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A Wolf and D

A quicky when two friends meet.
Having just arrived in town I found a bar and bought myself a drink. It didn’t seem a place I would pull, English accent or not, but I could move on later.

“Hi you’re the Wolf, I know you,” I felt a hand stroke my thigh.

OK it was not my first trip to the states, in fact at one time I lived there, but to be known?

“You know me as Pussy.”

The coin dropped.

“Sexier in person than on the net,” comes from my mouth before I can think.

Not knowing what else to say I ask “Fancy a drink?”

“Yes,” she replied as she rubbed her hand higher up my thigh feeling the tip of my member, “at my place.”

“Make yourself comfortable, I will get us some wine, and myself more comfortable.”

I did so. I removed my jacket, undid my shirt, loosened my belt and sat there waiting.

Wow!! She certainly looked more comfortable dressed only in skimpy black see through panties. Her breasts were magnificent, large, firm and with nipples like saucers. My mouth was watering.

She sat beside me.

“Wine?” was that an offer to do so, we wolves tend to, or was it the offer of the glass in her hand?

I took the glass and placed it on the table. She did the same with hers.

Our lips met passionately, our tongues licking and dancing. My right hand played with her tits, caressing, squeezing, pulling and twirling, her nipples grew hard. Her hand was down my trousers, pulling me out, freeing me then stroking me. My turn, my hand went inside her panties and began to stroke between her legs.

“Stop.” To say the least I was surprised.

“Stand up.” At her command I did, and then having removed my trousers, and with her kneeling in front of me I was naked.

She curled her fingers around my length and took me into the delights of her mouth.

“Aah Yeah,” I moaned as she stroked and started to lick up and down my hard cock.

I grabbed her head, “Suck me, suck me hard.”

She was amazing, her mouth felt so soft. Yes it was hot, and her saliva dripped down my length, but never before had a mouth felt so soft.

My turn. I pushed her onto the sofa and pulling of her panties I parted her legs. Her lips were swollen. Her juices dripping, I wanted it, no I needed to eat it

I knelt on the floor, put her legs over my shoulders and buried my face in her fanny. She was wet. I felt as hard as steel, so forget too much foreplay. I licked, stroked up and down her lips, beating gently on her hard clit and drinking my full. She was moaning, groaning, “Fuck me Wolf.”

I did not need asking twice. As I stood, her hand circled my proud length and guided it towards her willing and waiting pussy. As my tip touched between her lips I thrust with all my might. She screamed loudly as orgasm took her, making her tremble, making her cover my balls with her cream, and her nipples grew longer and harder. I leant forward to enjoy them. Her nipples were so hard I thought she might pierce my tongue, stab my palms as I stroked, circling around and around, squeezing them, pulling them. My cock grew harder.

As her orgasm subsided I started a slow gentle motion, my length moving easily in and out of her well lubricated hole. Her heels kicked my back.

“What is this a go slow? Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast as a Wolf would.”

I took my cock out of her and threw her onto her face. I grabbed her waist raising her arse. I took my hard throbbing cock in hand, and with some effort I managed to move it down slightly. She had me so aroused I was scarred I would snap it.

“Oh yes, more, more,” she shouted as I drove myself home.

“Fuck me Waylander, fuck me as you have never fucked before.”

With all the power at my disposal I banged in and out of her as she writhed and screamed.

“Yeah, more, more, you are so big and hard. Fuck me.” she screamed, her body shaking and shivering as another orgasm sent shocks like electricity through her body.

I grabbed her huge tits, played hard with her nipples as I felt myself throbbing twitching, and she noticed it too.

She moved forwards fast, turned and swiftly took my cock into her mouth.

Gripping me tightly with her mouth, once, twice she dipped as she sucked hard, and my hot salty cum erupted like a volcano into her hungry mouth. The first two shots she took, then leant back to let me empty myself over her face. She was moaning and sighing as she now stroked, determined to empty me of all I have.

Scooping my cream from her face with her fingers she put them in her mouth, eyes closed, savouring them with her mouth before swallowing my offering down. She sucked and licked me clean.

“Another in the bar before round two?” she suggested.

I nodded in agreement.

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