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A very hot summer

A writer lives her novel with some hot sex.
A Very Hot Summer

It is the mother of bad hair days —a sweltering hot day, and the power is out. I was relying on the fans to keep me cool. Added to that my laptop is out of juice, so the second chapter of my new book will just have to wait; anyway I have writer’s block.

My book is about a cougar who spends her time seducing young men. Of course, it is not autobiographical, at least not yet.

It's too hot to wear underwear so I drape a flimsy dress over me and make my way in the village to pick up some bread and cheese for supper, and yes, a nice bottle of dry white wine.

I take the scenic route into the village, the scenery being Jon. He works on his father’s farm, and he is very fit. He is 18 but looks a year or two younger; the permanent bulge in his shorts makes me go wild.

He is hard at work in the field, shirtless and covered in sweat; he is whistling “Danny Boy”. I lie in the grass basking in the sun and take in the view. He has not seen me, which is good; it allows me to stare at his crouch at my leisure. A broad grin crosses his face and he ambles over when he sees me.

“Good afternoon, Miss Claire.”

“Good afternoon, Jon. Do call me Claire, but please, the Miss bit is too formal.”

He smiles and lies down beside me.

“I was thinking that it was a good time to take a break and catch some sun.”

“You are most welcome to join me, but don’t you think we might be wearing too much for sunbathing?”

There is a twinkle in his eyes’ as he strips off his shorts, particularly as my eyes land on his erect cock. I strip off my dress and his eyes eat up my body.

I do not know how we keep our hands off each other, but we do as we let the sun’s warmth caress our bodies. I have never known it to be so humid, and soon the sweat is pouring of our bodies.

“Miss, I mean Claire...would you like me to lick the sweat off you?”


By the time his tongue gets to my tits and pussy I know I am going to come long before he enters me. It is when he begins to suck my clit that the dam bursts and I orgasm. He holds me as my body convulses. I then take his cock in my mouth and go up and down on it with abandon, every so often looking up to savour the look on his face. His body goes rigid, and his cum hits the back of my throat as I milk him greedily.

With the initial lust sated, we begin to make love more slowly, our lips then tongues meet as we interchange saliva. As we do my hand strokes his cock; I get a kick out of the way it grows in my hand. When we're ready, he enters me, and by this time I am wet enough to take his whole length.

“Jon, do not hold back, fuck me hard.”

I need not have said it, because that is clearly his intention, to fuck was long deep and slow. I come first, but he soon follows.

“Jon, I hope this is the first of many such interludes.”

He smiles.

“Only an author could come up with a line like that, Miss Claire.”

I then dress, decide to forgo supper, and make my way home.

The power is back on when I arrive. Booting up the laptop, I sit down to write.

The second chapter practically writes itself, and the only thing I'm aware of is the wetness between my legs. When it is finished I read it. It has authenticity that I rarely produce. Satisfied, I fall asleep on my bed and in spite of the heat, I sleep deeply.

I awake to a beautiful morning; the sun is beating down, and I need a shower badly. The smell of sex is still on my body. Freshened, I throw on a dress and make my way straight to the village; I need to eat. I breakfast on a plate of ham and eggs followed by rolls filled with chocolate, all washed down with copious amounts of coffee.

Hunger vanquished, I collect some provisions and make my way back to the chalet. En route, I hear the familiar tune of “Danny Boy” and as Jon is to turn the corner I blurt out, “Shall we skip the foreplay and just fuck each other silly?”

I stop dead and blush deeply; it is not Jon but his younger brother Josh.

“Miss Claire, given what my brother has said I would like that very much.”

“No Josh, you are only 16, young enough to be my son. It wouldn't be right.”

“Miss Claire, I am baking in this heat. Shall we take a swim in the stream while you think about it?”

Without waiting for an answer, he slips out of his shorts and dives into the stream.

I strip off and follow him into the water. We swim for a while and then dry off in the hot midday sun.

I cannot take my eyes off him, he has the most beautiful body I have ever seen. No man has ever turned me on in the same way. He just lies there, cock erect, pre-cum dribbling down his leg.

“Fuck morality, I am going to fuck you Josh.”

I mount him and go up and down on him frantically, his cock penetrating deep inside of me. I am literally riding him. I feel him stiffen, as he comes deep inside me; I orgasm at the same time.

“Can I?” he says as he spreads my legs and licks the cum out. The first orgasm had been powerful; however, I orgasm again and again. I've never experienced anything like it.

We say nothing and go our separate ways. I make my way home and write the third chapter in record time. This is going to be my breakthrough novel. I resolve to either write a chapter or two a day. I also resolve to fuck either Jon or Josh each day, or even better both at the same time.

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