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A Volcanic Eruption

A story about me having sex with my busty girlfriend
She is sucking my dick as I write this. I better make this quick so I can get right to fucking her. Writing and getting your dick sucked is such a turn on.

So here is how it happened. One day I was hanging with my girl. She was your classic college girl. She was Hawaiian. So we were walking down a trail near a mountain volcano on the Big Island. She stood in front of me. I stared at her 'boom bulky booty'. Her black hair was long and swung behind her as she walked; it was dampened from the ocean. She was wearing a bikini. She only wore the top part of her bikini because the other part was lost in the ocean. I pulled it off her while in the water and lost it. Luckily we were alone at the beach so I could see her climb out of the water, screaming and running with her pants off, afraid some creepy unseen stranger was watching her.

The day was sunny without a cloud in the sky. I could see the imprint of her ass through her booty shorts as she walked up a steep slope on the trail.

“Hey come along slow poke.” She said.

I hurried up towards then spanked her on the donk when I got the chance. With that one spank I felt her toned ass in my hands. It was all fun and play so she smiled at me.

“I don’t know the trail from here.” She said.

“I’ll show you which way to go, you take the left.”

I smiled into her glossy eyes and she smiled back. I would miss staring at her ass but only I knew which way to go. I was going to show her this romantic spot where we could watch the volcanic activity fall below into the ocean, in a shroud of steam.

I dashed up the slope to the left, constantly looking back to her. When she was below you could see her tits wobbling as she walked in her tight bikini.

We’d been dating for about three years so I was close to her. I'd bopped her many times before, and man was she wild! At times it could actually get scary and dangerous, but I still loved her.

Finally I reached the spot overlooking the ocean where the lava fell into the sea. It was not exactly your red lava like you see on mount doom or something; it was just that black lava sludge; I think it’s called magma.

And yes she’s still working my dick right now, slurping, gulping, and all, slobber like a dog on my shit.

Okay, so back to the story. As I was saying we reached the spot. And the lava fell into the ocean and created a beautiful steam.

“It’s beautiful.” She said as her eyes gleamed at the scenery.

The only thing on my mind was sex. My heart dropped when she turned towards me and came in for a kiss. Her soft moist lips touched mine, and our tongues wrestled in our jaws. I moved her closer feeling her warm body against me.

“Take off your shirt.” She said with a gleaming smile. “Come on let’s see those abs.”

I took off my shirt revealing my beach boy abs and a nice tropical tan.

“And now for you my lady, do me the honors.” I said this with a tone of snobby nobility.

She laughed, then stood up. Her hands reached behind her back, and her hands fell to her hips. Her bikini top fell to the ground, unraveling before my eyes her supple breasts. She had large nipples at the end of her jugs. She gave them a quick shake.

I ripped down my swim shorts, and my penis sprung into the air. Blood in its veins, six inches in length, thick as bratwurst, curved like a cutlass at the center.

“Oh wow. You’re such a big boy.” She laughed.

“Everything’s bigger on the big island baby.” I said with confidence and swagger.

She turned around and put her hands on a rock. She gave her ass a little bit of wiggle and a little bit of jiggle.

I moved in and pulled her tight booty shorts down to her ankles. I slammed my nose into her ass and took a deep whiff of her lusty aroma. My tongue flickered down to her pussy. It was soft as a soaked piece of toast.

I grabbed her thighs. They were as silken as lubricated ice. I continued licking her pussy tell my tongue got sore. And I stopped and took one more whiff of her ass.

“Put it into me baby, pick a hole, any hole.” She looked back to me with a smile.

I chose her pussy. My cock slipped in nice and easy, far and deep. I started with long and powerful strokes. Her moan sailed to my ears, forcing me pound her harder. I loved the sound of her ass slapping against my body.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck me baby.” She moaned.

“Ya, tell me to make you cum, you little bitch.” I said.

“Ya baby make me cum.”

My teeth ground together as I pounded her. I continued thrusting till my muscles felt the burn. I then pulled out. With a spank on the booty and a wobble of her hips she turned around.

I pushed her down onto the hot gravel below. I moved her into missionary. I slipped in my cock then slipped it out to suck on her tits. I suckled the nipples into my mouth and twirled my tongue.

She continued her dirty talk, “Mmmm hmmm, suck those tits. Baby need his milky, fucking suckle baby. Fucking suckle!”

I continued sucking her tits for a while. Next I thrust my wiener into her juicy pussy; it gripped my cock like a steel clamp.

“Oh ya. Oh ya, fuck me.” She screamed.

“Oh. You wanna fuckle you little bitch.” I said

“Ya I wanna fuckle, fucking, fuck my little fuckle. I’m your little bitch.” She whined.

I grabbed the back of her head and yanked on her hair, bending her skinny neck, as our bodies slapped together with every stab.

“Uhh, ohh, oh ya. Uhh! Uhh! I’m gonna cum. OHHHH YAAA!”

Her moans faded. She held her breath as her body began to shiver violently. Her pussy tightened on my cock and I couldn’t hold. My load burst into her pussy, and I continued thrusting till the thrill died down.

Meanwhile, I've just come in her mouth. And now she’s licking cum off my dick like a good little girl.

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