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After The Movies Continued

Tags: bathtub, cum, sex
Hi guys this is part 3 of my stories, at the Movies. This is going to be my last story for a while. Please tell me what you think.

Once we had got back into the car, we made our way home to the estate where we live. There was a bit of flirting going on, but it was very tame. The drive was short, and there wasn’t enough time to do anything more. We had enough for then, we decided, and both of us needed the rest. We made small talk, and listened to the radio. When we pulled into the driveway I still had my shoes on, and I grabbed my dress and slipped it on so I wasn’t naked because we have nosey neighbours.

Once we were out of the car we made our way inside the house. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a wine, grabbed the bottle and a spare glass, then made my way up to the bedroom. I walked into the bathroom, taking a sip of my wine, and turned the bath water on so it would run slowly. I poured you a glass and handed it to you. Then I walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bed.

I started to take off my left shoe, but you stopped me and took over, slowly taking it off and then kissing my toes and working your way up to my left thigh, planting soft, gentle kisses along the way. You moved over to my right foot, doing the same. Then you stood up and started to kiss me, soft and gently; as you unbuttoned my dress and slowly took it off. You continued kissing down my neck until you reached my boobs, where your fingers traced all around my sensitive rock hard nipples. You then continued your kisses, taking your time around my hard erect nipples, kissing them and giving them a little nibble that sent tingles down my body. You worked your way down my stomach until you reached the top of my pelvic muscle. You stopped and slowly traced one finger over me, and then you continued your kissing over my mound.

You placed a hard kiss on my swollen, very sensitive clit. Then you began nibbling on it while one of your hands touched softly down my body until it reached my pussy. Very slowly you pushed one finger in and I moaned softly. Your finger went in and out slowly for a while, while your tongue flicked my clit. Then you increased the speed of your finger but you didn’t get rough. The motions were just smooth and gentle. This drove me nearly insane because the way it made me feel was so intense. My whole body started to quiver and that was your cue to step things up a little. You weren’t in any rush as we had all night. You started to finger me faster and slipped another finger into my soaked throbbing pussy and my body began to shake from the intense and growing pleasure. You knew that I was close to an intense climax. You then bit my clit, hard but it didn’t hurt. Instead, it sent me over the edge, making me cum hard and fast. You licked it all up and enjoyed every drop.

While giving me a minute to come down from my climax, you took a step back from the bed and started to undress.

I stopped you because then it was my turn to give you a little attention. I kissed you just like you had been kissing me; I started at your lips and then worked my way down to your neck. I unbuttoned your shirt very slowly, one button at a time, placing kisses on your chest as I worked my way down.

Once your shirt was unbuttoned I slowly took it off of you and threw onto my pile of clothes. I worked my way further down, taking off your belt then unzipping your trousers before pulling them slowly down, leaving your boxers on.

I kissed down your legs to your knees, and then worked my way up to the inside of your thighs, planting more kisses as I went. Then I saw your bulge start to get bigger. I took your boxers off and told you to lie on the bed. You lay down and I got on top of you in the 69 position. Then I reached down and grabbed some strawberry flavoured lube and squeezed a little on your semi-hard cock to get you going.

I started off with my hands, giving you firm strokes, working your cock, getting you harder and ready, but we weren’t in a rush.

The bath water was still running slowly, but I didn’t care if it spilled over because the bath is a wet room

By then you were hard enough, so I leant down, forcing my pussy in your face. Knowing what I wanted done you didn’t say anything; you started to lick and eat my pussy gently while playing with my tits and bum.

This time it wasn’t about me so I focused more on pleasing you. I kissed the tip of your hard cock softly and felt you harden even more. I planted soft kisses up and down your shaft and over your balls before working my way back up to the tip of your hard cock where I took the tip of my tongue and licked you, tasting the strawberry lube.

I put my mouth around you firmly and slowly took you in inch by inch with your cock going deeper and deeper until it filled my mouth, Then I took it even deeper, down into my throat. You loved my deep throating you. I gagged a few times, but soon became accustomed to your rock hard precum leaking cock being down my throat.

My mouth went up and down a few more times, slowly but firmly, feeling you get even harder and harder. When I flicked my tongue over the engorged helmet of your clock it drove you wild and I could tell that you were about to cum so I got off of you and got on my knees beside the bed while you stood so I could continue sucking your cock. Then you pulled your cock out and shot your hot load all over my tits and face.

You helped me get to my feet and we made our way to the bath tub. I turned off the taps and got in. The water was just perfect. You got in after me and sat down. Then I sat in your lap and you washed the cum off of me while you kissed my neck. I reached over and grabbed the wine, filled up the glasses and took a sip of mine. After I handed your glass to you, we sat in the water and relaxed for a bit. You kissed my neck and played with my tits and then told me to stand up and I did. Then you fingered my pussy a little, getting my juices flowing again. Then you let some water out of the bath so we wouldn’t make too much of a mess.

You turned me around so I was facing you. Then you sat forward more, leaned back, and motioned for me to sit in your lap. When I did, you slid your cock into my honey hole. I bounced up and down on your hard rod, nice and slow, then working up a good speed. I felt my body tense and I felt your cock harden. I stood up and leant down over the side and lifted my bum high and you came in behind me, spat on your cock, and rammed it into me deep and hard. Then you pulled out slowly and I felt my body starting to shake and I began to go weak at the knees. One more ram and that was it!

I exploded. My pussy clinched hard on your cock, making you come there and then. You pulled out and sat back down in the water and watched as your hot load oozed out of my pussy. I sat back down in the water and finished my wine and then we decided to get out.

I still wanted more and so did you, but this time not softly and gently. We both wanted to fuck each other’s brains out before we went to sleep. I walked over to the bed but before I could sit down, you flipped me over and pushed me onto the bed so my ass was sticking up. Then you pulled me so I was over the edge of the bed and in the perfect position. You rubbed my clit and started to finger my pussy roughly and hard, making my pussy become oh so very wet, and I immediately enjoyed an explosive orgasm. Even before I could recover you replaced your fingers with your cock and rammed me deep, hard, and roughly from behind.

I could feel my body tensing and I knew I was going to cum again soon. My whole body began to shake and my knees grew weak again. When you noticed this, you reached down and started to rub my clit, applying pressure with speed. I couldn’t take it anymore! My climax was so high and intense that I collapsed on the bed.

You weren’t done yet but you were close. You gave me a minute to recover, and then you told me to lie on my back and spread my legs wide. When I did, you pulled me close to the edge of the bed and rammed your hot throbbing cock into my pussy hard and began thrusting it rapidly in and out of my dripping pussy. This wasn’t about me. This was about your cumming. You needed to and I was so exhausted that I didn’t think I could handle another climax, but my body became very tense and began shaking violently. I knew this one was going to be my most volcanic climax of my life.

You felt my pussy tighten over your cock and you knew it was time. You pulled out and rammed me again, setting me off, which set you off. You came so hard deep inside my pussy. It was pleasantly warm and I could feel there was a huge load of your sweet spunk inside of me.

You pulled out, ran into the bathroom, grabbed a towel, and then stood and watched your load ooze out of me, loving it as you watched. Then you started tidying up, wiping up as much of our gooey juices as you could before throwing the towel on the floor and going to find me a nighty to wear.

You could see that I was exhausted and so were you. We were both totally satisfied and we had had enough for the night.

You dressed me, and then told me to get into bed.

As soon as I was lying down, you slipped in beside me, cuddled me, told me you love me, and kissed me on the forehead. We both fall asleep pretty soon, me in your arms, exhausted from our very eventful evening.

The end :)

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