbles around them, and then is sucking them.

Then he's pulling down my jeans and thong, turning me around so that my upper body is flat against the carpeting of the truck. I see his hand pick up the condom and in a few seconds, warm hands are against my thighs, I wait for a few seconds....and then he's pushing himself into me. I feel myself get slightly wet, and then realize that I'm actually like a running facet when I feel myself starting to run down the back of my leg.

He's almost laying on my back as he thrusts quickly, no longer intent on anything else but forgetting that stupid ticket. I feel too full as the truck starts to shake around me. I push back against his thrusts, trying to send him deeper into me, and then he's using his hands to guide me away from him, before quickly snapping me into him.

I feel myself tighten around him for a moment, but he's done, huffing slightly above me. No orgasm I guess...but hey no ticket!

He flips me around, and then looks into my eyes, bringing two fingers up in front of him. He sucks them into his mouth and then yanks them out, probing the inside of me, poking along, searching.

He finds what he's looking for when my frame shakes once. Then he's quickly tapping on my g-spot like a crazy 3 year old would press a big red button. I moan as quietly as I can, but each moan sends me up by inches, and then I'm pressed against him with my arms around his neck, trying to grind against his fingers.

"That's right." he says. "Just keep bouncing." And he quickly bites my neck. I lean into his mouth and moan into his face, causing him to finger me faster.

Then I can't be quiet anymore as I feel the pressure building, and then spreading as I come close to my orgasm. He uses his other hand to rub against my clit, which sends me flying into an orgasm and I hit that single high note and fall silent as the last twitches run down my back.

"I think I wouldn't mind if you broke the speed limit again. In fact, I encourage it." He's pulling up his pants and walking back to the blue Toyota. When he's gone, I'm only concerned if I will be able to drive yet.
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