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A trip to remember

The best way to end a vacation
We pushed the door to the washroom open and practically threw ourselves inside shutting the door quickly behind us. Our hands were all over each other as we struggled with our clothes, trying to remove them without making too much noise. I pulled her skirt up past her waist and was happy to see no panties to get in my way. Pushing her back against the vanity I dropped to my knees and buried my face between her sweet thighs. She threw one leg over my shoulder as she leaned back against the vanity to give me better access to her neatly shaven pussy. I buried my tongue as deep as I could as her juices filled my mouth, her hand grabbing the back of my head as she started grinding her pussy into my face. Her body shook uncontrollably as her pussy unleashed its orgasm into my waiting mouth. I could hardly breathe but I wasn’t about to waste a single drop of that precious juice. After what seemed like minutes she regained her composure and released her grip on my head.

Pulling me to my feet she practically tore my jeans off with me frantically trying to help. My cock sprang free as precum oozed from the tip as she too dropped to her knees and engulfed my rock hard cock in one swift motion. I was in a state of pure bliss as she rhythmically worked her mouth up and down the length of my shaft. Her hands squeezing my balls as I buried my cock deep into her hungry mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hang on much longer, her sweet mouth was quickly driving me over the edge. I reluctantly pulled my cock from her hungry mouth and helped her to her feet.

By now her blouse was wide open and her beautiful tits were waiting for my hungry mouth. I lifted her up placing her ass on the vanity and positioned myself between those smooth thighs. With one stroke I buried all nine inches of my hard cock into her waiting pussy while mouth hungrily sucked on her pert nipples. Her pussy was dripping once again as my cock plowed deep into her waiting lips, her legs wrapped around my ass. We kept perfect rhythm as I continued to pound her pussy like a runaway freight train. She finally pushed me away and hopped off the vanity spinning around and bending over so I could enter her from behind. Once again I buried my cock deep, my balls slapping her clit with every stroke. With every passing second we were getting closer and closer to the point of no return. She was pushing her ass back towards me on every stroke as my cock was driving deep into her sweet pussy.

With one final grunt I couldn’t last any longer and the head of my cock exploded filling her waiting pussy with jets of thick cum. Luckily the timing was just right as she too exploded releasing another load of sweet pussy juice all over my buried cock. I could feel the walls of her pussy clamping down around my cock which made my orgasm even more intense. Our bodies bucked and shook for what seemed like hours and I was sure we were no longer going unnoticed. With one final thrust we collapsed against one another trying to regain our composure. Finally she turned to me fixed her skirt, straightened her blouse, kissed me on the lips and said.

“Hope you have a good flight home. I’ll look forward to your next trip to London!”

With that she slipped out of the door leaving me gasping for air. After a few more minutes I was finally able to quietly leave also. I was extremely happy to see that there was no one waiting to use the handicapped bathroom! As I finally made it back to my gate, I was just in time to hear them calling for us to board our plane. My two girl friends asked where the hell I had gone. They were starting to think I would miss the flight.

“Oh I just caught up with someone I had met on the train the other day. We were just chatting up a storm and I lost track of time.” I replied with a smile.

There will definitely have to be another trip to London I thought as we boarded the plane!

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