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A Very Naughty Girl – Can’t Wait To Get It Off

A Very Naughty Girl – Can’t Wait To Get It Off

We met, I took him home, I fucked him. Then I had to get rid of him by twelve.
I have been known to use internet dating sites. They are hit and miss at times, but this time, it was one of those meetings where we both knew that we couldn't wait to get inside each other’s knickers. The conversation flowed, we laughed and flirted like there was no tomorrow.

He caught me glancing at his groin on several occasions and I knew all too well when I got up to get a round of drinks at the bar that his eyes were removing what little clothes I actually had on. I was dressed smartly of course with a nice glittery top and very short skirt and I had come on this date prepared, like a good girl should, with clean knickers. I know he got more than one glimpse of them as my skirt was so short.

As we finished our last drink, I hurried to the loo before we made our way home. I met up with Jamie at the door to the pub, I grabbed his hand and hurried him through the door.

"We have to get home soon," I said.

"Why," he replied rather innocently.

"Because I want to fuck your cock," I told him with a wicked smile on my face. He just looked at me and then started to smile himself. I clocked the man going into the pub doing a double take at what I had just said. I smiled at him.

Jamie drove me home to my cottage in his elegantly restored carriage pulled by eighteen hundred white horses. Well, it was a car to be honest. My hand was on his thigh for most of the journey, which wasn't that long. Within a few miles of the house I stroked my hand over his bulge. It seemed big. Big enough for a girl like me, I thought. I just couldn’t wait, I wanted to suck on it. I leant over and started to unbutton his jeans and belt. I struggled with the zip but it eventually came down. Jamie was down to about 15 miles an hour as he wiggled about helping me to set his cock free.

Then it happened. It sprung up from nowhere. I looked at it and sighed. It was beautiful.

"Anything wrong?" He questioned.

"No," I replied, "I just don't know where to start..."

I grabbed his cock and shifted his arm upwards and off the steering wheel so that I could get my head down. I nearly came as my lips touched the head of his circumcised cock. I sank down on it until it hit the back of my throat. I knew it could go further but not right now. I licked his shaft and my hand circled the base as I pulled on it.

"Ummm, where are we going?" he asked. It wasn't an unreasonable question as he didn't know where I lived; this was our first date after all. I spent the next five or so minutes directing him to my house with only my hand on his shaft for comfort.

As he pulled up outside the cottage, I quickly got out of the car, one of my high heels got caught and I nearly fell flat on my face, but I recovered quickly enough. The other shoe, I flung in the general direction of the front door. I saw him lagging behind trying to get his cock back into his trousers. I ran to his side of the car and opened the door, I reached in with my hand and grabbing his cock, pulled him from the car.

"Come on," I urged, "there's no time to put this back in."

Jamie just looked at me in disbelief. He removed his bum from the car seat and followed me, he had to, I had his cock in my hands all the way to the front door. It was only when I opened the door with my key that I let it swing wildly in the cold night air. Even in the icy cold, you could have run a flag up that pole.

As the door opened I grabbed his shirt and pulled him inside. The door hardly had time to close and I was thrusting his jeans down his legs with both hands. His pants were rolled inside them as they hit the floor. As it happened, which is not that strange for me, I found myself on my knees thrusting a cock down my throat and fondling a large pair of balls that I secretly hoped would not last the next few seconds of sucking. One of my hands came up on his arse to stop him moving backwards. I was groaning and slobbering all over his cock and acting like a right slut that I was. I was cock hungry that night.

Jamie must have got the message, loud and clear.

In seconds, I found myself thrust up and onto my feet. I was looking into Jamie's eyes but only for a few seconds. I was spun around and then I found myself being pushed forwards and downwards. My hands rested on the fourth step of the stairs right in front of me. My short dress was thrust upwards and over my bum and then, nothing. His hands slid up my hips as if looking for something. I looked behind me to see a confused Jamie looking at my naked arse.

"Where are your knickers?" he asked.

"Oh! My…I must have left them on the floor of the pub loo..." I replied innocently.

"You dirty little bitch..." he said. He was more than fucking right on that score.

I felt a hard slap on my arse which instantly stung. I gasped loudly, the sting faded and just as quickly I found that my legs were being parted. I smiled as I felt a cock slip along my pussy, just the once. Then it slipped right up inside me.

I nearly died with the pleasure at the intrusion; but then I always nearly die when a cock that nice fucks its way inside me.

I found myself letting out expletives. At first they were quiet murmurs, then they got louder and before long I was telling Jamie in no uncertain terms what he should do with that cock of his. He was wonderful, he fucked me senseless and with such energy that only younger men could muster. His cock was rock hard and second to only a police baton; not that I had tried one, but I had felt one.

I felt his hands come around my hips and suddenly his cock was being thrust in harder than ever. I was in heaven. I was getting the fuck of my life. I pushed my arse back towards him as much as he would let me.

Then it happened, "fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes," I cried, "don't you dare fucking stop," I told him.

I came. My body convulsed, my cunt tightened as I squeezed his shaft, and fireworks were exploding in my head.

I came really hard as Jamie fucked his length into me. Only then did I hear him straining, his breathing came in rapid bursts, his moans became groans as he relentlessly fucked his cock into me. I was fast approaching a second orgasm. It ripped through me as Jamie shouted that he was cumming.

"Oh! Fuck yes..." I murmured as I felt his spunk flood into me. His pumping was interrupted as his cock left me empty. Then I felt his spunk on my arse. The vision in my head was of him standing behind me wanking his cock and spraying me with his cum. I so love that vision.

I felt myself being pulled upright again. I turned to face Jamie. We kissed passionately for the first time that night. We were definitely heading for a few more fucks before the night was out and I wondered if he knew that he would have to leave before twelve.

Well, perhaps I should have said at the beginning. I turn into a right ugly sister at twelve.

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