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A trip to the store with a happy ending

Who was the young lady?
I was staying at my parent’s house for a couple of weeks recently. I had a few odd jobs to do. Build new entrance gates to the yard, garage modifications, fix leaky taps, that kind of thing.

As I was doing some grocery shopping, I noticed an attractive young lady walking towards me in the aisle. She wore a white dress that barely went past her butt. It hugged her torso nicely, showing off her pert breasts. The cool air inside the store had her nipples erect. We exchanged a polite ‘hello’ as we passed. I turned and checked out her figure from behind; her red hair draped sexily over her shoulders; her cute butt swayed from side to side as she walked.

We met in the middle of each aisle as we filled our shopping lists, exchanging smiles, but nothing more. Until we reached the refrigerated section, there the young lady bent down to the lower shelves for some dip. Wow did she look hot. She caught me checking her out this time. The young lady simply smiled at me. I could tell that she was a smart young lady; she knew I had been admiring her as I had shopped.

She bent down again, this time not bending her knees. Her short dress rode up and exposed her sexy white g-string, and a cute little tanned butt. I was truly caught this time.

Still bent over she looked back asking, “Like what you see?”

I nodded and smiled. After finishing my shopping, I saw that we were parked only a few spaces apart. I decided to make a move on the young lady. She was out of my league, but you never know if you don’t ask. When I got to her car, she was inside about to leave.

“I was wondering if I could take you to dinner, maybe tonight?” I said.

She smiled and opened the car door, beckoning me closer. She put her hand on my crotch; my member began to swell with her touch. Then she took me by complete surprise. Without a word, she undid my jeans and pulled them down. As my new friend wrapped her hand around my shaft, I surveyed the car park. My attention soon returned to the young lady as she kissed my shaft, before slowly sucking it into her mouth.

I let out a low moan as at the same time, her nose touched my pubic region, her chin my balls and my member the back of her mouth. My new friend chuckled as she worked her magic on my rigid member. I placed my hands on her head, but removed them quickly. My new friend directed them back as she sucked me slowly, with a gentle amount of suction.

She had her hands on my hips as her fingernails dug into me. Keeping her head still, she moved my hips back and forth. Her suction was amazing, her tongue technique blissful. It was kind of like fucking her mouth.

“Oh that is fantastic. I love the way you do that with your tongue. I am going to cum pretty soon if you keep this up.” I said.

The young lady slipped her dress off her shoulders, revealing her sweet A-cup breasts. Her hands soon returned to my hips. I was nearing orgasm, so as a gentleman I let her know.

“Oh my. I am about to cum. Ooh. I am cumming.” I cried out.

As I exploded into her mouth, she sucked me harder stopping my hips moving. It was total bliss as she pushed the tip of her tongue into the opening of my penis. She swallowed all that I had to give. Then pushed me back, fixed her dress and went to close her car door.

I stopped her, “Please let me return the favor. I cannot possibly let you give me so much pleasure and leave without repaying you in kind.”

Without speaking, she opened her door sitting sideways on her seat again. I fixed my jeans and knelt before her, kissing her sexy lips. As I did, I could taste a little bit of cherry and a little bit of me. I slid her dress off her shoulders once more and sucked on her awesome erect nipples.

I hitched up her dress and kissed my way slowly up her gorgeous legs, up to her tiny g-string. I kissed and sucked all around her groin, edging slowly closer to her honey pot. I slipped my tongue under her g-string; but did not slip it aside. I bared my teeth and lightly ran them over her opening; the sheer fabric of her g-string felt so silky as I did. Then my young friend pushed my head back a little and pulled it aside.

“Oh god, don’t tease me forever eat me.” She said huskily.

As I slowly slid my tongue into her, our eyes made contact. The look of pleasure was all over her cute young face. I draped her legs over my shoulders and slid a hand under her tight butt. Her scent was sweet, her taste divine. I wanted more, I pulled her to me. I pushed my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could manage. Her thick juice began to flow as I thumbed her clit.

“Ooh god, fuck my pussy with your tongue… I’m cumming. I am cumming.”

The young lady panted as she pulled me into her honey pot; grinding her hips against my face. Her back arched, her face looked to the sky. The sweat on her skin glistened in the sunlight. A few moments later she began to relax. As the pressure was released from the back of my head, I moved to her swollen love button. Her eyes almost popped out of her head as I sucked it into my mouth, humming on it as I held it between my lips. A moment later and her sexy young body uncontrollably thrashed once more as another climax gripped her.

After she relaxed, she pushed me back. The young lady then fixed her dress and drove away.

Leaving me with a smile, but neither her name nor her number.

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