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A walk in the park

We are walking though a park on a warm sunny day. You are wearing a tight top, which is showing off your tits, a very short skirt that only just covers your firm arse.

I am wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

We are walking though the long grass when suddenly it starts to rain hard. We quickly run to a near by tree to get some shelter from leave. But it’s too late as we are both soaking wet.

We wrap our arms around each other so we can get warm and hope that the rain slows down a bit.

I can feel your hand nipples pressing though my wet t-shirt on to my chest. My hands are rubbing your back trying to get you warm. Your hands are doing the same but they are starting to turn me on at the same time.

Slowly my cock starts to get hard as it pushes on to your thigh, and you have noticed that my hands have moved from your back down to your firm arse, rubbing and squeezing each cheek in turn.

You start to tell me that my cock pressing on to your thigh and me rubbing and squeezing your arse has started to make you horny as well.

I kiss you softly on your lips while my tong dives in to your mouth. You start to kiss me back softly as out hands explore each others soaking wet bodies.

Your warm hands have gone p my t-shirt and started to undo my shorts. One of my hands is stills rubbing you arse while my other hand moves over and pushes your thong to one side.

I very slowly glide my fingertips between the folds of your tight shaven pussy. You arch your back as my fingers touch your soft warm lips.

Your hands dive down faster in to my shorts so you can feel my hard cock in your hand. Slowly I push my finger into your tight hole as you start to wrap your hand around my cock and start to wank me very slowly.

I start to kiss you again as my thumb finds your clit and starts to slowly rub it while my finger starts to slide deep into your tight pussy.

Your warm hands are running up and down my hard shaft, I am moaning as you grip my cock harder in your hand.

Your pussy is starting to get very wet which is making me want to drop to my knees and rub my tong against your clit till you cum. But you want me to take my shorts and boxers down just enough to get my hard cock free.

My cock is now out and you jump straight on to it, pushing me back towards the tree as you wrap your legs around me. My cock has gone deep in to your tight pussy filling it to the brim.

You start to rock your hips up and down so my cock fills your tight pussy more, but making sure that the tip of my cock stays just inside you.

Your tits are bouncing in my face I just want to kiss them but its too cold to get them out.

It starts to harder so you stop and get down as I pull my boxers and shorts back up.

We run fast as we can to the car, open the doors and start to kiss each other while our hands start to strip each other off.

We jump in to the back of the car where you quickly jump straight back on to my cock against and start to fuck me faster and faster while you start to rub your clit to make your self cum quicker.

Your tits are bouncing in front of my face again so this time I make sure that play with them. I to kiss and suck them, making you moan as my tong touches your nipples.

My hands are slapping your arse making you moan more and more.

Your pussy is getting tighter around my cock, I can feel that you are getting ready to cum. I start to move my hips with yours and you start to cum, shouting and moaning loudly.

You tell me that you want me to cum inside you, so you put one hand around my balls, letting your fingertips stroke up and down.

You stat to fuck me hard and fast making my cock feel like its in heaven. I can feel you’re cum starting to dribble out from your tight hole down to my balls. You tell me how nice my hard cock feels inside you as I cum deep inside your pussy.

So we quickly get dressed and head back home where we can get a hot bath together and wash the cum off our selves.

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