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After Party

Our own little after party
This is another fantasy of mine, please comment and rate,hope you enjoy.

To see a description of my girlfriend please read my other story Going Away.

My girlfriend was at a friend’s party and as the party wound down she messaged me asking if I could come and get her. I got in the car and headed out to pick her up.

When I got there she was obviously intoxicated and in a good mood. “Hey big boy” she says giving me a forceful kiss and rubbing my cock through my jeans.

“Mm looks like someone is excited, I have a present for you, start driving” she says as I pull out. As I’m driving she hungrily undoes the button and fly of my jeans and pulls my hard throbbing cock out of my boxers.

“I love your dick” she moans before engulfing it in her mouth. She sucks up and down while swirling her tongue around the tip driving me crazy.

“Oh that’s good baby! Keep going!” I moan as she bobs up and down on my cock. She keeps going for about five minutes while I’m driving when she suddenly sits up.

“Find somewhere to pull over, I need to fuck you, I’m so horny” she moans as she undoes her jeans and starts to rub her clit.

“I know just the place. Don’t stop now baby” I say as I gently guide her back to sucking my cock. She keeps rubbing her clit while she sucks my cock and the vibrations from her moaning are driving me wild.

I slide my hand up her back and unclip her bra so I can slide my hand around and start fondling her nipples. I pull up at the secluded spot and she sits up and looks me in the eye.

“Fuck me baby, now!” she says with a wild look.

I practically leap over to her side of the car and we start making out furiously while we rip off each other’s clothes. I reach down to rub her pussy and she is dripping wet. She grabs my cock and pulls it towards her pussy and I trust in.

“OH GOD YES!” she screams out as I start thrusting. “Fuck me harder!” she yells as I start pounding away.

“Oh yes, yes, YES! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Harder! Yes OH MY GOD!” she screams as her pussy spasms around my cock and she cums all over me.

“I’m about to cum baby!” I say

“Cum all over me! All over my tits!” she says.

I pull out and line up as I explode all over her chest and stomach.

“Mmmm yes” she moans as she rubs it all over her body and especially her nipples. She suddenly grabs my cock and starts sucking on it as I gently trust in and out of her mouth while she continues to rub her hard nipples covered in my cum.

When she finishes cleaning me up I sit back in my seat and give her her clothes. She throws her bra and panties in the back and just puts on her top and jeans as I pull my pants and top on.

As I start driving home she rests her head on my shoulder before reaching down and pulling my now flaccid cock out. She starts stroking it gently as I drive. When we get to her house I help her in to her room. I strip her and myself off and then we both lay down naked on her bed.

I gently kiss her as she keeps stroking my cock while I reach down and start to stroke her swollen pussy. I roll her onto her back and climb in between her legs as my cock starts to swell again. I slowly slide myself into her and start to thrust deep and slow.

“Ohhh baby that’s good” she moans quietly as she draws her nails across my back. We keep going like this for a while just enjoying the sensations.

“I wanna ride you” she moans. I stop and we roll over, she sits up on her knees with my cock inside her and starts to gyrate her hips and slide up and down on my cock.

“Mmm that’s soooo good babe” I moan as she picks up the pace. I slide my hands up her body and start to caress her tits before tweaking her nipples and it drives her over the edge.

“I’m cumming” she moans quietly. Her pussy clamps down on my cock and starts to spasm as she rotates her hips.

“Oh yes baby. Here I cum.” I moan as all of a sudden I explode inside of her. As we both come down from our orgasms she collapses on me and we fall asleep with me still inside her.

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