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A warm shower in cold Norway

A hot shower
Being a soldier means you are away from home at least a couple of times per year.

My country has a close relationship with Norway, so there are some exchanges. The last time I went on exercise to Norway I met a lovely sexy female colleague. Dalia (not her real name) is the kind of girl you like immediately. She is pretty and has an aura of friendliness that makes you feel comfortable.

During that exercise we had several conversations. Though we hit the sexual subject in a conversation I did not expect anything since I also learned that she has a husband.

At the last day of the exercise I had to give my final operational briefing. Dalia was at the briefing, standing right up front in my view. I finished my briefing with the one liner: “Now I will go back to my home where the weather is warm and the girls wear short skirts.” The quip got a big laugh.

After the briefing I had one more coffee with Dalia and I gave her my e-mail address. I was heading home.

During the long flight home I thought about how the exercise went, and also about how sexual tension builds when you are away from home for a long period with no opportunity of sexual release. With my mind buzzing about sex as it was, I couldn’t help but think about Dalia and what she might look like naked.

After the plane landed at the airport in my home country I boarded the train home. While on the train I turned on my phone and to my surprise I had already received a message from her. She made a sexual remark on my one liner about the short skirts. Could she be interested more sexual contact?

I decided to be bold and wrote a nice replied but slipped in a line asking if she had already released her sexual tension. Not much later I received a response that asked about my sexual activities.

A few days and e-mails later the content was fully about sex and social interest in each others lives. We shared information about the ‘sizes’ — my cock size and her breast size. We were writing about what we like with sex and how often we play with ourselves.

The climax of the Internet exchanges was a steamy chat session. The chat was full of tension; we started out being very decent but that didn’t last long. By the time we started chatting about fucking she begged me to fly over to her place. Not really an option, but it made my cock harder. And thinking my cock could not be harder she told me her pussy was soaking wet.

Almost a half a year later I got the order to attend to another exercise in Norway. I e-mailed Dalia to check if she would also participate in the exercise. She wrote me back that she would not be participating, but she would visit the exercise for the last three days. I was a bit disappointed at first, but there would be at least three days for some very nice tension release.

The first days of the exercise were mundane. I did my regular job of being an intelligence officer — more exciting, probably, than being an accountant — but there was anticipation of something more. It was a very nice surprise to find out that Dalia arrived a day earlier than planned. I first noticed her when she walked in to the operations room. The room was filled with military personnel, 80 percent of them men. Dalia came over to greet me and asked how I was doing. We discussed the normal stuff not to attract any attention, because like any other company the army is full of gossip.

I told my duty help I was going for a coffee break and would be back some time later. During the coffee break the talk was more private. I told Dalia she looked great and sexy. She asked if I wanted to find how sexy she was. I told her I would love to find out just how her breasts and her pussy taste. It gave her a bit of a blush. But that made her even sexier.

We finished our coffee and Dalia told me she would go for physical training later. Of course afterwards she would end with a shower.

This was my call. “I would love to walk with you to the shower,” I offered.

“That would be nice,” she said demurely.

We said goodbye and I returned to my duty.

After I finished my duty I went to my tent to fetch my towel and shower gear. I could see Dalia just returning from her PT. Her hard nipples showed through her t-shirt. She winked me and I waited for her to return from her tent. A couple of minutes later she came out of her tent and asked if I was ready for a shower. I said yes of course. During the walk to the showers I inquired about her daughters. But my eyes and thoughts were fixed on her hard nipples that were still visible through the tight T-shirt.

When we arrived at the showers we decided to take the showers for women, because there would be only a small chance we would be interrupted there. It is just a matter of numbers.

We rushed inside and then went quickly for a shower stall. Once inside the stall I kissed her passionately on the mouth and took off her T-shirt, revealing a nice sports bra. With one hand I unclipped her bra to release her beautiful D-cup breasts. My hands cupped her tits and I kissed her small light brown nipples. Taking her nipple between my lips, I sucked it. My tongue flicked her nipple. I could hear her moan.

My pants could no longer hide my throbbing rock hard cock. I dropped down on my knees. My hands gripped her sweat pants and panties together, pulling them both down in a rush to explore her pussy. With the pants gone, her milky thighs and waxed pussy were bare. I kissed her thighs and then ran my tongue towards her vulva. I placed my hands on her thighs so I could spread her pussy lips; in doing so her very hard and big clit became visible.

While I licked her wet pussy lips my hands gripped her ass. She pushed her pussy towards my mouth. Fire was in the air. While I licked her pussy, I pushed a finger inside her asshole. Normally I would take some more time, but I was too hot. So, apparently, was Dalia because a second later she begged me to fill her warm wet pussy with my cock.

I stood up and lifted Dalia up. While she placed her legs around my body, I pushed her against the wall. Dalia moved her hips, and I could feel my cock against her vulva. Then my rock hard cock slid between her pussy lips inside her pussy. It was a feeling of long relief. She whispered in my ear to fuck her hard. I thrust my cock deep inside her pussy. I could feel the inside of her vagina rub against the front of my cock, a very stimulating sensation.

While my cock rocked her pussy she was moaning in my ear. The shower was running. My lips were sucking her nipple and my hands gripped her ass while a finger slid towards her pussy. I wet my finger with her pussy juice and then pushed it gently into her asshole. I could hear her moan louder while my finger penetrated her ass. I slid it deep inside her ass. I could feel the warm water of the shower running down my back.

I pressed my finger against her ass so her vaginal lining would press against my cock. It makes the feeling of fucking much more intense. While I had Dalia pressed against the wall my cock moved in and out of her pussy. With every thrust I moved faster, and Dalia started to moan faster. When I pushed my cock all the way inside her pussy, I heard her scream and beg me to fill her pussy with my hot cream. A second later I exploded deep inside her. I could feel my cream run out of her pussy.

She said she enjoyed it like hell.

I let her slide down my body to the floor. For a second she kissed me all over and tingled my cock. Then she went underneath the warm shower and let some shower gel run over her breasts while massaging them. With her hands, she spread her pussy to let my semen run out. It was a very sensual sight.

While we dressed, she said she had booked a hotel for my last day and night here. I said that sounded like heaven.

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