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A Very Naughty Girl – Fucks in an Alleyway

Melissa is caught and blackmailed. As if she ever could be!

How fucking stupid is this? In two more stops, I will be getting off the number forty-two bus on the way into town. It passes by some old arches, close to the river that winds its way through an industrial site. Numerous alleyways connect the river to the main road. Few are lit. It’s also dark and extremely fucking cold, even for six o’clock on this January evening.

I’m not even dressed for gallivanting in this part of town. All sorts of unsavoury characters emerge at night. All sorts; and I’m not including Bertie Basset in that either.

To say I’m a little scared or apprehensive is an understatement. But, given the nature of my predicament, there was little I could do.


I work for a reputable company, one that would not have seen the funny side, or indeed the naughty side of what I had done. It was a one-off, she said, smiling to herself. Imagine the scene: A slightly tipsy and horny woman of thirty-seven comes out of a nightclub and latches onto some bloke, takes him down a lane and sucks him off until he comes in her mouth. Well, actually it was more throat, then mouth and then my fucking black dress that got covered when I found out that I couldn’t swallow as fast as he was producing; the same black dress that I had to get cleaned the day after at enormous cost.

I thought nothing of it until I went in to retrieve the dress a week later and was told by the shop assistant that someone had come in just after me and left this envelope ‘for the lady owning the black dress.’ The same one I handed in earlier that day.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the letter in front of her and out dropped a USB into the palm of my hand. I looked at it quizzically. Then I looked at her. Either she feigned any knowledge of the act, or it really was handed to her after I had left the shop.

Either way – it was fucking scary to think someone had followed me when I dropped the dress off for cleaning. I shook my head and with dress and USB in hand headed out to catch the bus home.

That night I looked at the USB disk after plugging it into my laptop. I was horrified to see me in the video that played when it was inserted. In all my glory, I was blowing some guy in an alleyway. I struggled to find the connection as to who took the video? The more I looked, the more confused I became. I mean, who takes black and white videos these days. Then there was the angle – and it looked grainy, but you could tell it was my face. Well, before it got buried in the guy’s pants, you could tell it was my face.

Then it hit me, fucking CCTV cameras. They get everywhere these days.

I wondered whether the shop assistant had taken a peek at it because the envelope was not sealed at all.

I saw, next to the video, a text file. I opened it. It did explain that it was CCTV footage from a council placed camera and that if I didn’t arrange to meet with this guy, the sender, then he would send it to my place of work.

I felt like calling his bluff, but there was something about the name Mathew Bourne that made me think I knew him from somewhere. Then there was the fact that I really loved my job and I didn’t want to lose it. Then there was the fact that I actually got off on things like this. It was a no-brainer.

I smiled a little at the video. I know the woman in that video was me, but she was such a slut. As soon as the bloke had finished spunking in her mouth, she got up, wiped her chin with her finger and swallowed his leftover juice. She then had the audacity to wave goodbye to him as she left to catch her bus; she was such a slut. As she left the alleyway you could see the drops of spunk glistening on her black dress; all from a CCTV camera on a lamp post.

For the life of me, I couldn’t remember anything about what the bus driver must have thought of me or anyone else on that late night bus back to the suburbs.

I know, I could have gone to the police, but where would the fun be in that, eh! I started to smile at her, in the video. I then started to get horny. My fingers snaked inside my panties, and I started to feel my wetness spread. My other hand was dialing the number on the phone.

I heard the voice answer; just a simple, hello.

“H-Hi, it’s me, the woman with the black dress,” I said with a little apprehension and uncertainty. I waited, with baited breath for his reply.

We had a tiny discussion before he replied telling me his conditions and where we should meet.

“Please, please don’t send it to work, I don’t want to lose my job,” I feigned my vulnerability to perfection. “I’ll be there, I promise – What time again?”


And so, here I am. The bus is stopping, and I am about to get off. I smile at the driver and say a heartfelt thank you. My heels clip on the pavement before I start walking. The alleyway is opposite the corner of Moss and Fern street. I can see it from where I am, but there is nobody there.

I wait close to the alleyway, and I see one or two unsavoury looking characters leer at me as they pass me by. Thankfully, they keep on walking.

Like I said, I’m not exactly dressed for this part of town. My dress covers me to the knees, but my high heels are suggestive of a sleazier side to me that people passing by can see. My hair is coiled up into a bun with wisps of hair straggling down around my face. My red lips are downright sexy, and the silver-studded dog collar is making me out to be a tart. The heels and lips were his suggestion – the rest were mine.

It was me that decided to dress the way I am and to be honest, I feel as sexy as hell.

There’s still no sign of him as I look at my watch. Ten minutes past six and no one to be seen.

To be honest, his instructions were for me to walk down the alleyway but it’s so dark, and I would be so vulnerable on my own. Even I feel scared of this kind of darkness.

My heels clip and clop as I walk past the entrance to the alleyway one more time before I decide to walk into it.

It wasn’t the fact that I had suddenly become brave. It was the four guys in leather jackets that were walking up the street towards me. Their boisterous attitude would make me feel vulnerable and, putting it mildly, I could only guess what they would say as they passed me by. No, those guys would have been worse than the darkness.

I found myself taking in deep lungful’s of air, and I could feel my heart racing under my thick coat. I felt a little cold, and I dug my hands into my pockets for some warmth. My steps were slow, deliberate and careful and my eyes were as wide as a hedgehog in a car’s headlight. I could still hear the traffic on the main road and the yell of one of the guys as they got closer.

But I was beginning to see. The lack of street lighting that filtered down to where I was no longer hurt my eyes, and I was starting to make things out in the darkness. The alleyway twisted to the right and before I knew it the main road was cut off from my sight. Suddenly I could see the little enclave that he described to me, and I started to twist my head to one side to try and peer into it.

“Well, hello.”

I jumped out of my skin at the words from behind me; letting out an audible screech. My hands were out of my pockets and up close to my face as I expected someone to grab me from behind, but nothing happened. I stopped and turned around.

“Hello, Melissa?”

I nodded, then realising how dark it was, added: “yes, it’s me.”

The place smelt of damp and the mustiness crept into my nostrils.

As the man came closer, I could make out his features. He was slim, taller than me, which is saying something, and underneath his bomber jacket, he looked to be quite fit. His facial features made him quite endearing. I instantly liked him. He was unpretentious and not aggressive or demanding at all.

I felt a pang of regret at the thought that this may turn out to be nicer than I had expected.

As he moved towards me, I backed into the enclave on my left. A floodlight suddenly lit up the area which startled me.

“Fuck me,” I exclaimed, “not here surely,” I said looking him in the eye.

“Why not?”

Then I noticed his red hair and I started to smile.

“Now I remember you – Ginger! You’re that Mathew Bourne!”

Mathew nodded at me.

“I see you’ve got the heels on, and the lipstick, that’s good of you.”

“Why the lipstick?”

“So that I can look at it on my cock afterwards and remember that I actually got blown by Melissa Evans.”

“What if anyone sees us?”

“They won’t, I promise.”

“You’re not videoing this are you?”

“No, I’m not, I promise.”

“You’re promising a lot for someone that’s bribing me?”

Mathew nodded and then smiled.

The light stayed on. I became aware of silence around us. Like everyone was expecting something to happen, but nobody was making the first move.

I started to unbutton the top of my coat. “Show me your cock then?” I asked.

Mathew unbuttoned the fly of his jeans, undid the belt and let his trousers slip to just below the top of his thighs.

I looked at him, but he just nodded and muttered that it was cold. I knew all too well that it was fucking cold, I could feel it.

I undid the next button.

“Take it out for me?”

Mathew’s hand dug into his pants, pulling them down around his balls and pulling his cock free. It bounced in a state of semi-hardness in front of me. It looked nice. Not big, not in that state but I had high hopes of it becoming bigger.

I undid the third button of my coat.

“It looks nice, and you just want me to suck it for you?”

Mathew nodded, he was a man of few words, so far, but I waited patiently.

I undid the fourth button.

“Can you guess what I have on under here?”

He shook his head. It would have been nice for him to at least have guessed at something, but I knew that anything he would have come up with would have been wrong.

I undid the fifth and final button, but pulled the coat towards me; hiding my body from his gaze. I pouted at his cock and then looked him in the eye. I smiled a wicked smile and let my tongue slip through my lips to tease him. I noticed his cock twitch at the sight of my lewdness.

The floodlight went out.

I pushed the coat back over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor as I took a step backwards.

The light-activated again and I stood there in front of Mathew Bourne.

I saw his eyes widen, his mouth open and his cock rise, instantly.

I walked towards him with my nipples as stiff as icicles. They nearly were icicles in the breeze that was blowing over them; cold air channeled by the narrowness of the alleyway. They were certainly noticeable, and I could see his eyes were drawn to them as they got closer to him. His cock grew rapidly, and I was right. He was well endowed and growing nicely.

My face was inches from his when I reached down to grasp his hot cock. I pulled up on it once and let out a sigh; a sigh you could actually see in the bright white light that illuminated us as my hot breath hit the cold air. I pulled on his cock a second time, encouraging it and letting him feel my hand around it.

“You sure you just want a blowjob?” I asked seductively.

Mathew just nodded.

I took one or two small steps back from him; still reaching out to manhandle his cock.

“You sure!”

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.”

At last, a fucking response, I thought. I had to smile. I mean, I knew I was fucking gorgeous dressed in this black half-length Basque, with ultra-long suspenders that held up my black stockings.

I crouched down, spreading my legs wide as I did so. I never waited for his eyes to catch up with my actions. I just lowered my red lips onto his cock head and sucked it.

Mathew Bourne groaned loudly.

I sucked on the head of his cock while my hands grasped him by the base and then I started to move my hand up and down his cock.

He moaned some more.

Then I took him as far down my throat as I could.

I was expecting him to shoot his load when I did that, but he kept his composure; although he was panting the words ‘fuck, fuck, fuck,’ over and over as I sucked him deep.

Deep down, I really wanted him to fill me right there. I wanted to feel his cum shoot from his cock and hit the back of my throat so that I could relive that day he caught me on the CCTV camera. It would have been a fitting end to the evening. But he lasted a few more minutes than I expected.

By the time I could tell that he was about to give in and let the contents of his balls flood me, I stood up. I looked him in the eye as he gasped, open-mouthed and mad at me for stopping.

“Look how fucking wet you’ve made me,” I told him, pulling my finger through my pussy lips and sinking it in to soak it in my juices.

I presented my finger to his lips, and he instantly sucked on it.

“Good boy!”

Mathew Bourne had no chance in hell of getting away from that alleyway before he fucked me. I was certain of it, especially as I now had him sucking my sweet juices from the end of my finger.

“You’re gonna fuck me with this cock, right, and you’re gonna fuck me hard,” I grunted through my teeth as I bent over in front of him.

As I spread my legs, I bent at the waist; placing my hands on the wall to my right. I felt Mathew’s cock enter me fully as soon as he spread my lips with a sideswipe of his cock head. I could smell the sex. My nipples were hot even though the night air that surrounded us was bitter cold. My hand touched something on the wall that felt a little unsavoury, but I wasn’t about to move now that I had him. I had a gorgeous cock up me, and he was pumping it in faster than a speeding train.

I encouraged Mathew as much as I could. I know for certain that the words I used would have shocked him to the core; all of them carefully selected to make him perform and give me what I needed and wanted. I could feel him shudder and shake as his hands clamped down on my waist, pulling my bottom back towards his eager thrusts. I could tell that he was close when I screamed out.

My eyes slid upwards into my sockets, though there was no way he could see that. My fingers clawed at the mossy substance in the wall, and I pushed my bum backwards eager to take his full length inside me. He continued to pump into me at an alarming rate, and he should have spurted a lot sooner than he did. I heard him yell that he was coming.

He let loose an almighty grunt and pushed his cock far into me when my second orgasm took control of my body. I started to shake as I felt his cum mix with mine. I felt him thrust into me some more once he realised that he was releasing all his seed into me, but by that time my knees were collapsing, and his cock slipped out of me as I plummeted towards the floor.

He had enough sense to grab me around my waist as I started to slip forwards; lessening my fall and lowering me carefully to the ground.

I turned around and smiled at him.

Mathew looked down at me; shaking his head and letting out a low blow of air from his mouth.

I nodded. I knew exactly how he felt.

I was still shuddering as I looked up at him. I let the palm of my hand wrap around my pussy to comfort me, though I’m sure he thought that I hadn’t had enough. He would have been half right.

My breath quietened down a little, but I could see that Mathew’s cock was still semi-hard.

I started to get up and wondered whether he would be up for some more. As I looked him in the eye, I giggled.

“Well Mathew, how was I. Worth the blackmail?”

I let my hand fall onto his cock, and to my surprise, it started to react. Blood pumped through his veins once more; though a quick feel of his bottom told me that he was feeling the cold as much as I was, though his ability to walk was prohibited by his trousers falling around his thighs.

“Is it time for that blowjob that you wanted?”

Mathew shook his head. “Fuck you’re some woman, Melissa,” he said, finally.

“Not what you expected then!” I nodded.

“Do you want to come back to mine for that blowjob?”

“I thought you would never ask,” I replied, “I’m fucking freezing out here.”

Mathew pulled his trousers up but only buckled his belt. Like a gentleman, he then picked up my coat and wrapped it around his arm as he strode off; pushing his hands into his pockets to retrieve his keys.

“I’m not walking out into the street like this. I need my coat,” I said, standing firmly with my hands on my hips.

Mathew looked at me and then took two steps towards the bright flood light, pushed his keys into a lock and twisted it. Within seconds he was inside his own house.

I shook my head in disbelief. I mean, who the fuck blackmails someone into having sex with them because of illicit behaviour on some street camera, and then arranges to fuck them outside his own house.

I shook my head some more. He’s a fucking dickhead, I thought.

“You coming?” he shouted from the doorway.

“No,” I shouted. I started to grin. “But I want to.”



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