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A Tricky Quickie

A Tricky Quickie

My little trick went a long way...
It was a great night, spent with one of my best friends, Breanne. We hung out at her place, talked with her roommates and watched the end of Fast 5. Later, Breanne, our friend Cara and I went out to Wal-Mart so she could pick some stuff up she needed. Plus I needed to do some early Christmas shopping.

Now to be completely honest, Breanne and I had serious feelings for each other. The down sides being that I had a girlfriend and Breanne was gay. Not bisexual, but a full-on lesbian. Now I know what you're thinking, but I'm serious. Hand to God, thinking about men in a sexual way repulsed her. Except for me. I have no idea why; we just connected.

Anywho, there we were, out and about having a great time together... with Cara in tow. I should explain, Cara is one of those people you become friends with before you realize that they think they know everything... about everything. That night, for instance, she seemed set on convincing me that she knew everything about twins. I'm an identical twin. You have no idea how annoying that got.

On the plus side, she kept herself so busy talking that Breanne and I were able to flirt quite a lot. Stolen touches, lingering gazes, holding her around the waist...

When the evening of shopping and running around town was over, we found ourselves back at Breanne's house. I volunteered to drive Cara home because Breanne was too tired. She walked us out and Cara got into my car. I was about to join her when I announced the realization that I had left my ring on Breanne's dresser.

I went back inside to get it and waited a moment for Breanne to come in. That's when I pulled the ring out of my pocket, where it had been the whole time. Breanne realized what I'd done and gave me a questioning look. The look became one of surprise when I stepped toward her, wrapping my arms around her.

"You tricked me," she mumbled into my chest. "Ass." I smiled and held her closer.

She sighed into my chest, hugging me back. We looked into each other's eyes for a moment, hesitating, then our lips met and the passion between us burst forth.

Our lips crashed together again and again, our tongues writhing together. I could feel myself hardening against her. I knew she must have felt it too, because her hands made their way up my back to grab a handful of hair on the back of my head.

She pulled.

I groaned into her mouth.

My hands slid down to squeeze her round, full ass, pulling her hips against mine. I should take a moment to tell you how perfect this girl's ass is. Full hips atop muscular thighs met in an ass that was both firm and soft. Round, perky and incredibly spankable. The kind of ass you caught yourself staring at with your mouth slightly ajar whenever she moved.

With one tug, the tiny shorts Breanne wore to bed were on the floor. I moaned into her mouth when I realized she wasn't wearing any panties. I kneaded her ass and slapped a perky cheek.

But we didn't have much time. We both knew what we wanted. What we absolutely needed. Each other.

She looked into my eyes, her own beautiful brown orbs burning with lust. "I need you..." she whispered. Sliding my right hand around her hip and between her legs, I could tell. Her pussy was practically dripping and blazingly hot.

Without hesitation, I practically ripped my jeans open to free my cock. Grabbing her hips, I spun Breanne around and bent her over the side of her bed. Giving her only a moment to brace herself, I buried my cock in her hot pussy, thrusting hard and fast.

"Gah-!" she gasped, stifling her moans as I plunged deeper into her, drilling her sweet pussy for all I was worth. We were breathing hard, slamming together, but nary making a sound, lest her roommate hear us.

Why a monogamous man was fucking a lesbian would have been kind of hard to explain, after all.

Knowing the clock was ticking and her bedroom door was wide open only excited me further as I thrust deeply into her. I felt her clenching tighter around my cock, groaning almost silently at realizing how close she was to orgasm. Gritting my teeth, I thrust harder, changing my angle of attack to aim directly at her g-spot with the throbbing head of my cock.

Breanne almost screamed at that, as her orgasm was jump-started with the angle change. I groaned low as she clenched and came around my cock, milking my own orgasm from me as my cock exploded, pumping thick, hot cum deep inside of her.

We moaned together, nearly collapsing on the bed, my still-hard cock still buried inside her trembling pussy.

"Breanne..." I whisper-growled in her ear, "I love you."

"I love you too," she panted. "But you have to go before somebody comes in."

I chuckled as we started getting up. "I think somebody already came in." She giggled and slapped my arm, pulling her shorts back up as I closed my belt.

"Go, silly. And call me when you get home."

"You got it, Bree." I kissed her softly. We gazed into each other's eyes for another moment, then I turned and hurried back to the car.

"What took you so long?" Cara asked as I got in and started up the engine.

"Breanne wanted to tell me something." I replied calmly, my sly smirk hidden from her in the darkness.

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